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Friday, October 17, 2003


Marvel Comics is staging an event called Ultimate Starts in December. Featuring the start of new story arcs in both Ultimate Spider-Man and Ultimate X-Men, Ultimate Starts month climaxes on Dec. 31, 2003, with the launch of the fourth cornerstone of the Ultimate Universe foundation - Ultimate Fantastic Four by co-writers Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Millar and artist Adam Kubert.

"Ultimate Starts month is exactly what it sounds like," said Marvel editor-in-chief Joe Quesada. "For fans already enjoying these titles, it's the start of exciting, can't-miss brand new story arcs. For readers who haven't yet given the Ultimate line a try, or for readers currently enjoying just one of the titles, this is their chance to jump on board and to start reading Ultimate Spider-Man and Ultimate X-Men to find out why both have become two of the best-selling titles in the direct market, chart-topping trade paperbacks in bookstores, industry award winners and both critical and fan favorites...

"And oh yeah, and to start on the ground floor of Ultimate FF along with us all."

The action begins Dec. 3 with the release of the double-sized Ulimtate Spider-Man #50, by Bendis and Mark Bagley. The new story arc "Claws," introducing a new complication to Spider-Man's career as a crime-fighter and Peter Parker's love life, Ultimate Black Cat.

"Now 50 issues in, working on Ultimate Spider-Man is still this amazing, creatively fulfilling honor," Bendis said. "In a million years I would have never imagined that we would be looking at this book so high on the sales charts and, more importantly, so warmly thought of by readers of all ages and tastes. Mark Bagley and Art Thibert are delivering work that I firmly believe will be remembered for years.

"When I saw the art coming in for #50, I thought to myself that it reads just like a #1 issue for new readers, and as a celebration of these past four years for current fans of the series! A new chapter of Ultimate Spider-Man - that's the whole point of the Ultimate line! And if we're doing it at issue #50, we'll still be doing it at issue #100!"

On Dec. 10, Ultiamte X-Men #40 begins another jumping-on-point, by Bendis and regular series artist David Finch. "New Mutants" finds the U.S. Government enacting contingency plans to deal with the potential threat of Professor Xavier and his X-Men, and will introduce many new mutants to the series' cast, including Ultimate Angel and Dazzler.

Ultimate Fantastic Four launches on Dec. 31 and teams Bendis and Millar for the first time.

"Do you know what it felt like working on Ultimate Fantastic Four #1?" asked Bendis. "Exactly how it felt writing Ultimate Spider-Man #1. I had giddy chills followed by the feeling of quiet shock that this was actually happening and I was a part of it. What an honor ... really ... on so many levels. A challenge and an honor.

"Mark and I love what these characters represent and relish the opportunity to help mold them into this new generation of comics."

"You remember those child geniuses you used to see on the news? Those kids who graduated from college when they were eight years old and could do their Rubik's Cubes in 35 seconds?" asked Millar, describing his and Bendis' take on the series. "Well, Reed Richards was one of those kids and Ultimate Fantastic Four #1 essentially starts on the ground floor and chronicles what happens after he's spotted and taken under the wing of some very interesting people. This is who he is, what he came to be and how he managed to screw up the lives of all his best friends."

"Just as the Fantastic Four launched the Marvel Universe oh so many years ago, it's only fitting that Ultimate Fantastic Four launch a whole new start in the world of the Ultimate Universe," Quesada said. "Readers have expected nothing but the greatest comics' thrills from the Ultimate U, so get ready as 'The World's Greatest Comics Magazine' joins 'The World's Greatest New Comics Universe'!"

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