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Sunday, May 23, 2004


"Avengers Disassembled" is just one phase of a big year for the Avengers, Marvel editors declared at the Avengers panel at Wizard World Philadelphia on Saturday.

"If you're an Avengers fan, this is your year," said editor-in-chief Joe Quesada.

The Disassembled events goes through November, and Avengers editor Tom Brevoort said that wave two after that "will be something else even bigger."

A new lineup and two Avengers titles will result from the event. Brevoort said it's unclear if the main Avengers title will continue its numbering or start over.

Upcoming creative teams include writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist David Finch on Avengers; writer Robert Kirkman, artist Scot Eaton and cover artist Dave Johnson on Captain America; writer Mark Ricketts, artist Tony Harris and cover artist Pat Lee on Iron Man; and writer Mike Oeming, artist Andrea DiVito and cover artist Steve Epting on Thor.

In other notes from the panel:

* Bendis checked in via phone and said he's aware of the Internet response and rumors about his Avengers stories.

"There's nothing I can do to make everybody happy, so that freed me tremendously," Bendis said. "We're putting our best foot forward."

* Brevoort said that the new lineup "will not look alien" to readers. He noted that one of the members has not been an Avenger before.

* Brevoort said books will end because of the event.

* Oeming, writer of Thor through the event, said that he is influenced by the work of Walt Simonson and John Buscema. "What Iım hoping to do is a combination of Buscema and Simonson, but also bit of Thor from other periods as well," he said.

* Brevoort said Ultron will appear in the next few months.

* Ed Brubaker will be coming to Marvel after his DC exclusive ends. Quesada wouldn't elaborate on what Brubaker would be writing.

* Brevoort said that tie-in issues with Disassembled will sport a logo for the event.

* There will not be a revisit of Avengers West Coast, but Brevoort said there is "another project to satiate demands for regional activity."

* The first arc after Disassembled will feature new villains.

* Spectacular Spider-Man #17, by Paul Jenkins and Michael Ryan, will play into Avengers Disassembled. as will Fantastic Four #517.

Will Spidey become an Avenger? "Spider-Man is involved in this story," Brevoort said. "Beyond that, wait and see."

* Epting, recently signed exclusive with Marvel, will be doing more than covers soon and it will be Avengers related, Quesada said.

* More Marvel Masterworks are coming, featuring Spider-Man, Avengers and X-Men.

* With the recent cancellation of his title, Captain Marvel will be appearing in another title -- but it won't be Avengers, Brevoort said.

* A return of the Thunderbolts "is not impossible," Brevoort said.

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