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Wednesday, January 14, 2004


Moonstone Books has released its solicitation information for May.

Following is a rundown:


Written by Jason Henderson, art by Lou Manna and Terry Pallot, colored by Leslie S. Barkley, cover by Pallot.

Soulcatcher. She knows what the dead can do. Soulcatcher tells the story of a young, smart and sexy widow (Roma) who comes to New Orleans, the most haunted city in America,² in search of the ghost of her dead husband. Instead she discovers she has the power to absorb the abilities of the recently dead‹and uncovers a mystery the spirit world will kill to protect. Why does every ghost in town fear Roma Canto? In this issue, Roma and Chris Lockman, the Witchfinders guardian of New Orleans, seek help from the twisted ghost known as the Crab Lady -- and uncover the secret of Roma's ability to siphon the powers of the dead.

32 pages, $3.50.


Written by William Messner Loeba, art by Brett Barkley, cover by Tim Seeling.

Britian's supreme two-fisted adventurer (from movies and radio) returns! Bored with life? So was Bulldog. Here's how he got over it: after a tour of the trenches of WW1 he heads back to London, right?  Set's himself up with a nice private detective agency with some of the lad's from his squadron, but the passive gumshoe-type he ain't!  Oh no, our Bulldog's a bit of head-first guy, just the guy you'd call when a pair of brilliant criminals hit town with an insiduous plan to capture a scientist who's whipping up a secret weapon. Not that Bulldog's all-brawn-no-brain mind you, but these cad's may not have anticipated how much guts our man is packing.  The only thing that may trip him up is a gorgeous set of eyes and the greedy she-devil who's wielding them...

48 pages, black and white, $4.95.


Written by Ben Raab, art by Nick Derington, colors by Ken Wolak, cover by Doug Klauba.

 "Curse of the Phantom," part 1 of 2. All aboard, as Green Lantern scribe Ben Raab blows past all the stops on this time-trippin' crazy-train adventure/ A great evil has haunted the Walker family for hundreds of years: Kua!  Kua, the seven-foot-tall devil god stalks Kit Walker, the current Phantom, deep into the woods of Bangalla. Studying the words of his ancestors Kit does his detective work on what motivates this fiend to hate his family so, and also what methods were used to deceive them through the ages. Will he come to grips with this unfathomable mystery in time to save his life?

32 pages, $3.50.

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