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Wednesday, January 21, 2004


Marvel Studios' Kevin Feige told The Continuum that he is confident that Spider-Man 2 will be a better movie than the first film.

During The Continuum's recent visit to the Marvel Studios offices, Feige was asked to compare the films.

"It's a two-fold question," he said. "If you were to ask me if I think Spider-Man 2 was going to be a better movie than the first one, are we going to top ourselves in terms of quality and in terms of effects and action and romance and characters and all of that -- unequivocally yes. No hestitation.

"It is a very special movie."

But what about at the box office, where Spider-Man established several new records with its first outing?

"If you're asking me if lightning is going to strike twice, why would we jinx it?" Feige said of the sequel's chances. "It's a better movie. I think if you look at the history of Marvel sequels (which have outperformed their predecessors), that can certainly indicate a trend of some kind.

"But all we did setting out to make this movie, all that Sam (Raimi, director) and Laura (Ziskin, producer) and Sony and the whole Spider-Man team, was to not get encumbered with that burden of the financial expectations -- and simply make a film that delivers beyond expectations in terms of quality.

"We're five months until the movie comes out, and I believe I can say we're well on our way to meeting that challenge."

With the film scheduled for a July 2 release and buzz alreaady building, Spider-Man 2 certainly figures to do well enough to merit future installments.

"When you do these movies and franchises that are based on 30 or 40 years of comics history, there are a lot of stories to tell, lots of possibilities to go to," Feige said.

Look for more from The Continuum's visit to Marvel Studios on Thursday.


The WB on Tuesday released a promotional image for Christopher Reeve's return to Smallville.

The photo above shows John Glover (who plays Lionel Luthor), Reeve (Dr. Swann) and Tom Welling (Clark Kent).

Reeve's scenes are being shot in New York this week; the episode is scheduled to air on Wednesday, April 14.

In other Smallville news, the network released the following description for "Hereafter," the episode scheduled to air on Wednesday Feb. 4:

"Clark discovers that his schoolmate Jordan can foresee the future, but is horrified when Jordan tells him he 'sees' Lana dying in a fire in the next few days. Meanwhile, suspicious of his behavior, Chloe investigates Adam's background and discovers some disturbing news.

The episode was written by Mark Verheiden and directed by Greg Beeman.


The live-action Man-Thing movie is moving from its original Aug. 27 release date, The Continuum has learned.

"We are looking at an October release date for Man-Thing," Marvel Studios' Ari Arad told The Continuum on Tuesday night.

The film, distributed by Artisan Entertainment, is being moved closer to Halloween, which would fit its horror roots.

A representative of Artisan Entertainment said a specific date for the film's release has not been announced yet.

In other Marvel Studios news:

* the company on Tuesday announced the hiring of David Maisel as President and Chief Operating Officer of Marvel Studios. Maisel will report directly to Avi Arad, Chairman and CEO of Marvel Studios.

Maisel has more than 15 years of diverse entertainment industry experience. For the past two years, he has headed Endeavor Agency's Corporate Strategy and Business Development. Maisel began his agency career at Creative Artists Agency in 1994, working closely with CAA founder Michael Ovitz to facilitate deals like Matsushita's sale of MCA Universal to Seagram in 1995. He later joined The Walt Disney Company, as Director of Corporate Development and Strategic Planning. Following his time at Disney, Mr. Maisel was named President of Livent, Inc., a publicly traded live theatrical production company, where he successfully piloted the company's restructuring and sale to SFX Entertainment, now part of Clear Channel.

* X2 was nominated for Best Picture on Wednesday for the ninth annual AOL Moviegoer Awards program in a New York City press conference presented by Ashton Kutcher and Amy Smart.

Magneto (Ian McKellen) breaks out of his plastic prison in X2 was nominated for Most Unforgettable Moment.

Daredevil's Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner were nominated for Revlon's Sexiest Kiss, and "Bring Me Back to Life" by Evanescence from Daredevil was nominated for Hottest Song.

The winners will be announced on Feb. 24.

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For covers and four-page previews of DC Comics titles arriving in stores stores on Wednesday, Jan. 28, CLICK HERE.

Titles include Batman #623, Catwoman #27, Hellblazer #192, JLA #92, Losers #8, Midnight, Mass.: Here There Be Monsters #1, Superman #201 and Wonder Woman #200.


Devil's Due Publishing has released its solicitations for April.

For a complete rundown, with cover images, CLICK HERE.


CrossGen Entertainment has released its solicitations for April.

For a complete rundown, with cover images, CLICK HERE.


Tribune Entertainment has announced it is renewing Mutant X for a fourth season in syndication.

Tribune also picked up Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda for a fifth season.

Both programs have been cleared in more than 140 markets across the United States, including 45 of the top 50 markets, representing more than 85 percent of the country.

The programs have been cleared by the Tribune Broadcasting station group, which includes, WPIX/New York, KTLA/Los Angeles, WGN/Chicago, WPHL/Philadelphia, WLVI/Boston, KWGN/Denver and KDAF/Dallas.

"These two strong action hours have developed passionate fan bases and deliver audiences for the station community, which clearly recognizes these programs' value," said Dick Askin, president and CEO for Tribune Entertainment. "We've been more than pleased with the success of each hour throughout their runs and are proud to renew Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda and Mutant X."

Mutant X debuted as the No. 1 first-run weekly hour of the season in 2001 and has ranked in the top three first-run weekly hours every season it's been on the air.

Look for more Mutant X news on Friday here in The Continuum.

In other Mutant X news:

"Brother's Keeper," a new episode, will air in syndication this week. The episode is written by Michelle Lovretta and directed by Tim Bond.

For a thorough plot synposis, with spoilers and images, CLICK HERE.


For covers and four-page previews of Image Comics titles arriving in stores on Wednesday, CLICK HERE.

Titles include Rex Mundi #8, Liberty Meadows #35 and Stay Puffed.

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  • According to Warner Bros. Animation, the Justice League: Starcrossed DVD, featuring the three-part finale of the second season, will be released by Warner Home Video on July 13.

  • X-Treme X-Men #46 in April will be the series' final issue. Look for a new Excalibur title written by Chris Claremont in May.

  • Artist Arthur Adams has signed a three-year exclusive agreement with DC Comics. Adams will provide covers for Action Comics beginning with April's issue #814.

    "I look forward to continuing what has been a very happy working relationship with DC," Adams said. "I'm very excited to be working on a new project, and I hope people actually like it when they see it!"

  • Jonathan Vankin, writer of numerous projects for both Vertigo and Paradox Press, has joined the DC Comics staff as editor with Vertigo.

    Vankin is the writer of Vertigo Pop!: Tokyo and Vertigo Pop!: Bangkok, as well as Paradox Press's The Big books of the 70s, Scandal, Bad and Grimm. He is the author of 80 Greatest Conspiracies of All Time (Citadel Press), Conspiracies, Cover-Ups and Crimes (Dell), and the upcoming Based on a True Story (But With More Car Crashes) (Chicago Review Press). As a writer/reporter, Vankin has contributed articles to The New York Times Magazine, Wired, Salon, L.A. Weekly, New York Press, and others. He served as Sports Editor for Tokyo's Daily Yomiuri, News Editor for the San Jose Metro, and Staff Writer for the Worcester Magazine.

    "To me, there's no place in comics like Vertigo, producing consistently high quality, innovative, even experimental work," Vankin said. "So when I was generously given the opportunity to join Vertigo as an editor, there was no way I could let it go by. As a writer, I've had nothing but exciting, creatively challenging experiences with Vertigo, and I'm hoping I can duplicate that experience for other writers. I can't wait to work alongside Karen Berger, Shelly Bond, Will Dennis and the rest of the Vertigo and DC crew and hopefully, with their support, have a hand in producing the great comics that Vertigo readers -- and I'm one of them -- expect."

  • DC Comics announced that, beginning with #4, DC: The New Frontier will switch to a bimonthly schedule. The fourth issue is scheduled to arrive in stores on May 26.

  • Coming Thursday: Marvel news -- and much more!!!

    Virtual Greetings


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