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Tuesday, January 20, 2004


DC Comics has released its solicitation information for April.

Following is a rundown:



Written by Andersen Gabrych and A.J. Lieberman; art by Pete Woods, Cam Smith, Jean-Jacques Dzialowski and Dan Green; cover by Tim Sale.

The conclusion of "The Surrogate!" Batman struggles for a way to safety through a mountain of rubble as Leslie Thompkins desperately tries to save an innocent woman and her unborn child! And in the back-up by A.J. Lieberman, Jean-Jacques Dzialowski and Dan Green, the Tailor gets ready for a battle he knows he can't win.

40 pages, $2.95, in stores on April 7.


Written by Judd Winick; art by Dustin Nguyen and Richard Friend; painted cover by Matt Wagner.

Part 1 of the 5-issue thriller "As the Crow Flies," written by Judd Winick with art by Wildcats Version 3.0's Dustin Nguyen and Richard Friend and painted covers by Matt Wagner. Gotham's underworld is thrown into turmoil as its crimelords slip into a rabid -- and murderous -- frenzy. Is it coincidence, or part of an elaborate and sinister powerplay? Join a hot new creative team for an unforgettable soon-to-be classic.

32 pages, $2.25, in stores on April 28.


Written by Devin Grayson; art by Jean-Jacques Dzialowski and George Rodriguez; cover by Jock.

Part 2 of the 2-part "Lost Cargo," a tale set in current continuity told by Devin Grayson with art by Jean-Jacques Dzialowski and George Rodriguez. The clock is ticking on the lives of 30 exotic dancers, and Batman is nowhere to be found. But Catwoman and Matches Malone are on the case. Waitaminute...Catwoman is working with Matches?

32 pages, $2.50, in stores on April 14.


Written by A.J. Lieberman; art by Al Barrionuevo and Francis Portela; cover by Lee Bermejo.

For two months, Hush has tormented the Riddler. But now the Joker is stepping in, and when these arch-villains draw their lines in the sand, you can count on blood being spilled! Meanwhile, Batman, Robin, and Oracle desperately attempt to track Hush, but all their leads run into dead ends. And when the mysterious Tailor enters the picture carrying vital information that could shift Gotham's balance of power square into Hush's hands, things get even worse. All that and the Penguin, too.

40 pages, $2.95, in stores on April 21.


Written by Dylan Horrocks; art by Rick Leonardi and Jesse Delperdang; cover by James Jean.

A mysterious environmental artist is the talk of Gotham City, but her Garden of Eden is having disturbing effects on the city's population. That can mean only one thing: Poison Ivy's back! Can Batgirl nip Ivy's plan in the bud before Gotham is overrun by psychotropic green?

32 pages, $2.50, in stores on April 28.


Written by Kelley Puckett and Scott Peterson; art by Damion Scott, Phil Noto, Vincent Giarrano, Robert Campanella, and Jesse Delperdang; cover by Scott and Campanella.

A thrilling trade paperback collecting Batgirl #15-16, 21, and 26-28. In this action-packed volume, Batgirl faces the deadliest of Gotham's villains ‹ the Joker ‹ who gets the "Last Laugh" when Cassandra and guest-star Spoiler must also defeat a "jokerized" Shadow Thief. Then, can Batgirl stop the father of a young boy from making a lethal mistake? And just who are the mysterious agents that are after our heroine?

144 pages, $14.95, in stores on April 14.


Written by Ty Templeton and Dan Slott; art by Rick Burchett and Terry Beatty; cover by Kelsey Shannon.

Who's in charge of Gotham City? The Penguin and Batman face off over it -- but you'll be surprised by the answer.

32 pages, $2.25, in stores on April 21.


Written by the Pander Brothers and Mark Paniccia; art by the Pander Brothers and Alvaro Lopez; cover by the Pander Brothers.

The penultimate chapter of the mini-series. Purge has kidnapped another victim, and Tower One threatens to smash Detectives Allen and Montoya to smithereens. Can Batman keep his crumbling psyche together long enough to save them all?

32 pages, $2.95, in stores on April 7.


Written by Greg Rucka; art and cover by Klaus Janson.

The conclusion to one of the year's most shocking mini-series. Batman's greatest adversary has fallen, but the danger hasn't passed. Nyssa's endgame reaches the point of no return in Metropolis, while the ultimate legacy of Ra's al Ghul plays out a world away in Arabia. Batman can't be in two places at once, which means something bad is going to happen. Who will pay the price?

32 pages, $2.95, in stores on April 14.


Written by Paul Dini; art by Bruce Timm and Shane Glines; painted cover by Timm.

The highly anticipated miniseries by Paul Dini and Bruce Timm -- the superstar creators of Batman: The Animated Series -- kicks off! A snafu by Harley sends Poison Ivy back to Arkham, and Ivy swears off working with Harley forever. But Harley won't take no for an answer, so when Ivy breaks out and heads to South America, Harley's right behind her. Oily politicians and cutthroat mercenaries abound.

32 pages, $2.50, in stores on April 28.


Written by Bill Finger, Don Cameron, and various; art by Bob Kane, Win Mortimer, Jim Mooney, Dick Sprang, Jerry Robinson, Jack Burnley and various; cover by Kane.

Batman and Robin are perhaps the most famous super-hero team in comics history. Relive some of the Dynamic Duo's classic first adventures in this 240-page hardcover, reprinting 16 adventures from World's Finest #17-32, circa 1941-1948! Only one of these stories has been reprinted since its original release.

228 pages, $49.95, in stores on April 14.


Written by Gail Simone; art by Michael Golden and Mike Manley; cover by Alex Toth.

A special issue featuring guest art by Michael Golden and Mike Manley, with a cover by the legendary Alex Toth. Canary discovers that a bizarre link to the past may have deadly consequences in the present, as she uncovers a time when the Golden Age Birds of Prey stalked a serial killer.

32 pages, $2.50, in stores on April 21.


Written by Ed Brubaker; art and cover by Paul Gulacy and Jimmy Palmiotti.

Place your bets -- the climactic battle between Catwoman and Zeiss happens here! With all her friends deserting her and the East End slipping through her grasp, can Selina survive a rooftop showdown with a villain who once fought Batman to a standstill?

32 pages, $2.50, in stores on April 28.


Written by Greg Rucka; art by Greg Scott; cover by Lark and Stefano Gaudiano.

As the cops of Gotham Central put their lives back together after the Joker's assault, their hottest homicide case comes to a head. The connections to murders in a pharmaceutical company run much deeper than anyone imagined, and have attracted the attention of one of Gotham's masked vigilantes. The bodies are piling up, and time's running out.

32 pages, $2.50, in stores on April 14.


Written by Greg Rucka and Ed Brubaker; art and cover by Michael Lark.

Collecting the first five issues of the series. After the gruesome murder of two cops, Gotham's Special Crimes Unit is in a race against time to bring in Mister Freeze...without the help of the Dark Knight! Plus, a sketchbook by Michael Lark and an introduction by mystery grandmaster Lawrence Block.

128 pages, $9.95, in stores on April 28.


Written by Devin Grayson; art by Manuel Garcia and Andy Owens; cover by Scott McDaniel and Owens.

Classic Nightwing artist Scott McDaniel contributes the cover to an issue featuring the battle of the century: Nightwing vs. Blockbuster. Blockbuster has thrown every resource at his disposal into his war against Dick Grayson, and Nightwing has weathered the storm despite a slew of shocking casualties. But now the war boils down to two men, face to face at last.

32 pages, $2.25, in stores on April 14.

ROBIN #125

Written by Bill Willingham; art by Francisco Rodriguez de la Fuente and Aaron Sowd; cover by Jason Pearson.

Johnny Warlock's plan of vengeance against Robin is set in motion -- but that's the least of the Boy Wonder's problems. Tim Drake's greatest fear has come to pass, as his secret identity has unraveled, casting a cloud of uncertainty over his future as Robin.

32 pages, $2.25, in stores on April 21.

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Written by Chuck Austen; art by Ivan Reis and Marc Campos; cover by Arthur Adams.

The new creative team of Chuck Austen, Ivan Reis & Marc Campos and cover artist Arthur Adams takes over. A day in the life for anyone else would be ordinary, but not for Superman. There are robbers to catch, children to save, and the hordes of Apokolips to stop. And Darkseid and his minions provide only a hint of the threats on the way to challenge the Man of Steel. Plus, Lois tries to hide that Clark's job at the Daily Planet is in jeopardy.

32 pages, $2.50, in stores on April 14.


Written by Greg Rucka; art by Matthew Clark and Nelson; cover by Gene Ha.

The debut of new creative team. An old foe comes to Metropolis with murder ‹ and something much more sinister -- on his mind. Meanwhile, Clark's job troubles continue as he rides along with the Special Crimes Unit.

32 pages, $2.50, in stores on April 21.


Written by Brian Azzarello; art and cover by Jim Lee and Scott Williams

An extra-sized issue. As people around the world disappear, a new world threat tests Superman like never before reveals itself. Plus, the introduction of Father Leone, a figure who will play an important role in coming months.

40 pages, $2.50, in stores on April 28.


Written by Jeph Loeb; art and cover by Michael Turner.

Loeb and Turner continue the thrilling saga "The Supergirl From Krypton." The mysterious girl trapped inside the Kryptonite meteor that fell to Earth is taken to the Fortress of Solitude, where Superman and Batman try to teach her to fit into our society. But on Apokolips, someone else has plans for her, as do the Amazons.

32 pages, $2.95, in stores on April 21.


Written by Jeph Loeb; art by Ed McGuinness, Dexter Vines and Tim Sale; cover by McGuinness

Comics' most iconic characters join forces in this hardcover collecting the first six issues of the fan-favorite series. Jeph Loeb and artists Ed McGuinness and Dexter Vines joined forces for this fantastic tale that pits the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight against a top-secret team backed by Lex Luthor. Can our heroes take down a team composed of such powerhouses as Captain Marvel, Hawkman, Power Girl, and Black Lightning? You better believe it! Plus, a 2-page story by Loeb and Tim Sale and a new cover and sketchbook section by McGuinness.

160 pages, $19.95, in stores on April 21.


Written by Mark Waid; art and cover by Leinil Yu and Gerry Alanguilan.

The exciting mini-series exploring Superman's origins continues. Clark Kent uncovers what Lex Luthor really has planned for Metropolis, and it could mean the end of Superman. Meanwhile, the Man of Steel gets his first real glimpse of his lost homeworld.

32 pages, $2.95, in stores on April 7.


Written by Kurt Busiek; art and cover by Stuart Immonen.

The mini-series chronicling the life of a real-world Clark Kent concludes. The new Superman is close to the end of his life...his power ebbing and the world changing around him. Can he face one final challenge?

48 pages, $5.95, in stores on April 21.


Written by Mark Verheiden, Clint Carpenter and Michael Green; art by Roy Allan Martinez, Kilian Plunkett, John Paul Leon, Renato Guedes, Tom Derenick, Mark Morales, Oclair Albert, Norm Rapmund, and Adam DeKraker; painted cover by John Van Fleet.

Nine exciting comics stories featuring characters from the hit WB! series explode in this 160-page trade paperback collecting material from Smallville: The Comic and Smallville #1-4! Clark Kent battles a raptor-like Kryptonite freak and an invisible foe in Smallville, while strange things happen at the Miss Smallville beauty pageant. Plus, find out what Chloe did on her summer internship at the Daily Planet.

160 pages, $9.95, in stores on April 7.



Written by Will Pfeifer; art by Patrick Gleason and Christian Alamy; cover by Alan Davis and Mark Farmer.

Martian Manhunter guest stars as "American Tidal" continues. Thousands are trapped beneath the ruins of San Diego, scared and starving- - but somehow able to breathe underwater. It's up to Aquaman to dig them out of the wreckage with the aid of Martian Manhunter. Meanwhile, San Diego survivor Lorena Marquez wakes up in JLA HQ, wondering how she wound up on the moon.

32 pages, $2.50, in stores on April 14.


Written by Judd Winick; art and cover by John Severin

Writer Judd Winick and artist John Severin expose the seedy side of 1970s Hollywood in this murder mystery. Debbie Ashley has been brutally murdered, her husband John Hawks is the only suspect, and the world is only going to get messier. As the secrets of Tinseltown's elite begin to surface, no one involved may be safe from an insane killer seeking to bring justice to those he sees as "unclean" -- starting with the Hollywood inner circle that John and Debbie were part of.

32 pages, $2.95, in stores on April 28.


Written by Joe Kelly; art and cover by Ted McKeever,

A mini-series melds six heroes into one machine-based super-hero: Enginehead. The action goes down in Irontown, as Enginehead is created from a handful of DC heroes, Professor Emil Hamilton, Automan, Rosie the Riveter, among them. But what noble purpose will Enginehead serve? And how will this mechanical beast interact with the rest of the DCU?

32 pages, $2.50, in stores on April 7.


Written by Peter David; art by David Lopez and Fernando Blanco; cover by Brian Stelfreeze.

The Angel brings a piece of the cross to Sister Anne, but instead of being grateful, she demands that Lee make amends for the blood she shed in getting the shard. Which leads her back to Béte Noire, and her victim: Black Mariah.

32 pages, $2.95, in stores on April 14.


Written by Geoff Johns; art by Howard Porter and Livesay; cover by Michael Turner.

Get ready for the race to be Fastest Hero Alive: Superman vs. The Flash. The JLA doesn't like being left in the dark when it comes to their members' personal lives...specially when a longtime teammate refuses to divulge his true identity. But Flash doesn't have time to hang around the Watchtower while Keystone City is in trouble -- so it's up to Superman to bring him back.

32 pages, $2.25, in stores on April 28.


Written by David Tischman; art by Timothy Green II; cover by Tomer Hanuka.

The newest DC Focus series tells the tale of four tough Philly guys who steal the components of a powerful battle suit. When they split the parts between them, all their lives are changed as paranoia and in-fighting turn them against one another. And someone out there wants the suit back. What would you do for a piece of the action?

32 pages, $2.50, in stores on April 21.


Written by Judd Winick; art by Phil Hester and Ande Parks; cover by Marcos Martin and Alvaro Lopez.

Part 4 of the 5-part "City Walls!" The Riddler's setting off weapons of mass destruction? Giant demons are holding Star City under martial law? Gangsters are fighting side by side with cops? Batman's looking for answers in the occult? Are you sure this is Green Arrow?

32 pages, $2.50, in stores on April 14.


Written by Ron Marz; art by Luke Ross and Rodney Ramos; cover by Brandon Peterson.

The new creative team of writer Ron Marz and penciller takes over, as Kyle Rayner's creator returns to write a story that will set the stage for the future of Green Lantern. After more than a year in space, Kyle returns to Earth. But he soon learns that sometimes you can't go home again, as he finds life has gone on without him in Part 1 of the 6-part "Homecoming?"

32 pages, $2.25, in stores on April 28.


Written by Steve Gerber; art by Brian Hurtt; cover by Tomer Hanuka.

DC Focus. Ethan Harrow's harrowing stint in jail continues. Nobody knows how a skinhead was beaten to a pulp in a secure cell at State Penitentiary -- but everyone knows it has something to do with the new kid. Ethan is being watched by the inmate cliques of State, the prison shrink, and a terrifying self-appointed preacher -- and he's about to find out that friends aren't what they seem.

32 pages, $2.50, in stores on April 7.


Written by Ed Brubaker; art and cover by Sean Phillips.

The team of Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips steps in for a hard-hitting Past Lives tale steeped in mystery. A Pinkerton Detective on the trail of a stolen artifact stumbles across his long-lost love, a tragic beauty who has turned to crime and drug-addiction in the sleazy red-light districts of World War I-era St. Roch. But will their meeting be the death or them both?

32 pages, $2.50, in stores on April 21.

H-E-R-O #15

Written by Will Pfeifer; art by Dale Eaglesham and Wade Von Grawbadger; painted cover by John Van Fleet.

Former H-E-R-O device owner Robby Reed stars in an issue featuring the debut of new series artist Dale Eaglesham. Of all the people who've possessed the H-E-R-O device, Robby Reed had it the longest. For years, he transformed into heroes like "Giant Boy," "King Kandy" and "The Mighty Moppet." Now, decades later, he shows up at the door of Jerry Feldon (last seen using the device in H-E-R-O #1-4) and tells him that they've got to track it down together.

32 pages, $2.50, in stores on April 14.

JLA #96

Written by John Byrne and Chris Claremont; art and cover by Byrne and Jerry Ordway.

John Byrne and Chris Claremont's landmark "The Tenth Circle" continues with Part 3 of 6. The Circle has turned the JLA against one another -- and it looks like it's up to Wonder Woman to close the Circle completely! And for a moment, it looks like she does. Plus, readers meet more mysterious allies, and learn of a connection to the JLA's Faith.

32 pages, $2.25, in stores on April 14.

JLA #97

Written by John Byrne and Chris Claremont; art and cover by Byrne and Jerry Ordway.

The John Byrne/Chris Claremont/Jerry Ordway blockbuster "10th Circle" arc continues with Part 4 of 6. A critically wounded Wonder Woman bears a "message" to the rest of the JLA -- one that sends her teammates on an unexpected journey to the Florida Keys. Meanwhile, the mysterious Nudge tries to free Superman from the thrall of the vampire coven before its sinister plans are unleashed against a small, southwestern town.

32 pages, $2.25, in stores on April 28.


Written by Peter Milligan; art and cover by Rob Haynes .

When college student Pete Halloran learns that he's actually the son of JLA adversary Amazo, his life is turned upside-down. He's hard-wired to fight his father's enemies, and his malevolent nature may force him to carry out his destiny. How will the JLA confront two villains who possess all their powers?

96 pages, $24.95, in stores on May 5.


Written by Grant Morrison and various; art by Val Semeiks, Prentis Rollins and various; cover by Semeiks and Rollins.

The event that brought the JLA face to face with their 853rd century successors is collected in a new printing of the mammoth trade paperback. Telling the story of the JLA's first meeting with Justice Legion A -- an encounter that nearly became their doom -- the JLA: One Million collection reprints issues #1-4 of the popular DC One Million mini-series. Also included are the #1,000,000th issues of JLA and Starman in their entirety, along with portions of the tie-in issues of Detective Comics, Green Lantern, Superman: The Man of Tomorrow, and Resurrection Man. This collection was previously issued as DC One Million.

208 pages, $19.95, in stores on April 21.


Written by Joe Kelly and Rick Veitch; art by Darryl Banks, Wayne Faucher, Doug Mahnke, Tom Nguyen, Duncan Rouleau and Aaron Sowd; cover by Mahnke and Nguyen.

In this trade paperback collecting JLA #77-82, the World's Greatest Super-Heroes must confront Mnemon's attack on the solar system, followed by a visit to an alien world as the team tries its hand at being proactive. Plus, the 3-part story "White Rage," in which a commune of metahumans comes under attack and the JLA is all that stands between them and the U.S. Army.

144 pages, $12.95, in stores on April 7.

JSA #60

Written by Geoff Johns; art by Don Kramer and Keith Champagne; cover by Ethan Van Sciver.

The murder of a new legacy hero in the deep South puts the JSA on the trail of a very unlikely killer. Mr. Terrific, Doctor Mid-Nite, Flash and Hourman take the spotlight in this twisted mystery tale!. Plus, the new Doctor Fate gets a visit from the Spectre.

32 pages, $2.50, in stores on April 14.


Written by Stuart Moore; art by Tim Levins and Robin Riggs; cover by Butch Lukic

It's action in the far future as the Flash -- the Fastest Man Alive -- battles alongside Kamandi, the last boy on Earth. But even if they can defeat an army of apes, Flash's biggest problem lies ahead. Can he get back to his own era in time to stop his Justice League teammates from dooming the world?

32 pages, $2.25, in stores on April 7.


Written by Kelley Puckett; art by Warren Pleece; cover by Tomer Hanuka.

DC Focus. The new DC Focus series revolving around a frail teen confronted with enormous power continues. Tom is faced with an event so huge that his life flashes before his eyes. Take a ringside seat as Tom's miserable life reaches a turning point when he makes a life-altering discovery that will change who -- and what -- he is.

32 pages, $2.50, in stores on April 28.


Written by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning; art by Chris Batista and Chip Wallace; cover by Eric Wight.

R.J. Brande's peace mission to the Second Galaxy goes disastrously wrong when his team falls foul of the murderous Credo. But when the Credo discovers that Livewire has been reincarnated in Element Lad's body, they fear it means only one thing: The supremely evil Progenitor is back.

32 pages, $2.50, in stores on April 28.


Written by Peter Tomasi; art and cover by Peter Snejbjerg.

The penultimate issue of the series that melds the supernatural edge of Preacher with the epic scope of Saving Private Ryan. War and horror on a grand scale continue, as the soldiers of light prepare to do battle against the soldiers of darkness. Things go from bad to worse as the Light Brigade faces unexpected foes while creating deadly ammunition to counter Zephon the Nazi angel and his unholy minions.

48 pages, $5.95, in stores on April 28.


Written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray; art and cover by Phil Winslade.

"Heart of Stone" continues as the secret to how the Monolith was sealed beneath Alice's house is revealed! He remained there for decades until she needed him ‹ and that time has come! Alice is finally cornered -- can she turn her stone discovery into a true guardian angel?

32 pages, $2.95, in stores on April 7.


Written by Judd Winick; art by Will Conrad and Sean Parsons; cover by Tom Raney and Parsons.

Featuring guest art by Will Conrad. Arsenal confronts his inner demons as his recent brush with death continues to haunt him. Unfortunately, his soul-searching leads to serious conflicts with two of his teammates.

32 pages, $2.50, in stores on April 21.


Written by Kyle Baker; art and cover by Baker.

The story so big, four issues couldn't contain it. Remember when we told you Plas' origin tale was gonna end last month? Well, we stretched the truth! The madness continues here, as Plastic Man confronts the ghosts of his past as Eel O'Brien. Plus, because you demanded it -- more hijinks from Woozy Winks.

32 pages, $2.95, in stores on April 7.


Written by Gail Simone; art by Adriana Melo and Dan Green; cover by Adam Hughes.

The provocative min-iseries by writer Gail Simone continues. It's "girls gone wild" as Thorn rampages against The 100 while her deranged nemesis Ashleigh guns for everyone else. Also, a shocking secret concerning one of Rose's closest allies is revealed.

32 pages, $2.95, in stores on April 21.


Written by Geoff Johns; art and cover by Mike McKone and Marlo Alquiza.

Part 2 of the 5-part "Raven Rising!" The Teen Titans seek out the Cult of Brother Blood in an attempt to learn where Raven is being held against her will. But there's someone else on the trail: a mercenary the Titans just had a run in with. Plus, see what makes the all-new Brother Blood the scariest villain in the DCU.

32 pages, $2.50, in stores on April 14.


Written by J. Torres; art by Todd Nauck and Lary Stucker; cover by Dave Bullock.

Thunder and Lightning duel in the middle of Jump City! But when Cyborg and Beast Boy get involved, it turns into a massive free-for-all. And you know what that means: a slew of property damage.

32 pages, $2.25, in stores on April 28.


Written by John Francis Moore; art by Wes Craig and Prentiss Rollins; cover by Tomer Hanuka.

The newest DC Focus series takes a look at the action on the Las Vegas strip. Meet Rory Goodman. He's super-strong, invulnerable, charismatic -- and he's Vegas's newest star. But being able to punch through buildings isn't going to help him when his greatest threat is right under his nose. The secrets behind Rory's life and powers all lie in the hands of his friend and agent, Cooper Santiago. Who can be trusted in a world where what's on the surface is the only thing that counts?

32 pages, $2.50, in stores on April 14.


Written by Greg Rucka; art by Drew Johnson and Ray Snyder; painted cover by J.G. Jones.

Part 1 of the 3-part "Bitter Pills," guest-starring Batman. Diana's new responsibilities in the wake of the events of "Down to Earth" leave her little time to investigate the murder that took place literally, on her doorstep. When the Dark Knight lends a hand, will the villainy of Veronica Cale finally be brought to light?

32 pages, $2.25, in stores on April 21.



Written and illustrated by Will Eisner; cover by Will Eisner

Reprinting Spirit Sections from July-December 1946. Included in this volume is the introduction of P'Gell, the return of the Octopus, appearances by Cox Robin and Olga Bustle, and classic Spirit Halloween and Christmas tales. Plus, an introduction by comics historian R.C. Harvey.

196 pages, $49.95, in stores on April 28.


Written by Jesse Leon McCann, Scott Cunningham, Sholly Fisch, and Scott Roberts; art by Marc Perry, Jorge Pacheco, Mike Kazaleh, Mike Wetterhahn, Tim Chi Ly, Matt Jenkins and Jeff Albrecht; cover by Gary Fields

What scares the Grim Reaper? Getting dragged to the circus by Billy & Mandy! Plus, Dexter creates a soda pop that won¹t stop, and I.M. Weasel grows an I.R. Baboon butt.

32 pages, $2.25, in stores on April 28.


Written by Frank Strom, Sam Agro and Bill Matheny; art by David Alvarez, Mike DeCarlo, Walter Carzon and Horacio Ottolini; cover by Alvarez and DeCarlo.

Marvin the Martian kidnaps Wile E. Coyote...or is it the other way around? Plus, tales starring Witch Hazel, Rocky & Muggsy, and the evil twin of Yosemite Sam.

32 pages, $2.25, in stores on April 7.


Written by Robbie Busch, Sean Carolan and Jennifer Moore; art by Phil Moy. Christopher Cook and Mike DeCarlo; cover by Moy.

Cell-ebrate with the Powerpuff Girls as they beat the dumb but destructive Amoeba Boys silly in two terrific tales!

32 pages, $2.25, in stores on April 21.


Written by John Rozum & Frank Strom; art by Joe Staton, Scott McRae, Leo Batic & Horacio Ottolini; cover by Joe Staton.

It's "Riot on the set!" as ghosts haunt the sets of a monster movie and a spooky TV show.

32 pages, $2.25, in stores on April 14.



Written by Kurt Busiek; art by Carlos Pacheco, Brent Anderson, and Jesus Merino; cover by Alex Ross

A special book featuring tales from two WildStorm series. Get ready for two 8-page prelude stories -- one for each series -- as well as maps, behind-the-scenes sketchbook art by Alex Ross, Brent Anderson and Carlos Pacheco, and an interview with Kurt Busiek about the future of both series. This Special is a perfect introduction to new readers of either series, and a special treat for ongoing readers of both.

32 pages, $2.95, in stores on April 21.


Written by Robbie Morrison; art and cover by Dwayne Turner and Sal Regla.

The members of the Authority, settling uneasily into its role as the new leaders of the United States of America, confronts an international crisis none of them could have anticipated: the return of Jenny Quantum's mother. With the backing of the Chinese government, she demands visitation rights to her estranged daughter.

32 pages, $2.95, in stores on April 7.


Written by Warren Ellis; art and covers by Cully Hamner, James Raiz and Carlos D¹Anda

The series of Warren Ellis flip-book trade paperbacks continues in this volume, reprinting the espionage-thriller Red and the action-packed giant-robot adventure of Tokyo Storm Warning. In Red, Ellis and artist Cully Hamner bring a stark tale of revenge, as retired CIA killer Paul Moses finds himself forced back into the game to gain revenge on the agency that trained him! In Tokyo Storm Warning, Ellis joins James Raiz for a tale of giant robots taking on atomic monsters in Japan's capital city in a desperate clash for survival and supremacy.

144 pages, $14.95, in stores on April 7.


Written by Jay Faerber and Ken Siu-Chong; art by Takeshi Miyazawa and Omar Dogan; cover by Takeshi Miyazawa

Spirits run high among Robotech¹s New Generation as the survivors of the 10th Mars Division renew their ambitious exhibition to liberate the Earth from the Invid. However, Lancer and Carla are torn apart as another woman from Lancer's past returns to lead the new mission. And in the companion story, the space cruiser Oberth arrives to evacuate the embattled Mars Base One while Karl Riber must race against time after discovering a secret Robotech weapon lying dormant deep beneath the surface!

32 pages, $2.95, in stores on April 7.


Written by Micah Ian Wright; art by Clement Suave; cover by Jason Pearson

In stores April 14. The fallout from Coup D'Etat continues. Santini tries to build an economic backbone for the new Stormwatch, carrying out his part of the unsavory bargain with his new paymasters: The Illuminati. Plus, Santini's not the only person with a new name and a new boss. Enter: the all-new Giant! Will Team Achilles ally themselves with the anti-hero?

32 pages, $2.95, in stores on April 14.

WILDCATS Version 3.0 #20

Written by Joe Casey; art by Duncan Rouleau and John Dell; cover by Dustin Nguyen and Rian Hughes

The old order changes as Cole Cash assembles his own Covert Action Team that heads to Europe for a major rescue operation! It's the return of C.C. Rendozzo, the Beef Boys and...Dolby the Grifter?

32 pages, $2.95, in stores on April 28.



Written by Mark Schultz; art by Pascual Ferry; cover by Chris Sprouse and Karl Story.

In stores April 14. Buckle up for a high-flying tale that takes Tom and his companions from the back streets of Millennium City to the top of the world! Aircraft across the world are mysteriously grounded as all engine-driven flight is rendered impossible. Now, after discovering a secret from his past, Tom Strong must solve this mystery ‹ or mankind will forever be banned from the skies.

32 pages, $2.95, in stores on April 14.


Written by Alan Moore and Steve Moore; art by Peter Kuper, Arthur Adams, Bruce Timm, and Alan Weiss; cover by Adams.

Peter Kuper, maestro of graphic impressionism, collaborates with the legendary Alan Moore for an urban jungle tale of Tom Strong! Plus, in Part 2 of "Jonni Future," Arthur Adams and Bruce Timm once again provide the delightful delineatio's of our delectable heroine, while Alan Weiss brings young Tom Strong ever closer to maturity in a third captivating tale.

32 pages, $2.95, in stores on April 21.


Written by Alan Moore and Leah Moore; art by Chris Sprouse, Karl Story, Leah Moore, Howard Chaykin and Shawn McManus; cover by Sprouse and Jose Villarrubia

Collecting issues #15-19, Tom Strong Book Three brings back some old favorites...and introduces some new ones. Val Var Garm kidnaps Tesla Strong, but even if Tom and Dhalua rescue their daughter, they might still lose her -- to a new boyfriend! Plus, Coleman Grey, the Weird Rider, comes to enlist the aid of the heroes of Millennium City when alien ants try to enslave the human race. And if all that's not enough, we look back at a few of Tom's previous adventures, including the dastardly end (for real this time!) of Paul Saveen, arch-nemesis of our handsome hero!

144 pages, $24.95, in stores on April 28.



Written by Howard Chaykin and David Tischman; art by David Hahn; painted cover by Frank Quitely

A new mini-series mixes vampire mythology with modern-day mafia action. When Eduardo Del Toro is brutally murdered, he leaves control of the cartel to his youngest son, Leto == Miami's first vampire priest -- who wants nothing to do with the family business. But the mob is in Leto's blood, and his conflict between "God" and "godfather" is the explosive backdrop for this hard-hitting tale.

32 pages, $2.95, in stores on April 14.


Written by Bill Willingham; art by Mark Buckingham and Steve Leialoha; painted cover by James Jean,

Boy Blue has gone missing. Trouble is brewing up at the Farm. And Bigby is still out of town. Everything seems to be going haywire, but it gets even worse when Bigby finds something horrible at the Canada gate. The residents of Fabletown are about to get a seriously rude awakening when the brothers Hugh, Drew and Lou show up with a gun-toting ultimatum and the bodies begin to pile up.

32 pages, $2.50, in stores on April 14.


Written by Bill Willingham; art by Bryan Talbot, Lan Medina, Mark Buckingham, Linda Medley, Steve Leialoha and Craig Hamilton; painted cover by James Jean

A new trade paperback collecting Fables #11-18, including the 4-part "Storybook Love." Also included are the 2-part "A Sharp Operator" and the single-issue tales "Bag o' Bones" and "Barleycorn Brides." Don¹t miss this amazing third collection, topped off with a new wraparound cover by James Jean.

192 pages, $14.95, in stores on April 21.


Written by Mike Carey; art by Leonardo Manco; painted cover by Tim Bradstreet

"Out of Season," Part 1 of 2, featuring guest artist Leonardo Manco. Down and out on the South Coast of England, John Constantine is fleeing a murder charge, an inexplicably obsessed serial killer, a voluptuous demon and his own past. But unseen powers are working to make sure that each and every one of them catches up with him. And with a bad case of amnesia, chances are Constantine won't even see the onslaught coming.

32 pages, $2.75, in stores on April 28.


Written by Peter Milligan; art and cover by Cliff Chiang

In stores April 21. The explosive conclusion to the 3-part "Which Way the Wind Blows." American terrorists. Multi-million dollar bank robberies. Bloody shootouts. Ex-Weatherman James Malloy has blown into town, and he's found a way to coerce Chance into his new assault upon the American government. But in a confrontation already marked with surprises and twists, perhaps nothing is more startling than what Chance learns about the face of contemporary terrorism.

32 pages, $2.95, in stores on April 21.


Written by Peter Milligan; art and cover by Javier Pulido

A new trade paperback collecting the first five issues of the acclaimed series. Christopher Chance has left L.A. for New York City, but his strange career as a professional assassin decoy continues to blur the boundaries between illusion and reality, leaving him ever more uncertain about who he really is -- and how much that really matters.

128 pages, $9.95, in stores on April 7.


Written by Andy Diggle; art and cover by Jock.

Part 3 of the 5-part "Island Life." As veteran agent Marvin Stegler digs ever closer to the truth, the beleaguered Losers race against time to seize top secret files from a Caribbean villa. But when Max's reinforcements trap them in a running battle through a town swamped by volcanic ash, they find themselves going up against the most unstoppable adversary of all: Mother Nature!

32 pages, $2.95, in stores on April 28.


Written by Mike Carey; art by Peter Gross and Ryan Kelly; painted cover by Christopher Moeller

In stores April 21. The conclusion to the 4-part "Stitchglass Slide." The eviction of the immortals nears its end, but as Elaine and Mazikeen do battle against forests and mountains, the identity of their final quarry becomes ominously clear. Meanwhile, strange holes have begun to appear in Hell, and Lucifer's gate seems to be counting down to a major catastrophe. For how can anything endure without the will of God?

32 pages, $2.50, in stores on April 21.


Written by John Rozum; art by Paul Lee; cover by Tomer Hanuka.

Drawing upon the best of their resources -- though they don't always agree on what that is --legendary paranormal investigators Adam and Julia Kadmon make their way towards the monster colony at Hope Falls. The monsters' claim-stake dates back to fleeing the advance of Christopher Columbus -- and now history has placed their ferociously guarded hopes on a collision course with the Kadmons.

32 pages, $2.95, in stores on April 28.


Written by Mike Carey; art by Sonny Liew and Marc Hempel; cover by Hempel.

The mini-series concludes as Jeriven has been dragged down to Bragash's hellish realm to face eternal torments. Even worse, he's lost his one and only worshipper. But now that the once-smitten Frankie knows she's been strung along, she's ready to do battle for Jeriven's very existence. Will she be in time to save her god from a fate worse than death?

32 pages, $2.95, in stores on April 7.


Written by Bill Willingham; art by Shawn McManus; painted cover by Tara McPherson

Thessaly's quest to find an answer to her most recent monster problem has her trekking across fantastical landscapes, scouring through huge tomes of spells, and visiting a library you'd only see in your dreams. Meanwhile, back at the Casa de Thessaly, Fetch has been whiling away the time catnapping as Thess' impending doom draws nigh.

32 pages, $2.95, in stores on April 7.


Written by Andy Diggle; art and painted cover by Enriqué Breccia

The new series returning the classic Swamp Thing to his roots continues. Abby tries to reason with the fearsome Swamp Thing, only to discover that the all-powerful elemental has turned his back on humanity once and for all. While the Swamp Thing is determined to make Tefe pay for the damage she wrought on the Green, Tefé finds herself drawn halfway around the world to confront her mysterious benefactor...

32 pages, $2.95, in stores on April 7.


Written by Elaine Lee; art by William Simpson; cover by Brian Bolland.

Reprinted for the first time since 1995, Elaine Lee's and William Simpson's dark look into the lives of five motorcycle-riding daughters of the night. This collection reprints the original 6-issue Vamps mini-series, telling the tale of the Vamps' struggle to free themselves from their male vampire master.

160 pages, $19.95, in stores on March 17.


Written by Brian K. Vaughan; art by Goran Parlov and Jose Marzan, Jr.; painted cover by Aron Weisenfeld.

Kicking off the 3-part story "Widow's Pass," featuring guest artist Goran Parlov. Yorick, Agent #355, Dr. Mann and Ampersand hit the road again on their way to San Francisco, but a pitstop in a small town in Arizona finds them face-to-face with an anti-American (and heavily-armed) militia made up of female survivors. The militia believes that the U.S. government is responsible for the death of all men...and they might not be wrong.

32 pages, $2.95, in stores on April 7.

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