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Sunday, March 21, 2004


Top Cow announced several new projects and updates on others during its panel at Wizard World Los Angeles on Saturday.

Following is a rundown:

* Tony Daniel is bringing his next creator-owned project to Top Cow. It's called Humankind, and its serves as a precursor to his next Tenth series. It will premiere at the Wizard World Chicago show in August, with #1 shipping in September.

It's no coincidence there's a sexy-looking girl and a big monster thing," Top Cow's Matt Hawkins said.

* Greg Land will be providing covers for Witchblade, starting with #77, and Adam Hughes returns to Tomb Raider covers with #41.  

Dale Keown's Pitt returns in one-shot tentatively titled Pitt vs. the Top Cow Universe.

"It's Pitt kicking everyone's ass and doing the Pitt thing," Top Cow's Marc Silvestri said.

Keown has completed six pages of The Darkness/Hulk crossover one-shot.

* Top Cow is launching a new property called Proximity Effect in April, written by Scott Tucker and drawn by David Nakayama. The first two issues will be available free, only online, and then Top Cow will collect the 3-issue series into a graphic novel with a Marc Silvestri cover in June.

Hawkins said Top Cow is partnering with guitar company Peavey for a contest to expand the reach of the project.

* Here's a look at Eric Basaldua's cover to Witchblade/Wolverine #1, written by Chris Claremont.

* The Image Anniversary Book, containing a new CyberForce story by Silvestri, is being targeted for an October release. Silvestri said it leads into new CyberForce mythology and a possible return of the title.

* Voting in the Witchblade Death Pool is completed, the last issue of the story arc is scheduled to ship to stores on April 28. It will include multiple "murder" scenes, but only two have been killed off.  

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