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Friday, September 19, 2003


The third season of Mutant X will kick off in syndication the week of Sept. 28 with the episode "Into the Moonless Night," written by Peter Mohan and directed by Philip Segal.

For a thorough plot synposis, complete with spoilers and details of what happened to such characters as Emma and Adam, as well as how Lexa is introduced, CLICK HERE.


Warner Home Video has provided The Continuum with an advance copy of Smallville: The Complete First Season, the DVD set that arrives in stores on Tuesday.

In addition to the six discs, the set contains a booklet with disc/episode breakdowns and an introduction from the show's creators.

"Producing 21 hours of television is challenging, but when you're dealing with Superman, one of the great pop culture icons of all time, it's truly daunting," executive producers and show creators Alfred Gough and Miles Millar write in their introduction. "Thankfully Smallville is blessed with a fantastic cast, a talented bunch of writers and an unbelievably supportive studio and network.

"The months of last-minute rewrites, frantic production meetings, late-night story sessions and constant budget headaches have faded into a distant memory. We can honestly say that we have never worked harder in our lives. It's amazing to think that the legacy of that period is now captured on this DVD collection. Watching them again as like attending a high school reunion -- some get better with age, some don't, but you're grateful for each and every one."

For a rundown of episodes on the DVD, CLICK HERE, click on the thumbnails below for larger images of the disc breakdowns and the discs themselves and look for more Smallville DVD news soon here in The Continuum.


Veteran comics and animation artist Brett Breeding told The Continuum he thinks the second season of Cartoon Network's Justice League animated series will be "much better" than the first.

"They improved on the character designs and gave us a lot richer story material," Breeding told The Continuum. "They kept chiseling in the personalities of the characters."

Breeding said he did storyboards for 14 of the second-season episodes. One of his favorites is "Comfort and Joy," the holiday one-parter written by Paul Dini.

"The fans are going to love it," Breeding said. "I storyboarded the Flash's part."

Breeding said he especially enjoyed working on Hawkgirl's scenes. "I really liked Hawkgirl because she's always losing her temper," he said.

Justice League begins its second season on Saturday, Oct. 5 with the two-part "Tabula Rasa" episode. Below are some images from the second part of that episode.

Look for more Justice League news soon here in The Continuum.


Dark Horse Comics will release Conan the Legend #0, a 25-cent one-shot, on Nov. 12 to lead into its ongoing Conan series by Kurt Busiek and Cary Nord.

The issue will feature a 16-page prelude story introducing readers to the sprawling, lusty, battle-filled legend of Conan, establishing characters and situations important to the series and setting the stage for the adventures to come. This issue also includes a sketchbook gallery of NordŐs work and a mini-interview with Busiek.

Here's how Dark Horse describes the book:

"An arrogant young Prince and his advisor survey his newly conquered lands. As they search for treasure to plunder, a hidden chamber is found and in it lies a statue of a mysterious figure. The Prince is unusually intrigued with this stone tribute and upon closer inspection sees an inscription that reads, 'In Our Darkest Hour, He Will Return.' The Prince learns that this is a statue of King Conan and orders his advisor to find out more about the mysterious King and his deeds. His advisor relents and begins the telling of Conan's many triumphant battles, told in stunning montage style showcasing Nord's art."

"Conan's a dream assignment for me!" Busiek said. "It's got everything -- a great lead character, exciting adventures, a vast historical sweep, a fascinating world that involves everything from war to thievery to piracy, from high seas adventure to desert banditry, from sorcery to romance to all-out action and back again ... what's not to like?

"Cary Nord's doing a beautiful job. There have been great artists before who've made their mark on Conan, and I'm confident Cary's going to be joining their ranks, before he's done."


Benjamin Bratt and Lambert Wilson have joined the cast of the Catwoman live-action movie.

Bratt will play Detective Tom Lone, a love interest for Catwoman. Wilson will play Georges, the evil husband to Sharon Stone's villainous character, Laurel, a cosmetics magnate.

Bratt is best known for a four-year stint on Law & Order. His film credits include Traffic, Miss Congeniality and Pinero. Wilson is appearing in both Matrix films this year.

Filming is expected to begin in Vancouver in two weeks.

Spiderman now at


CrossGen Comics has released its solicitation information for December.

For a rundown, with cover images, CLICK HERE.

movies, toys, comics, and more at


SQP has released its solicitation information for January.

For a rundown, with cover images, CLICK HERE.


With the full-color adventures of Jack Staff currently in publication and the final issue of the black-and-white series on sale now, Image Comics has announced a 352-page trade paperback collecting the entire first volume of Jack Staff, scheduled for release this December.

Image will follow that up by relaunching Paul Grist's crime series, Kane, as a series of trade paperbacks. A remastered version of the first volume, Greetings from Neew Eden, will be released in January.

Originally published by Grist's own Dancing Elephant Press, Jack Staff utilizes a loose anthology format to tell the tales of a unique group of characters comprised of Tom Tom the Robot Man, an enigmatic group of secret agents called Q, and Becky Burdock, Vampire Reporter. Linking all these stories together is the ongoing mystery created by the return of Jack Staff - Britain's greatest hero.

Kane, meanwhile, focuses on the 39th Police Precinct in the fictional town of New Eden and the ongoing saga of Kane, a detective returning to duty following his involvement in the shooting death of his partner.

"This is a good answer to all those who've been saying to me 'All this Jack Staff stuff's very nice, but what about Kane?'" Grist said. "I'll be starting work on some new Kane stories at the end of the year, so that should keep the long-term readers happy, too!"

"Image is honored to be publishing these critically acclaimed works," said Image Comics VP/Publisher Jim Valentino. "Paul Grist remains one of the most unique voices in our industry and we couldn't be more proud to offer his work to a wider audience."

Jack Staff, Vol. ONe: Everything Used to Be Black and White, collecting #1-12 of the original series, will go on sale Dec. 24. Kane, Vol. One: Greetings from New Eden, collecting Kane #1-4, will go on sale in January.


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  • Last Saturday's episode of X-Men: Evolution captured the No. 2 program spot among all competition in Tweens 9-14 (5.7/25) and Male Tweens 9-14 (8.5/33), ranked as the No. 1 broadcast program among Girls 2-11 (3.1/14) and Girls 6-11 (3.3/16), No. 2 in Kids 2-11 (4.0/16), Kids 6-11 (4.9/21) and Female Tweens 9-14 (2.7/14), and among the top six broadcast programs in Boys 2-11 (4.8/19) and Boys 6-11 (6.4/26).

    New episodes will likely continue straight through the end of the fourth season. Kids' WB! has not commited to a fifth season yet.

  • Image Comics has announced that Diamond is completely sold out of Wildguard: Casting Call #1 by Todd Nauck and Larry Stucker.

    Inspired by reality shows like American Idol, Pop Stars and Making the Band, the six-issue mini-series follows a host of heroes as they endure the agony of competition and a myriad of unforeseen dangers in the hope of being selected by an elite panel of judges, including the mysterious "Producer X." Who will make the cut and who won't will be determined in part by readers: Nauck is inviting fans to vote for the final WildGuard team by logging on to and picking the hero they want to see as the fifth member of the team.

    "I'm very excited to hear that the book has sold out," Nauck said. "People have been posting on the WildGuard Forum when their store sells out, so the response to the book has been great. Readers have been e-mailing their thoughts and they are excited to read a comic that's really fun. That's what I wanted to create, and I'm glad people are taking to it. It's great to know there's an audience looking to have fun again!"

  • According to The Hollywood Reporter, Gina Wendkos is writing the script for Sony/Revolution's live-action adaptation of Paul Dini's Jingle Belle.

  • Coming Saturday: TV news -- and much more!!!

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