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Friday, October 17, 2003


Following are Moonstone Books' solicitations for February, with information coming from the company.


Written by Ben Raab, art by Pat Quinn, cover by John Cassaday.

After the pulse stopping action of our last issue, Diana Walker lies on the knife's edge of life and death. The Phantom enters the jungle, hell-bent on capturing the men responsible for the attack. An army of vile and desperate men await him there, lead by a man who's greed destroys everything in its wake. Will the Phantom keep his cool, and bring down these horrible terrorists, with eyes hot with tears for the woman he loves? The drums cry for Vengeance.

32 pages, $3.50.


Art by Doug Klauba.

Put your Kolchak books in one safe place. This sturdy slipcase is a signed/limited edition, featuring all new art by Kolchak cover-painter Doug Klauba. Fits up to five 48-page, prestige-format books.

$15.95, in stores in March.


Written by Rafael Nieves, art by Tim Hamilton.

The intense emotional intrigue continues. Ken Takashi continues to reclaim his life and dignity in post-war Chicago. His struggle is thrown a hard curve when a mysterious authority blackmails him into spying on a still active spy ring. He quickly finds himself in a world of lies, with finding the truth behind his father's murder at the Minidoka detention camp his own bitter agenda. And all the while, on all sides, on truly, only, his own, is Moto.

32 pages, black and white, $2.95.


Written by Dave Ulannski, art by Chris Marrinan and Keith Williams, colored by Ken Wolak.

Kolchak heads out to Seattle to investigate the connection between missing teenagers and a Satanic cult... and ends up uncovering a major political scandal that catapults him into the spotlight. But fame and respect aren't all he brings home with him... who is the attractive mystery woman who follows him back to Los Angeles? Now an overnight sensation, Carl must ask himself... was the devil in Seattle? And if so, where is he now? Ships with two covers in a 50/50 split, by Monte Moore and Dave Ulanski.

32 pages, $3.50


Written by Fred Van Lente, art by Steve Ellis.

The entire "Bitter Fruit" storyline from the sold-out Silencers #1 and Silencers #2 is here.

48 pages, $4.95.


Written by Jason Henderson, art by Lou Manna, inked by Terry Pallot, colors by Leslie Stouch.

Soulcattcher tells the story of a young, smart and sexy widow (Roma Canto) who comes to New Orleans, the "the most haunted city in America," in search of the ghost of her dead husband. Instead she discovers she has the power to absorb the abilities of the recently dead—and uncovers a mystery the spirit world will kill to protect.

Why does every ghost in town fear Roma Canto? In Issue 1 of Soulcatcher, Roma Canto meets Chris Lockman, the latest in a long line of "Witchfinders," guardians since ancient times. Chris can see the ghosts around every corner--and he begins to guide Roma through the city when Chris realizes the ghosts are gunning for her.

32 pages, $3.50.

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