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Wednesday, January 21, 2004


Devil's Due Publishing has released its solicitations for April.

Following is a rundown:


Written by Josh Blaylock, art and cover by Matt Cossin.

Abaddon is a fantastical world of Elves, Wizards and Dragons with one catch. The magic they rely on for power is gone. Depleted like a natural resource. The evil Asmodeus, a dark sorcerer who lords over legions of ogres and goblins has decided to invade another world ripe with magic, and a populace who hasnšt the slightest clue how to wield it -- Earth.

It's up to a secret alliance of human mages and fantasy beings to stop him -- Cerberis -- an organization who uses state of the art hi-tech, and ancient magical methods to guard the rifts between Earth and Abaddon, to keep the worlds from crossing. To succeed, they must find the long lost half elf, half human, Dylan Forester -- the only one capable of using the legendary War Stone and stopping Asmodeus. The problem is Dylan, a New York native, has no idea he's an elf at all.

48 pages, $4.95.


Written by Dan Jolley with Marie Croall, art by EJ Su.

The brewing storm comes to a head in the penultimate issue of "Paradise Lost." On the run from the bizarre "Vehicle Voltron," the Arusian Lion team takes refuge in a remote location in an effort to re-charge...but no one could have expected the brutal confrontation that follows. Who will emerge victorious? Will the Drules prove too tough for either Voltron team? Find out in "Convergence."

32 pages, $2.95.


Written by George R.R. Martin and Ben Avery, art by Mike S. Miller, covers by Miller and Anders Finer.

Dunk was a knight who remembered the vows: to protect the weak and innocent. But that may have cost him everything when he protects a young woman from the malevolent Prince Aerion Targaryen. Now Dunk's simple dream -- to ride in the tournament -- has finally come true in a twisted turn of fate. No more are the spoils of a mock battle at stake. He must now fight for his innocence, his honor, and his life. With six unlikely allies at his side, Dunk takes to the battlefield in the deadly trial by seven. Swords are no longer blunted. Tourney lances are traded in for war lances tipped with steel. The battle is joined as The Hedge Knight rides to its brutal and tragic conclusion.

32 pages, $2.95.


Written by Ken Siu-Chong, art by UDON, covers by Arnold Tsang, Salvador Larroca and Jo Chen.

UDON celebrates Street Fighter's 15th Anniversary in style with the launch of the new comic series, exploding onto shelves with the 48-page #7. The battle truly begins this month as Ryu sets out on his epic global journey. Meanwhile, Cammy, reborn without any past or memories, adjusts to life as a member of the elite British Delta Red Anti-Terrorist Team while looking for answers about her past. Plus: exclusive backup story and alternate cover by Salvador Larroca.

48 pages, $4.50.


Written by John Ney Reiber, art by Eddy Barrows, cover by Adi Granov.

"Overwatch." The stolen Black Dragon war drone has spearheaded COBRA's shock assault on Philadelphia--the birthplace of American democracy. Now Cobra Commander unleashes a platoon of deadly urban combat specialists, the Street Vipers, to steal the Constitution itself. Outgunned and outnumbered, the G.I. Joe team fights to keep the heart of the nation out of Cobra Commander's ruthless hands... Only to face the ultimate betrayal, when a traitor shows the unsuspecting Joes where his true loyalty lies.

32 pages, $2.95.


Written by Josh Blaylock, art by Blaylock and Angelo Tsang, cover by Blaylock and Sunder Raj.

Alyssa was born in Realm 77, a hi-tech utopia whose controlling government feared her constant challenging of authority. So much so that they ordered her death. Even after escaping to Earth, Alyssa was pursued, as dormant powers she didn't even know she had were unleashed. Reunited with her robo-dog, Tink, and powered up, Alyssa's ready to face her foes and storm Realm 77 for the answers she seeks... and do some serious damage in the process.

32 pages, $2.95.


Written by Dan Jolley, art and cover by Pat Broderick.

The perfect time to jump into this series. The Micronauts discover that they might be in over their heads as their dangerous benefactor starts calling in favors. And when they journey to a jungle world filled with threats they'd never before imagined, the 'Nauts are forced to choose sides in a deadly territorial struggle, in "Hell is Green."

32 pages, $2.95.


By Tim Seeley with various.

Beth Bowers, AKA Lovebunny, is a well=intentioned, but slightly ditsy super heroine trying to make it in the world. When trying to gain acceptance in the super community, her sidekick / roommate / pet, Mr. Hell, can make things complicated. But for a creature from Hell he has a big heart, and that's Beth's weak spot. This book collects the sold out issues of Love Bunny's first appearance, and every Lovebunny appearance from Devil's Due, Image Comics, and Dead Dog Publishing. Perfect for guys and girls.

112 pages, black and white, digest format, $9.95.

G.I. JOE #29

Written by Brandon Jerwa, art and cover by Tim Seeley.

"Players and Pawns (part 2 of 5)." Cobra Commander has returned to power, but our heroes barely have time to worry about that! While Barrel Roll sneaks around on Cobra Island, the team regroups after a very public attack on their leadership. Elsewhere, Destro and his Iron Grenadiers prepare for their first major operation since leaving Cobra.

Meanwhile, the jungles of Sierra Gordo are alive with the sound of combat as Recondo, Ripcord, Dart, Low-Light and Tunnel Rat face down a group of high-tech commandos determined to leave the tiny nation in ruin. It's action in the jungle and manipulation in the shadows as "Players and Pawns" continues.

32 pages, $2.95.


Written by Tim Seeley, art and cover by Stefano Caselli.

Slashers. You know the genre....some masked nut case chases down and creatively murders a group of attractive teenagers with poor decision making skills, who have unleashed the killer's repressed psychosexual anger. These movies are associated with popcorn fun. They're low brow entertainment to take a hot date too.

But for Cassie Hack, this ain't no popcorn movie. Cassie, the daughter of the notorious Slasher, the Lunch Lady, travels the world with her monstrous partner, Vlad, hunting and destroying Slashers where ever they may be, whatever form they may take. But Cassie may have met her match. The residents of the small town of Eminence, Indiana are becoming victims, one-by-one, of a viscous undead killer and his army of zombie pets. Cassie and Vlad will have to wade, hip deep, through undead hamsters, cats, and dogs to save a beautiful veterinarian from a monster that makes all those "popcorn" Slashers look like Mother Teresa.

48 pages, $4.95.


Written by Brandon Jerwa, art by Eddy Barrows, cover by Francis Manipul.

To long-time G.I. Joe fans, the codename Chuckles conjures up images of an undercover agent with a love for loud Hawaiian shirts. Those days are long gone now; yesterday's methods don't apply to the modern world of espionage, and yesterday's soldiers have learned to adapt quickly or die trying.

After spending four years working his way up through the Cobra ranks, Chuckles is called in to broker a deal with an independent commando leader. The Joes plan to use this meeting as an opportunity to extract Chuckles safely, but when G.I. Joe and Cobra descend on the meeting place, they find a deadly new enemy waiting for them. Tyler Wingfield wants revenge for his father's death, and he'll betray both sides to reach his goals.

This trade paperback reprints G.I. Joe: Frontline #11-14.

96 pages, $9.95.


Written by Trampas Whiteman and Sean J. Jordan, art by Mike S. Miller and Rael, cover by Rael.

The Oath and the Measure demand much of the knights of Solamnia, and Huma becomes fearful of the consequences when he lies to his superior about the appearance of Magius, a childhood friend who has since become a powerful mage. Things go from bad to worse as one of the evil dreadwolves taunts Huma with the suggestion that Magius has played him as a pawn to protect himself. But there is little time to think about such things as the Dark Queen's forces launch a surprise attack...

32 pages, $2.95.

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