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Saturday, November 15, 2003


Age of Bronze creator Eric Shanower told The Continuum that he is creating five illustrations for Wonder Woman #200, the 64-page issue due in stores from DC Comics in late January.

"Greg Rucka (Wonder Woman writer) talked to me about it at the San Diego convention, and the editor, Ivan Cohen, has been talking to me for more than a year about doing something," Shanower said during the recent Las Vegas Comic Convention. "It's not a huge job, so I can fit it in."

Shanower said the illustrations are part of excerpts from Wonder Woman's book that are presented in the issue.

The double-sized issue concludes the "Down to Earth" story and also features the book excerpts, written by Rucka; a retelling of an ancient myth that sets up the next continued story (illustrated by Linda Medley); a Golden Age-style WW story by Robert Rodi and Rick Burchett; and a Silver Age-style story by Nunzio DiFillipis and Christina Weir with art by Ty Templeton. Rounding out the issue are pinups by Eduardo Risso, Steve Rude, Brian Stelfreeze, Stuart Immonen, and Walter Simonson.

(Below are the cover by new cover artist J.G. Jones and pages by Templeton, Burchett and Medley.)

Meanwhile, Shanower continues to chug along on Age of Bronze after winning an Eisner Award for the Image Comics series. Age of Bronze #18 recently hit the shelves and the second collected volume, Age of Bronze: Sacrifice, is targeted for a spring release.

"The collections sell really well," Shanower said. "They sell beyond the traditional comics market. They sell really well to libraries."

Shanower said he plans on seven volumes for Age of Bronze. "That's about 65 issues and 10 years," he said.

Shanower said that he did get interest from Hollywood about Age of Bronze, which has subsided because of the upcoming Troy movie starring Brad Pitt. "I actually plan to take advantage of the movie," Shanower said. "If people like the movie, hopefully they'll try the comic book."

In addition to Age of Bronze, Shanower is working on a comics story for the third Rush Hour anthology from Random House and illustrations fro Living House of Oz, by Edward Einhorn, for Hungry Tiger Press.

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Four months after its first printing reached stores in July, Teen Titans #1 Fourth Printing has sold out at DC Comics, though copies still may be available at retail. This printing of the debut issue sold out just one day after reaching stores on Nov. 12.

"Thanks goes to the readers, the retailers and DC for letting all of us work on the book," said writer Geoff Johns. "This is just great, because Mike McKone and I and everyone are just getting started with Teen Titans.

"Issue #6 is due out next month with the JLA swooping in unwelcomed, and then we've got some big things in store for Raven and the all-new Brother Blood coming up soon after. Brother Blood will scare the hell out of the Titans when they find out what his plans are, and what his powers are."

"All of us at DC are overjoyed at the ongoing demand for this strong launch of the Teen Titans," said Bob Wayne, DC's VP -- sales and marketing. "We expect demand on upcoming issues to grow as well, so now is the time to increase orders. And while we have no plans to go back to press on the issue at this time, well, we didn't have plans to go back to press on it any of the other times, either, until it was clear that the demand for more copies was there."

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Gagne International Press will release Parables: An Anthology in February. This collected edition will reprint Gagne's first four books in one single volume.

Four-time Annie Award bominee Michel Gagné is known for his animation and design work on movies such as The Iron Giant, Osmosis Jones and more recently, the Star Wars: Clone Wars animated series. His quirky art books, such as Insanely Twisted Rabbits and Frenzied Fauna: From A to Z, have earned him a worldwide following.

Parables: An Anthology will collect Gagne's sold out and limited edition storybooks: A Search for Meaning: The Story of Rex (B&W edition), The Mystery of He, The Great Shadow Migration and The Bird, the Spider and the Octopus.

Although there have been several requests to reprint some of the individual volumes, it was not an option for Gagne.

"We didn't feel it would be fair to the collectors who own those books", he said. "We wanted to make sure that the original editions would remain unique. We thought that a compilation would be the perfect compromise: keep the collectors happy while introducing the material to a wider audience. These stories are very close to my heart and I'm delighted to bring them back in print."

Parables: An Anthology will be printed on high grade cream paper and will feature a special introduction by Gagné and a pencil sketch gallery. It will be available simultaneously in soft and hard cover and will retail at $18.95 and $26.95 respectively.


  • ADV Films has announced Dec. 23 release dates for Casshan: Robot Hunter, an OVA follow-up to the Casshan: Robot Hunter television series, and for Sakura Wars TV: Curtain Call, the sixth and concluding volume of the series.

  • Kids' WB! has begun promoting its 2004 shows, including the Static Shock episode featuring Batman Beyond and the upcoming Astro Boy series. Look for more animation news on Monday here in The Continuum.

  • In March, New England Comics will release WW2 Presents: Hitler's Paratroopers, The Assault on Crete #1, written and drawn by Ron Ledwell.

    Here's how New England describes the issue:

    "The German Fallschrimjaeger (Paratroop) forces were the first organized parachute troops to be actually employed in warfare. In brilliant lightning-fast strikes, these elite troops captured the 'impregnable' Belgian Eben Emal fort as well as the massive concrete blockhouses on the vaunted French Maginot line. And in Hitler's invasion of Holland, they seized the bridges over the Scheldt and Zider Zee rivers. When the British came to the rescue of the Greeks, the Germans launched their Blitz into the Balkans. The Commonwealth forces fell back to the Aegean island of Crete. Luftwaffe commander Goering convinced Hitler that his Fallschirmjaegers could mop up the British. But the beleaguered Brits, even though they eventually lost Crete, so mauled the cream of The Fuhrer's Fallschrimjaeger forces that Hitler never employed them as paratroopers again."

  • Coming Monday: DC news -- and much more!!!


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