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Thursday, November 13, 2003


Following are Top Shelf Productions' solicitations for March, with information coming from the company.


By Nicolas Mahler.

Austrian cartoonist Nicholas Mahler is famous for his silent and sophisticated comics. Perfect for fans of Edward Gorey, this volume includes humorous comics stories featuring the classic archetypes of the mummy, vampire, wolfman, Frankenstein, and, of course, Van Helsing. These short stories are intriguing, humorous and incredibly illustrated in a whimsical, yet weighted, sketchy style. This is the first American compilation.

112 pages, $12.95.


Edited by Jon B. Cooke.

Darwyn Cooke's New Frontier. A long, insightful interview with the amazing "new" fan-favorite artist (Selina's Big Score, Catwoman, Batman: Ego) on his careers in animation and comics, from his involvement on the ground-breaking Batman animated show to Darwyn's current DC maxi-series, The New Frontier. Plus a massive gallery of rarely-seen and unpublished artwork. Also beginning a series of interviews with the best editors in the field as with Mark Chiarello, acclaimed art director and significant creative force behind the recent DC resurgence and noted artist in his own right. This issue's CBA Classic explores The Adventures of Little Archie, the late '50s-'60s comic book that transcended the typical kids comics of the day. Also, a new Jay Stephens sketchbook section, plus the usual news, views and reviews.

112 pages, $7.50.


By Stripburger. Clocking in at 400 pages, this is Stripburger's largest and most impressive anthology to date. Choosing the topic of war this time around, Warburner features an international coalition of cartoonists who know that "war is hell" first hand. With the U.S. embroiled in several international wars post 9-11, readers could all learn a thing or two from these anti-war stories by the finest Eastern European cartoonists. With an introduction by Aleksandar Zograf.

400 pages, $24.95.


By Craig Thompson.

Top Shelf just can't keep this book in print! The 4th printing is gone, and it's time once again to roll the presses on Good-Bye, Chunky Rice. Good-bye, Chunky Rice is an absolutely essential tome for every graphic novel reader. A quite picture novella of a journey to find one's self, and the deeper meaning of life. From the creator of "Blankets."

128 pages, black and white, $14.95.

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