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Friday, January 23, 2004



G.I. Joe: Cobra Reborn will arrive in stores on Wednesday from Devil's Due Publishing. The issue is written by Paul Jenkins, with art by Eddy Barrows and Jack Jadson and a cover by Tim Bradstreet.

Here's how Image describes the issue:

"In Middle America, a man becomes alienated from the governing system that has turned him into merely a number. When the system he despises loses his identity, it becomes his opportunity to live outside the rules. This is the origin of the man called Cobra Commander. Seeking out those who share his loathing for the system, he forms an organization that will threaten our country's very freedom -- creating the need for a daring, highly trained special mission force, codename: G.I. Joe."

G.I. Joe: Cobra Reborn will be 48 pages and will cost $4.95.



Devil May Cry #1 will arrive in stores in February from Dreamwave Productions. The issue is written Brad Mick, with art by Pat Lee and covers by Lee, Jae Lee and Michael Turner.

Here's how Image describes the issue:

"Book One: Evil Woman. Readers for the first time will get the chance to experience the enigmatic Dante, half demon, half human gun-for-hire doing what he does best -- on paper, in a 40-page comic, prestige formatted with intensely painted pages. This Issue #1, the first of the 4 part mini-series written by Brad Mick and penciled by Pat Lee, will feature one Pat Lee cover as well as a CG cover for gamers. In addition, Pat's guest artists, Michael Turner and Jae Lee will show off their visions of DMC with two addition covers. Also a feature in this first issue, is an interview with DMC's original producers and creators from Capcom Japan. Want to know where the world of DMC came from? Then pick up this issue to find out. "

Devil May Cry #1 will be 40 pages and will cost $3.50.


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