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Saturday, November 22, 2003


ARLINGTON, Texas -- Josh Blaylock of Devil's Due said Friday at Wizard World Texas that UDON will be moving its Street Fighter comic book from Image Comics to Devil's Due.

"There will be a Street Fighter trade paperback in March," Blaylock said. "Then in April the series will resume with #7. The series is still doing really well and they have plans for other Street Fighter comics and merchandise."

The collection will be digest-sized, Blaylock said.

Blaylock, moving to self-publishing and away from Image Comics, provided attendees a rundown of Devil's Due projects:

* A new G.I. Joe series with all-new continuity, G.I. Joe: Reloaded, will be "our big motion picture on paper," Blaylock said, offering a fresh start and realistic view of the Joe characters.

The series, by John Ney Rieber and Eddy Barrows, will be preceded by two 48-page one-shots, G.I. Joe: Cobra Reborn by Paul Jenkins and Barrows, and G.I. Joe: G.I. Joe Reborn by Rieber and Joe Bennett. The first one-shot in January deals with origin of Cobra Commander and tell why he's assembling mercenaries. The second is the reaction to the first and leads into the new series.

"We really want someone to come in who's never read G.I. Joe before," Blaylock said. "We want a fresh look at the characters."

* G.I. Joe: Frontline is going on hiatus, and will return sometime in mid-2004. Blaylock said he is trying to assemble "heavy talent" for when the book returns.

* G.I. Joe #26 in January will be the debut of new writer Brandon Jerwa. The story deals with a conspiracy theorist who thinks that the Joe headquarters are near his home -- and he proves to be right.

"It's a good jumping-on point," Blaylock said.

* The ongoing Voltron series begins in January, featuring writer Dan Jolley and artist E.J. Su.

* The Micronauts will return in March. Jolley returns as writer and will be joined by Pat Broderick, who drew Micronauts for Marvel. Blaylock said a chunk of time has passed since Micronauts #11, and that readers will see the characters go to Earth more.

* DB Pro is moving Hedge Knight from Image to Devil's Due, and Blaylock there will be a reprint collection of the first three issues before #4 hits the shelves.

* There will be a Kore one-shot that Blaylock describes as "Independence Day via Lord of the Rings."

* Misplaced #3 will not be published by Image and has been rescheduled for a February release from Devil's Due.

* Look for more news from the panel soon here in The Continuum.

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