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Monday, April 12, 2004


"She's Come Undone," a new episode of Mutant X, will air in syndication this week. The episode is written by Michelle Lovretta and directed by Tim Bond.

Below the photos is a thorough plot synposis, with spoilers. (Click on the thumbnails for larger images).

Lexa (Karen Cliche) arrives at Maxxlon Laboratories, overrides the security system and enters the building wearing a long coat and sunglasses. Two guards come at her, but she takes them out with powerful lasers and moves into the main lab where she uses a solar flare to knock out the lab tech.

She walks toward Dr. Remy Arnot's (John Blackwood) office where he is feverishly typing on his computer. Just as Lexa reaches the office, two glass doors slide into place to lock her out, but she easily shatters the glass and enters. When Arnot pulls a gun, Lexa grabs it and sends him flying into a cabinet that contains a knife collection.

During the encounter, Lexa's sunglasses fall off, revealing her eyes, which are solid white. Arnot begs Lexa not to kill him, but she picks up a knife and drives it down.

Just then, Lexa bolts awake in her room at Sanctuary. Shalimar (Victoria Pratt), having heard her shouting, runs in. Lexa says she had a nightmare, but Shalimar's feral senses pick up a strange odor and she turns on the light to find that Lexa is covered in blood. Horrified, Lexa tells Shalimar she's not hurt -- it's someone else's blood.

In the lab, Jesse (Forbes March) does a bioscan on Lexa's body and when he reaches the metal implant on the back of her head, Lexa says it was deactivated by the Dominion. Brennan (Victor Webster) enters and tells them that Lexa took the Helix out three hours earlier and he's in the process of retracing her route.

A short time later, Brennan, Shalimar and Lexa arrive at Maxxlon and find Arnot dead in his office. When Shalimar comlinks Jesse and asks him to research Arnot, he soon discovers the man worked for Genomex as part of "Project Nine."

Hearing this, Lexa lifts Arnot's sleeve to reveal a symbol tattooed on his inner elbow. Lexa then urgently tells Brennan and Shalimar they must leave right away. As they rush out, two Dominion operatives dressed as repairmen enter. Jumping behind a desk to hide, Lexa throws a light blast which blinds the men and allows Brennan and Shalimar to take them out.

Lexa then reveals that Maxxlon is a Dominion facility and she's attacked her own people, but doesn't know why. Jesse then orders Brennan to bring Lexa back right away as she was a subject in "Project Nine."

Back in Sanctuary, Lexa talks to her Dominion contact, who insists she come to the headquarters until they figure out what's happening.

Just as Lexa hangs up Adam's (John Shea) hologram appears and tells her not to turn herself in. Angry that Adam waited so long to reveal he's alive, Lexa refuses to listen.

Meanwhile, Jesse shows Brennan and Shalimar a 3D image of Lexa's spinal cord. They see thousands of tentacles sprouting from the implant into her brain, which Jesse says is letting someone control her nervous system. A short time later, Lexa walks past Jesse on her way out of Sanctuary, ignoring his pleas for her to stay.

Desperate, Jesse uses a tablet to lower two grid-like doors on either side of Lexa, trapping her inside. He then explains to an enraged Lexa that as long as she's under someone else's control, they canıt risk letting her out.

Jesse researches "Project Nine" and learns that in addition to Arnot, three other doctors were involved.

Brennan and Shalimar head out to the female doctor's home first. There, Shalimar opens a closet door and the womanıs dead body falls out. She notices a photo in her clenched fist and upon taking a closer look sees that it's Dr. John Gonsalves (Peter Cockett). The team then realizes he is the one behind everything.

Lexa's Dominion contact is told by the board members that since they have no leads on Arnot's killer they are sending two Assassins out.

Moments later, Jesse is monitoring Lexa's cell when the Dominion contact breaks into the line and warns that Lexa will be killed if she takes further action against them. When the call ends, Jesse realizes that Lexa has passed out. Jesse enters the cell and Lexa comes to and admits to him she's scared before kissing him. Lexa then pulls away, throws Jesse to the ground and locks him inside the cell. Trapped, Jesse watches as Lexa's eyes turn white as Gonsalves takes control.

After she leaves, Jesse phases through the floor and drops into the Media Area just as Brennan comlinks him to say that Gonsalves is the man controlling Lexa. Jesse then informs him that Lexa escaped and that the epinephrine in the Helix's med-kit should interfere with Lexaıs dreamlike state long enough to bring her back to Sanctuary.

Tracking Lexaıs signal to Reid Laboratories, Brennan and Shalimar race inside and are confronted by two guards. Shalimar stays behind to deal with them as Brennan goes for Lexa. He finds her just as she kills the third doctor from "Project Nine."

Lexa then turns on Brennan, who injects the epinephrine into her neck. Lexa screams in pain and her eyes turn to their normal blue just before she falls unconscious.

Back at Sanctuary, Jesse visits Lexa in her cell and says he's run simulations of removing the implant, but Lexa died each time. He walks away and is met by Adam, only this time it's no hologram. Brennan and Shalimar enter and Adam explains he came back to help Jesse save Lexa.

Moments later, Adam and Jesse insert needles into Lexa's implant and begin cauterizing the tentacles. Lexa's eyes suddenly turn white and the tentacles multiply rapidly.

With Lexa's life draining, Jesse pulls the implant out of her neck and is relieved when she takes a breath. That night, the severed implant twitches and the team realizes Gonsalves is trying to connect. As Jesse traces him through the device, Brennan and Shalimar work on a plan to stop the Assassins.

A short time later, Brennan watches Shalimar disguised as Lexa outside a warehouse when one of the Assassins appears. Brennan fires a tesla coil, but she jumps out of the way and Brennan races after her just as a second Assassin approaches Shalimar. Brennan and Shalimar engage in battle with the Assassins and take them both down.

Inside the warehouse, Jesse and Lexa confront Gonsalves, but he fires at them and runs outside. The team quickly surrounds him and Lexa knocks him out with a barrage of kicks and punches.

Back at Sanctuary, Adam's hologram appears to the team and explains that before he left, he became aware that a separate faction of the Dominion was working against them and has been using them for their own agenda. Adam insists that a terrible war is coming and the only way to ensure their safety is for him to remain on the run as the Dominion's main target.

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