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Friday, April 16, 2004


Jonthan Hensleigh, director of The Punisher, said that the character of Joan, played by Rebecca Romijn-Stamos, isn't as mousey as she is in the comics.

"There's never really a sexual overtone in the comic book, but you can't do that with Rebecca Romijn-Stamos, for God's sake," Hensleigh said. "No one's ever going to believe it.˛

Hensleigh said he enlarged the roles of the characters of Joan, Spack Dave and Mr. Bumpo from the comics.

"They're all broken people. Castle is a broken man. He heals them; they heal him," Hensleigh said. "Through the softening and humanizing effects of this new surrogate family, and the fact that he had to come to their aid -- because these are people that he cares about -- he realizes that he has a broader role after the vengeance of his family is concluded."

"Those guys were really fun," Romijn-Stamos said of the tenament dwellers. "John Pinette and Ben Foster, the three of us had such a good time. We created this little family."

"She's sort of the person who represents the nice people left in the world that Frank Castle doesn't think exists in the world anymore."

Hensleigh said he was impressed with Romijn-Stamos' acting chops.

"I didn't know that Rebecca had the range. It impressed me so much," Hensleigh said. "I now have a very high expectation for the remainder of her career. I think that this is just the tip of the iceberg."

Romijn-Stamos, who is already on board to return as Mystique in the third X-Men movie, said she is satisfied with how her film career is growing.

"What I'm doing right now, I've never been happier," she said. "This is beyond what I ever expected. I'm having a ball."

Marvel Studios' Avi Arad said that there actually have been discussions about a Mystique movie.

"It was absolutely amazing how Mystique sort of captured the X-Men story and became kind of the core," he said.

Romijn-Stamos said that idea intrigues her: "If there was some way they could figure out how to make that makeup process easier, it'd be such an honor to do it, because that character is so close to my heart."

Romijn-Stamos, who appeared at the recent Wizard World Los Angeles, said she understands the importance of translating the comics characters properly.

"These are characters that people have waited their entire lives to see brought to life," she said. "You don't want to disappoint. You want to live up to everyone's expectations. So it's really exciting. And to get involved in projects where there's actually really, really good people with a lot of integrity - it's really exciting - because we feel you guys, we feel the fanbase."

The Punisher opens on Friday.


The first printing of Superman/Batman #8 was the best-selling comic book released in March, according to Diamond Comic Distributors.

The sold-out issue, written by Jeph Loeb with art and cover by Michael Turner, went to a second printing that arrived in stores in April and quickly sold out as well. This second printing is not reflected in the March charts.

"This is the icing on the cake," Loeb said. "Everyone at DC and on the Superman/Batman team worked so hard to make this title into a huge event, and I'm very happy it paid off. Given the competition from some really marvelous books, ultimately, we're happy that the retailers and readers alike agree that Superman and Batman are still the #1 comic book icons. With the Brian Az/Jim Lee Superman coming, Identity Crisis on the horizon and the juggernaut of Geoff Johns' and Mike McKone's Teen Titans, it looks like fandom wants to change the face of the top ten."

For a breakdown of March's shares by company, CLICK HERE. And for a look at the top 25 books, CLICK HERE.

In related news, DC is pulling an artistic teams switch for variant covers in May. Turner and Peter Steigerwald will provide a variant cover for Superman #205, and Jim Lee and Scott Williams will provide a variant cover for Superman/Batman #10.

"I've known Mike since he started in this business but we haven't been able to work on anything together. Having helped set up the deal which brought his incredible talents to DC, I didn't want to miss my chance to do something together," Lee said. "It's a blast jumping in on their storyline and also getting to work with my old bud, Jeph. Here's hoping that this cover swap is just the first of many cool collaborations down the road." ""I am really excited about this idea," Turner said. "I've enjoyed Jim's work for years, and we've talked many times about doing something together. It's so cool to have that competitive fire again. Comics isn't a contact sport but I love seeing something awesome and going back to my desk to try and come up with something even better. That's a tough chore with Jim but I'm having a blast trying."

The covers will be filled in 50/50 ratios. Superman/Batman #10 goes on sale on May 19, and Superman #205 goes on sale on May 26.


For covers and multiple-page previews of upcoming titles, CLICK HERE.

Titles include Abadazad #3 from CrossGen Entertainment, SpyBoy: Final Exam #1 from Dark Horse Comics and Cyclone Bill and The Tall Tales from Moonstone Books.

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Oni Press has announced an Aug. 25 release of the second original graphic novel by the Days Like This team of J. Torres and Scott Chantler. Scandalous is an all-new, 96-page story, once more delving into a specific timeframe within the entertainment industry.

Here's how Oni describes the book:

"Hollywood in the 1950s is a place of big glamour, small talk, and medium cool. The studios control everything, managing their actorsą careers and massaging the image they present to the public. To do this, they need the press onboard, and the one aspect they can't control--gossip! This means the most powerful woman in Hollywood is Paige Turner, the celebrity columnist for one of America's most-read papers. Known for her outrageous headgear, Paige is often called 'The Mad Hatter' -- a nickname with a double meaning, since everyone wants to be invited to her publicity party. When a spicier tabloid mentality creeps into the newsstands, though, Paige sees some of her ground being threatened. And the studios see a roguish new element that might not want to play ball. At the top of this salacious new art form is Harry Richards, 'The Tabloid Dick,' the guy with the snooping peepers who keeps getting the scoop. What begins as a war of words ends up being a knock-down, drag-out fight for the number one slot as the biggest rumor monger in entertainment."

"Scott and J. are practically setting up their own cottage industry," Oni publisher Joe Nozemack said, "digging into significant time periods much like a comic book version of the Merchant Ivory team. J.'s scripts capture the feel and dialogue of the subject, while Scott's classic illustration style brings everything to life in a way that looks authentic."

"The fun part of Scandalous was the research into the colorful characters," Torres said. "The real-life players at the time were far more outlandish than most heroes in the films they wrote about. By creating my own versions, rather than dealing with historical figures, I can smoosh a lot of the different anecdotes together, create an amalgamation. It gives me freedom to move through the many stories that took place in that era.˛

"I like to match J.'s research line by line, and then raise the ante," Chantler said. "It's not enough to just get the clothes and hair right. In one scene, we feature a lot of books, and I wanted to make sure I got the cover to the Howard Pyle version of Robin Hood just right. I'm a history buff, so while the story is fiction, it's important to me that the settings and situations seem as accurate as possible. It's not just window dressing--all of those background details eventually come together into a bigger picture that rings true."

Scandalous will cost $9.95. Click on the thumbnails above for larger images.

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  • According to USA TODAY, Terence Stamp will be part of the cast of the Elektra movie.

  • Coming Saturday: Movie news -- and much more!!!



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