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Wednesday, December 10, 2003


Following are Moonstone Books' solicitations for April, with information coming from the company:


Written by Paul S. Storrie, art by Rich Gulick, Scott Lemiens and Nate Melton, cover by Joel Naprstek.

Three thrilling adventure tales in one volume by Paul D. Storrie. Two have never before seen print. This volume includes "Robin Hood and the Minstrel", which is a "director's cut" version of how Alan-a-Dale joins the Merry Men.There's "Robin Hood and the Knight," another "extended version" of one of the classic tales. And then there's "Robin Hood and the Jailer," which is an all new, all original (illustrated prose) adventure yarn!

150 pages, grey-scaled black and white, $15.95.


Written by CJ Henderson, art by Fred Harper, Richard Clark, Trevor Von Eeden and others, cover by Scott Hanna.

Eleven tales of hate, despair and runaway violence from today's premier writer of hardboiled fiction, CJ Henderson. It's bounty hunters, sex addicts, vampires and more, set against backdrops of revenge, defiance and urban madness. This is the man Detective Story Magazine said "knows the mean streets around us today and makes them sing with the blood and sweat of life."

96 pages, black and white, $10.95.


Written and painted by Monte Michael Moore.

Moonstone presents the noted fantasy illustrator, Playboy artist and winner of the World Fantasy Art Show. Monte Moore brings us Bloodlines, his first-ever full-color, fully-painted sequential comic work. Join us for this sexy sci-fi tale of politics, murder, revenge, and vampiric family ties set in a brutally decaying city on the verge of destruction...

32 pages, $3.50.


Written by Fred Van Lente, art by Steve Ellis, colors by Dae Lim Yoo.

"Tete a Tete." The Silencers discover that the super-drug flooding the streets, Black Kiss, is of extraterrestrial origin, and their mob war with the Syndicate goes intergalactic. Cardinal forces his long-awaited sit-down with Johnny-Pro, but "Truce" is the last thing on his mind. Unbeknownst to him, the Feds have bugged Stiletto, and they're planning on crashing the meeting ... with the superheroes backing them up. When "The Tights" show up, everything hits the fan as the Black Kiss story arc reaches its conclusion.

32 pages, $3.50.


Written by Dave Ulanski, art by Ron Frenz, Keith Williams and Chris Burnham, covers by Monte Moore and Dave Ulanski.

Carl finds himself among "The Creatures of Habbit," as guest-artist Ron Frenz brings Kolchak and a beautiful young Real Estate agent into an abandoned old house infested with flesh-eating little beasties. And if these things have their way, the only land that's gonna be sold are cemetery plots! And if that wasn't enough... something is stalking the woods of Habbit, Oregon. But is it really the Sasquatch, or does the real story lay with the man helping Kolchak track down the legendary creature?

32 pages, $3.50.

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