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Friday, April 2, 2004


Selma Blair couldn't hide her excitement. After spending the first segment on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Thursday talking about her dress, her new husband and other topics, Leno finally asked her about the Hellboy movie.

She immediately bolted upright and started clapping -- and then realized her reaction.

"One comic-book movie and I'm a geek," she said laughing.

It's true, too.

Blair was not a comic-book fan but has been caught up in the excitement of bringing Mike Mignola's character to the big screen. Hellboy, written and directed by Guillermo del Toro, opens in 3,028 theaters on Friday.

"Gullermo and Mike really set the bar so high. It's such a great story," Blair said. "Yeah, it wasn't something that I knew anything about, this world. After being on the set of Hellboy, their passion for these kind of stories -- a fantasy world -- really rubbed off on me, and I would love to do it. Hopefully, with Guillermo again."

As Liz Sherman, Blair plays a a fire-starter who caused great tragedy in her life.

"When she used her power, it resulted in the death of her parents and many people in a nearby town," Blair said. "After that, she became a ward of the state and the B.P.R.D. took her in to harness her pyro-kinetic abilities.²

Liz forms a fractured family at the B.P.R.D with Hellboy, Abe and Professor Broom.

"Hellboy is her comfort," Blair said. "He's someone who's similar to her. Part of her hates that however, because unlike Hellboy, on the outside she looks like a regular girl. So, she's very conflicted. Like Hellboy, she's afraid of establishing real connections because she doesnıt know how to be normal."

The arrivial of FBI recruit John Myers adds more emotional conflict.

"When Myers comes into her life, for the first time, she sees herself having a chance to be a real woman," Blair said. "John Myers is definitely a flirtation she wants to try out."

Hellboy becomes jealous.

"Myers has been recruited to be Hellboyıs companion, said Ron Perlman, who plays Hellboy. "While he admires John, he poses a threat to his friendship with Liz."

There's a good chance Blair will return in a Hellboy sequel. And she's been rumored for another comics film -- Superman, in which she would play Lois Lane.

"I don't know how. That would be amazing," she says cautiously "I don't know what's going on with that now."

One things, for certain. Blair's now a comics geek.

"Being on this set with these people, that make it so much fun to have an interest in all of this, I started reading Neil Gaiman, Sandman -- stuff like that."

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