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Tuesday, March 9, 2004


Following are Moonstone Books' solicitations for July, with informationg coming from the company.


Written by Adi Tantimedh, art by Diego Olmos.

An all-original TPB not seen before in any other form. He's ex-SAS, a trained killing machine who became a thief for kicks. Now a mysterious woman has given him a moral purpose. He hasn't been this dangerous in a long time. Richard Jerrill used to be a soldier. Not just any soldier. He was a member of Britain's Special Air Service, the Elite Corps that took on the jobs no one else would, and few knew about. Now he's left the SAS and his native England for the glitz and glamour of New York City, where he writes best selling techno thrillers loosely based on his experiences in the service. But you can't take the adrenaline out of the junkie. At night, he prowls the city, dressed in black, committing petty heists and pitting himself against high-tech alarm systems, just because he can. His secret life, however, is not secret for long. A mysterious woman named Vox knows all about him. She offers him a deal in exchange for not revealing his nocturnal activities to the police (or his identity to his former enemies). He then has to be her modern day Robin Hood. So, the game has become more interesting, and the stakes are higher.

96 pages, black and white, $10.95.


Written by Ben Raab, art by Nick Derington, colors by Ken Wolak, cover by Doug Klaub.

"Curse of the Phantom," part 2 of 2. The Wasaka tribe, since the days of Christopher Walker, have had but one goal -- destroy The Phantom! In the Deep Woods this rain soaked night, their dark shaman's trap is sprung against Kit and his wife Diana. Will his dream of blood drenched vengeance come true?

32 pages, $3.50.


Written by CJ Henderson, art and cover by Dennis Calero.

"And then they killed me." Kolchak finds himself on death's door in defense of a beautiful woman with strange powers. Rekindling a part of him he thought extinguished, she haunts every thought his mind can hold. What is her secret, and why are so many willing to KILL to control it? And how will Carl survive the twin bullet shots to his body and soul?

48 pages, $6.95.

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