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Wednesday, October 1, 2003


Cartoon Network launches the second season of Justice League on Saturday in a new hour format that producer Rich Fogel told The Continuum he feels viewers will like.

"We've got some powerful and surprising stories lined up, and I'm hoping that our fans will think it was worth the wait," Fogel said. "I think the main reason that Cartoon Network held off for so long was that they wanted to premiere the new episodes as full hour-long stories instead of torturing the audience with 'To be continued' at the end of each half hour. So now that all of the shows are in the can, fans can enjoy an uninterrupted run of new and exciting episodes."

Saturday's episode is "Tabula Rasa," which means "blank slate." The episode features Amazo.

"From the very beginning of Justice League, I had wanted to do a story with Amazo, the formidable android who can mimic all of the Justice League's powers," Fogel said. "But Bruce Timm was very resistant to the idea. He thought Amazo was a dumb name and thought the character looked stupid; I'd have to agree with him on both counts.

"But my fellow producer James Tucker and I both liked the basic idea, and we kept bringing it up. Eventually, we came up with an approach that incorporated all the elements we liked while updating and eliminating some of the cornier elements of the original stories. The result is a version that is mysterious, poignant and scary. Writer Stan Berkowitz did great job of exploring the darker corners of this story."

The episode also deals with J'onn J'onzz and his feelings about his adopted planet, Earth.

"After his experiences here, you'll understand why he prefers to spend so much time alone up on the Watchtower," Fogel said. "One of our main goals for these new episodes was to deepen our understanding of our heroes and further develop the relationships that were set up in the first season.

"I think 'Tabula Rasa' is a great start for what promises to be a memorable and compelling new season of Justice League."


"Unleashed," a new episode of Angel, is scheduled to air on The WB on Wednesday, Oct. 15.

Here's how the network describes the episode:

"Angel (David Boreanaz) tries to protect a woman (guest star Jenny Mollen), who's been bitten and transformed into a werewolf, from evil restaurateurs who want to turn her into an exotic dish."

Marita Grabiak directed the episode, which was written by Sarah Fain and Elizabeth Craft.


Artists Rags Morales and Pascual Ferry have extended their exclusive agreements with DC Comics.

Hawkman penciller Morales has signed a three-year extension of his agreement.

"I'm very flattered that DC has enough faith in me to sign me up for my multiple years," said Morales, "and I'm looking forward to new challenges in the coming months. It's really great to be with DC, and it's good for my family as well."

"Rags is one of the most underrated artists in the industry," said editor Peter Tomasi. "He's doing work on a monthly basis that most guys wish they could pull off."

Ferry, the artist on Action Comics, has signed a one-year extension.

"I'm overjoyed to continue working with DC and my editor of the last three years, Eddie Berganza," Ferry said. "The projects that we are developing are exciting challenges and a wonderful step forward in my career. I feel very well supported by all of editorial, and I think this is the best way for me to produce good comics!"

"Pascual's sense of design is amazing. His depiction of Metropolis really gives you a sense of the City of Tomorrow," Berganza said. "In the months to come we'll explore new worlds of wonder with Pascual."


Digital Webbing Press will release a Thundergod trade paperback in December.

The book is by writer Christopher Golden and artist Albert Debnam, with a cover by Michael Avon Oeming. It collects the mini-series originally published by Crusade Comics, and the final chapter from Caliber Press.

"I've loved Norse mythology since I was a kid but, oddly enough, was never a big fan of the Marvel Comics version of Thor," Golden said. "Most recently, I played with Norse myths in the novel Hellboy: The Bones of Giants. But my first crack at it was in the mini-series Thundergod."

"Thundergod is a modern day story. Thor's been imprisoned for a century while the darkling races - disguised as Republican senators, tobacco company CEOs, and Columbian drug lords - did their best to ruin the world of man. Now, Thor is freed, and only he and his gorgeous wife Sif can see the truth. However, when they start doing something about it, all the rest of the world sees are terrorist murderers who are killing prominent citizens. Meanwhile, in Asgard, it's really hitting the fan!

"It was a real guerilla publishing effort when we originally published the series. We had great pencils by Albert Debnam and a whole battalion of inkers, including the legendary Dick Giordano and the soon-to-be legendary Eric Powell. I wanted to publish this with Ed Dukeshire and Digital Webbing Press to keep that guerrilla publishing feeling going. They do cool books, take risks, and really try to bring quality product to the market and spotlight new talent."

The book will be 112 pages and will cost $12.95.

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Guy Davis' period demon hunter is back in a new book collecting the last two years worth of Marquis stories. Oni Press will release The Marquis: Intermezzo, a 120-page trade paperback on Dec. 17.

"After the truly epic tale of Danse Macabre it was understandable that Guy would want to spend some time on some smaller adventures of the Marquis," editor James Lucas Jones said. "The world that he's created, part 18th century France and part Davis grey matter, holds so many possibilities, so many stories. Not all of them will be as grand or as involved as Danse Macabre, but that doesn't mean they aren't worth telling."

Here's how the book is described:

"In a world where demons run rampant through the streets and a corrupt marriage of church and state keep all but the most powerful under its thumb, Vol de Galle plays the role of protector of the innocent and punisher of the guilty. But have the demons that plague the Marquis' head blinded him to the true evil afflicting his city of Venisalle?"

"Hell's Courtesan and Sin of One pit our protagonist against specific demons with unique powers for evil," Davis said. "How Vol de Galle (the Marquis) deals with this conflicts gives insight both into his character and into the larger drama playing out across The Marquis saga."

Rounding out the collection is a rich bonus section featuring Davis' design sketches, notes, and development material.

"The Marquis: Danse Macabre set a high standard for this graphic novel series," Jones said. "Intermezzo continues that tradition and should be a treat for any fan of Guy's work."

The Marquis: Intermezzo will cost $11.95.

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  • DC Comics' Bad Girls, originally announced as a 6-issue mini-series, will end with issue #5. Bad Girls #5 will be in stores on Dec. 3.

  • To the left is a first look at the Medieval Witchblade, which is scheduled for release in December from Dynamic Forces.

  • Alex Borstein has joined the cast of the Catwoman movie, according to her web site.

  • Below are three images from the third-season premiere of Mutant X, "Into the Moonless Night," including the first image of Lexa (played by Karen Cliche) using her light powers. Click on the thumbnails below for larger images, and for a thorough plot synposis, complete with spoilers and details of what happened to such characters as Emma and Adam, as well as how Lexa is introduced, CLICK HERE.

  • Coming Thursday: DC news -- and much more!!!


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