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Monday, October 20, 2003



Edited by Ng Suat Tong, with Edmond Baudoin, Andrea Bruno, Santiago Cohen, Martin Tom Dieck, Anke Feuchtenberger, Jason, Miriam Katin, Megan Kelso, Peter Kuper, Max, Pedro Nora, R. Sikoryak, Vincent Stall, Ted Stearn, Craig Thompson, and a number of other cartoonists.

Rosetta is an anthology of sophisticated works by an international cast of award winning artists. Rosetta is targeted at a mature audience which views comics as a valid art form equal to any other. Rosetta not only entertains with new stories by over 20 award-winning cartoonists from North America and around the world, but also reveals the creative processes and compromises that occur in the creation of comic art in the form of a sketchbook section. The contributing artists have been set the task to go beyond the boundaries set by their previous works and to push themselves into areas that they consider dangerous to their reputations.

196 pages, $19.95.


By Allison Cole.

A graphic novel that pays attention to the strange details that make up everyday life, the story is an autobiographical account that follows a group of friends through a summer filled with uncertainty and confusion. Relationships break down between boyfriends, friends, and family, throughout which the author must discover how to maintain a sense of balance. Parties, excessive drinking, and financial instability add to the commotion. Drawn in a minimal style with delicate 2-color interior, Never Ending Summer reflects upon the immediacy of the present and the potential of events to come.

96 pages, $11.95.


Edited by Howard John Arey, Andrice Arp, Joan Reilly, and Bishakh Som, designed by Andrice Arp, by Howard John Arey, Andrice Arp, Gabrielle Bell, Martin Cendreda, Damien Jay, Cole Johnson, J Bradley Johnson, Ellen Lindner, Lark Pien, Joan Reilly, Jesse Reklaw, Olivia Schanzer, Karen Sneider, Bishakh Som, Zack Soto, Hsiao-chen Tsai and Dan Zettwoch.

Hi-Horse leaps in a bold new direction with this gorgeous new special, introducing a new generation of comics innovators, 18 in all, to the world. Included are Gabrielle Bell's uninhibited but clear-headed chronicle of an artist's model, and Dan Zettwoch's "The Crucial Point," a zen-like anecdote about a cliff-diving hobo. Andrice Arp provides the "Cover of the Year!"

96 pages, $11.95.


Sam Henderson comes out of seclusion with the new "annual" format for his long-running, always funny series. He's added a few sketchbook pages and some longer pieces such as the full-color 24-page "The Hamburger Joe Story". Don't worry, Sam hasn't gone artsy-fartsy or anything--It's still the same kind of hilarity which has earned him Harvey and Emmy nominations... plus the usual ass or two.

96 pages, $11.95.


By Damon Hurd and Pedra Camello.

From the creators of My Uncle Jeff comes this serialized graphic novel about friendship, brotherhood, and a bond that even death can't break. Owen's journey concludes as he arrives home for David's funeral, facing everyone he has shut out and the bitter memories of his own father's death

32 pages, black and white, $3.50.

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