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Tuesday, March 23, 2004


John Singleton, director of the Luke Cage movie, told The Continuum that an announcement regarding the lead actor should be made soon.

"I got a couple of people in mind, but it's premature to say," Singleton told The Continuum after the Spider-Man 2 panel last weekend at Wizard World Los Angeles. "It's going to be announced in probably a week or so who's going to be Cage."

The film is set up at Sony, where Singleton and Marvel Studios; Avi Arad first worked to develop the character some nine years ago.

The script is written by Ben Ramsey.

"It's dope. It's dope," Singleton said. "We're working on a new draft and we should be casting really soon."

Singleton told The Continuum the villain will be Diamondback, the original Hero for Hire comics villain who framed him and had him sent to prison.

"And I'm trying to get in some of the other characters, like Chemistro, and maybe the Wrecking Crew or some of the obscure Marvel villains," Singleton said.

Singleton confirmed that Cage will be using his trademark "Sweet Christmas" line in the film.

"When I read the script, I bust out laughing when he said that," Singleton said. "But he can't wear the yellow shirt and he can't have the chains -- I'm not having that. And it's not like the Richard Corben one, either. "I'm doing the movie for one reason, to have him break out of Seagate Prison with his bare hands," Singleton said, laughing.

Singleton said he hopes to get production started by late summer for a 2005 release.

"It's a fun movie. It's hip. It's so cool," Singleton said. "Imagine if 50 Cent got super-powers."


The WB has released five images from "Legacy," the next new episode of Smallville.

The episode guest-stars Christopher Reeve, the former movie Superman who reprises his role as Dr. Swann.

"Legacy" is scheduled to air on Wednesday, April 14.

Click on the thumbnails for fuller and larger images.

In other Smallville news, "Nicodemus" will follow "Perry" on Wednesday night as part of the viewers' selections in the "You Say It, We Play It" stunt. "Shattered" will be shown Wednesday, March 31 at 8 p.m. and "Redux" is the Smallville: The Beginnings episode on Sunday, April 4.

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For covers and four- to six-page previews of titles arriving in stores on Wednesday, CLICK HERE.

Titles include Negation War Part One from CrossGen Entertainment, Transformers/G.I. Joe #6, Transformers: Generation One #3 and Devil May Cry #1 and Common Grounds #3 from Image Comics.

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Marvel Comics has announced it is delaying the relays of The Ulitmate Volume 2. The title will be resolicited at a later date, when it can be guaranteed to ship monthly.

"Marvel did exactly what we wanted them to. Like everyone else, I've been frustrated by the long delays between issues and so I asked them to stockpile six issues to guarantee this book went out monthly again," said writer Mark Millar. "Volume two is very much a sequel and so this seems like the logical place to have the gap. I'd rather see delays between volumes than issues and it's great Marvel getting behind us like this."

Said artist Bryan Hitch, "With Marvel's continued and unprecedented support, they are allowing us to step back and stockpile a whole arc before release which is just fantastic. That's not to say we are resting on our laurels here, we have realistic, workable schedules and are 100 percent committed to giving the fans the best we can, every single month!"

Said Marvel publisher Dan Buckley, "Look, this title is a home run whenever it comes out. But it's got to come out for six months in a row - a complete story, shipping on time. By working together, we now feel comfortable saying we're giving the fans the best possible reading experience."


With the sixth and final issue of Image Comics' WildGuard: Casting Call in stores on Wednesday, creator Todd Nauck told The Continuum to look for more WildGuard comics later this year.

A one-shot later this year will be followed by a four-issue mini-series.

"In the one-shot, it's a chance for the readers to try to get to know the five characters better," Nauck said. "People seem to be enjoying the book and I want to keep telling stories with the characters."

There will also be a trade paperback collecting Casting Call, and Nauck said that, with extras, it will be 200 pages.

Click below for preview pages form WildGuard: Casting Call #6.


The creator of Lady Death and the rest of the Chaos! cosmos, Brian Pulido, brings his brand of dark mayhem to Avatar Press with several new titles in 2004. Readers will get their first taste with the Brian Pulido's Belladonna Preview in June and in the FCBD preview, Back in Black: Brian Pulido Unleashed at Avatar Press, to be released on Free Comic Book Day, July 3.

The first of this group of Pulido created and written books to launch will be the full-color Belladonna series, with art by Clint Hilinski. The UnHoly with art by Di Amorim and Gypsy with art by Paulo Siqueira will follow shortly thereafter.

"I designed these books to appeal to the Chaos! fans and current Lady Death fans alike," Pulido said. "After Chaos! imploded I never intended to write comics other than Lady Death. Then Avatar publisher William Christensen lured me back to the darkside offering me complete me creative freedom. He wanted and encouraged my over-the-top sensibilities.

"Belladonna will appeal to fans of CGE'S Lady Death and to fans of the old-school Lady Death. It takes place in Wexford Ireland in 951 AD. On Colleen MacGrath's wedding night, which will unite two powerful Irish families, they are all slaughtered by Viking hordes. Now a year later, the spirit of the Celtic goddess Morrigan possesses Colleen and she wants vengeance!

"UnHoly is set in modern day Detroit. It's about a rebel teen named Penny who is a non-believer. After a fatal accident she's "drafted" by God to be His assassin. As a fallen angel she is caught in a shadow war waged on city streets, in plain clothes, between Heaven and Hell.

"Gypsy is a bit of an enigma. This story has that crazed Chaos! flavor, but for the moment we want to keep the details under wraps. Suffice to say it is a period piece that deals with the prejudice leveled against the gypsies of Europe in a dark, supernatural way."

Pulido said he plans on sticking with the characters for the long haul.

"I want to see how they develop, where they take me," he said. "Each one speaks to a different faucet of my personality and I'm happy I get to express this stuff through them."

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  • DC Comics announced that Coupe D'Etat -- Sleeper and Coup D'Etat -- Afterword, the opening chapter and epilogue to WildStorm's February even, have both sold out at the publisher.

    "From the start, it was our hope to generate attention for the quality of writing and art on these core WildStorm books, and it seems from all estimates that Coup D'Etat was a rousing success," said Jim Lee, WildStorm Editorial Director and illustrator of Coup D'Etat -- Sleeper. "I want to thank the retailers, many of whom I know were handselling the book; we have a lot of great plans for all the WildStorm books this coming year and I want to welcome any and all new fans who may have just discovered the WSU by way of Coup D'Etat."

    DC has no plans to reprint these issues at this time.

  • Hellboy stars Ron Perlman and Selma Blair will appear on ABC's The View on Friday.

  • Captain Marvel #25 will be the final issue of the Marvel series.

  • Coming Wednesday: DC news -- and much more!!!

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