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Saturday, December 6, 2003


John Shea is returning to his role as Adam Kane for four episodes of Mutant X this season, The Continuum has learned.

Shea hasn't begun filming yet, but is in Toronto for pre-production. He appeared in every episode of the first two seasons, but Adam's character came up missing after the second-season cliffhanger.

Another regular character from the first two seasons, Emma de Lauro (played by Lauren Lee Smith), was declared dead. She was replaced in Mutant X by Lexa Pierce (played by Karen Cliche).

In other Mutant X news:

* Tribune Entertainment, which syndicates the series, has released three more upcoming episode titles and dates: "Possibilities" the week of Jan. 26, Conspiracy Theory the week of Feb. 2 and "Art of Attraction" the week of Feb. 9.

* For a complete listing of this season's episodes, CLICK HERE.

* Look for more Mutant X news, including an interview with Victoria Pratt, soon here in The Continuum.


An incredible array of top comic book artists join MAD Magazine's "Usual Gang of Idiots" in January's issue #438. This issue features an exclusive variant cover by Bruce Timm that will be available only to the direct market.

"The League of Rejected Super-Heroes" features new artwork by Arthur Adams, Michael Allred, John Byrne, J. Scott Campbell, Dave Gibbons, Jim Lee, Frank Miller, and John Romita, Jr. In addition, this issue is topped by Timm's painted cover, which showcases the assembled might of MAD's super-hero rejects.

"When we received the script from writer Jeff Kruse we thought it would be a great idea to have it illustrated by legendary comic book artists," said MAD Editor John Ficarra. "We just hope their work appearing in MAD doesn't totally destroy their careers they way it has so many of our other contributors."

"I'm sure I don't have to point out how rare it is to have such a stellar lineup of talent in one place," said Bob Wayne, DC's VP -- Sales and Marketing. "When word about this issue gets out, readers are going to want it, so we urge retailers to increase their orders on it now."

The MAD Magazine #438 Direct Market Edition is scheduled to arrive in stores on Jan. 7 with a cover price of $3.50.

As a courtesy to retailers, DC is also offering the MAD Magazine #438 Newsstand Edition. This edition features a non-super-hero cover by Drew Friedman.


David Mack is returning to his signature creation in 2004 with an all-new six-issue miniseries, Kabuki: The Alchemy.

Scheduled to begin in January, Kabuki: The Alchemy will follow up on the events of Mack's last Kabuki miniseries, a nine-issue arc that ran from 1997-2000.

Mack pointed out that while the new story unfolds in the aftermath of what became known as the "Metamorphosis" storyline, Kabuki: The Alchemy is actually the perfect starting point for readers just now experiencing his unique approach via his Marvel work.

"This is really a great place for new readers to start, because the new series marks the beginning of a brand new era in Kabuki's life," Mack said. "It is NOT going to recap anything from the previous stories, though, and reading the earlier series isn't essential to understanding the primary thrust of the new story. I've made sure that all six Kabuki trade paperbacks are in print, so I hope people will use that as an opportunity to read everything that has come before if they want to catch up on what has happened prior to this point. Anyone who does will love the contrast between the old and the new, as well as the oblique and subtle nods to Kabuki's past."

Mack said that Kabuki: The Alchemy will allow readers to see the fruition of a number of seeds planted in earlier stories.

"One of the best things about this series is that readers are going to see story elements grow out of things they didn't even know were seeds before," Mack said. "Now, though, they'll see them blossom into something spectacular and mindblowing.

"The truth is, anyone familiar with this series will want to go back and read the previous stories again after they get into Kabuki: The Alchemy, because they're going to see them in a new way. They will still hold the same charm they always did, but there's a brand new perspective to appreciate them from with this new series. It will be like looking at pictures of yourself as a child. We all appreciate those pictures for what they were, what they represent, but now as adults, we can see how those moments shaped our present lives."

Mack said that Kabuki: The Alchemy chronicles Kabuki's current incarnation, adding that in many ways, it's a story of self-actualization that could serve as an instruction manual for creating a new life based on one's personal aspirations and interests.

"It's essentially a recipe and blueprint for creating your own reality, your own career and your own fresh start. It's a spell for creating your own magic, taking the baggage of your life and turning it into something positive and useful. Turning your garbage into gold."

In addition to fleshing out Kabuki's new life, Mack is also going to be dipping into the past by unveiling some of the earliest Kabuki sketches. Not all of the sketches are by Mack himself.

"Most people may not know that I only intended to write Kabuki," Mack noted. "I met Brian Bendis in 1993 and originally, he was going to draw Kabuki from my script. This will be the very first time that I have ever published his Kabuki drawings from 10 years ago!"

Kabuki: The Alchemy also marks the 10th anniversary of Mack's creation, and both Image and Mack have plans in motion to celebrate in grand style.

"David is a truly unique talent, and we have a project in the works designed to highlight the incredible artistry that makes Kabuki so special," said Image's Director of Marketing, Eric Stephenson. "In the meantime, we couldn't be more thrilled with David's return to Kabuki. The trade paperback collections of this series are among our strongest sellers and this is a book readers consistently ask us about at conventions and via email. This new series is going to be well worth the wait!"

Kabuki: The Alchemy will reach stores on Jan. 28.

League of Extraordinary G on DVD!


IDW Publishing on Friday released details about Silent Hill, its new comics series based on Konami's video game.

Series writer Scott Ciencin is a New York Times bestselling writer of more than 60 novels and many comics. Ben Templesmith, horror veteran of 30 Days of Night and Dark Days, supplies the art for the first two issues of Ciencin's story.

Following Templesmith is Aadi Salman, a relative newcomer. Covers are by Ashley Wood.

"As video-game fans ourselves, IDW knows just what the legion of Silent Hill devotees are looking for in a comic," said IDW vice president and series editor Kris Oprisko. "Scott's script, as well as Ben and Aadi's art, perfectly captures the terror and foreboding of Konami's video game masterpiece."

Silent Hill: Dying Inside #1, available in February, is a 32-page, full color comic book with a retail price of $3.99.

For all of IDW Publishing's solicitations for February, CLICK HERE.


Transformers Armada #18 will arrive in stores on Wednesday from Dreamwave Productions. The issue is written by Simon Furman, penciled by Guido Guidi, inked by Elaine To and colored by David Cheung.

Here's how Dreamwave describes the issue:

"Transformers Aramda is transforming! If you thought the 'Worlds Collide' storyline shook things up, think again. Prepare for even more shocks, chaos and drama, as the saga of Armada concludes. yes, concludes. in this action-packed issue. Five years have passed and the Transformres are long gone from planet Earth. But dark forces are gathering once more, ushering in the staggering, sweeping saga of Transformers Energon. This issue marks the end of Armada and the start of a new Generation."

Transformers Armada #18 will be 32 pages and will cost $2.95. Click on the thumbnails for larger images.


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  • Kirsten Dunst, who is returning as Mary Jane in Spider-Man 2, will be a guest on CBS' The Late Show with David Letterman on Friday.

  • Dreamwave Productions has put together an exclusive, 5-page Devil May Cry mini-comic for Gamepro Magazine #184, due in stores in January. In addition to the comic story, the magazine will feature an interview with comics creators Pat Lee and Brad Mick.

  • The Director's Cut DVD of Daredevil will include scenes involving Coolio as a character who Matt Murdock is defending.

  • Coming Monday: TV news -- and much more!!!

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