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Sunday, March 21, 2004


Brian Michael Bendis promised lots of action as he joins artist David Finch as the new regular team on Marvel Comics' The Avengers.

"It'll be like the Marvel Universe used to be," Bendis said during his panel at Wizard World Los Angeles on Saturday. "It'll be a big group of super-heroes fighting. They're not going to be sitting around talking about it."

Bendis and Finch are taking over with the "Avengers Disassemble" arc, which runs in Avengers #500-504. The book will relaunch as New Avengers in November, with Bendis and Finch continuing. A second book will also launch, written by Allen Heinberg of Fox TV's The OC.

"It will be a new team with new members, some of which have never been Avengers before," Bendis said.

The new team will also face new villains.

The Marvel Universe is in need of scary new villains that speak to our times," Bendis said. "There will be a new Masters of Evil and things so big that the Avengers have to get together."

New writers on Avengers' solo titles, Bendis said, will include Michael Avon Oeming on Thor, Robert Kirkman on Captain America and Mark Ricketts on Iron Man.

Asked if any characters will be dying, Bendis said: "Not everyone ends up alive. No one dies without a reason."

In other news from the panel:

* Brent Anderson will be the new artist on The Pulse with #6. "I'm thrilled out of my mind," Bendis said. "I've very excited to about him drawing Jessica Jones and Luke Cage and guest-stars like Wolverine and Captain America, characters he probably hasn't drawn in 10 years."

* Charlize Theron, Academy Award winner for Best Actress, has been attached as a producer and star for the Jinx movie.

* Bendis said he wants to put "everything Frank Miller to bed" on Daredevil. "We will be introducing a lot of new characters," he said. "All the villains will be new villains. I want leave a mark with original characters and original villains."

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