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Monday, May 24, 2004


Marvel Comics revealed the full cover to Amazing Spider-Man #511 for the first time on Sunday, with someone who looks like Gwen Stacy.

ģI'll leave you guessing who the blonde woman on the cover is. It may not be who you think it is, or it could be exactly who you think," Marvel editor-in-chief Joe Quesada said during the Spider-Man panel at Wizard World Philadelphia.

The issue is part of the "Sins Past" story from J. Michael Straczynski that begins in Amazing Spider-Man #509 in June.

"This is going to be one of the most ground-breaking Spider-Man stories in years," Quesada said. "Joe's been building and building and building to this for a long time. It will have implications not only in Amazing, but it's also going to spill over into Spectacular very close to the end of the year. This is is probably a six-to-10-month arc that encompasses both books."

Quesada said he anticipates volatile reaction to the story.

"Be prepared to be angered, then overjoyed, angered again and then overjoyed."

In other news from the panel:

* Spectacular Spider-Man #15-#17 will tie into "Avengers Disassembled," in a story by Paul Jenkins and Michael Ryan.

"Captain America guest-stars and will be introducing a big new villain," editor Tom Brevoort said. "And we'll be putting Spidey through some creepy physical changes."

* Quesada said the lead character in Amazing Fantasy does not have a name yet and is not related to any of the previous Spider-Woman characters.

* Frank Cho will follow his one-issue stint on the Marvel Knights Spider-Man title with some assignments that will be announced soon.

* Artist Skottie Young said his stint on Venom will be five issues.

* Brevoort said he is "twisting the arm" of a writer for a Spider-Man: The End project.

* Brevoort said the second arc of The Pulse will involve Secret War, and the third arc "probably will be Avengers-centric."

* Venom vs. Carnage, written by Peter Milligan with art by Clayton Crain, will launch in July. "It's amazing, amazing Clayton Crain art," Quesada said. "It is out of control."

* Brevoort said there is talk of a 2099 project at the end of the year.

* Publisher Dan Buckley said the Mary Jane novels "did quite well."

* Quesada prasied the work of Zeb Wells and Kaare Andrews on Spider-Man/Doctor Octopus: Year One. "It's Zeb's best story," Quesada said. "He really found a voice, and this issue is rocking."

* Editor Nick Lowe said there will be resolution of what Flash Thompson wanted to talk to Peter Parker about in Ultimate Spider-Man. Lowe also said to be on the lookout for "a wonderful scene" between Mary Jane and Gwen in Ultimate Spider-Man #61.

* Brevoort said that the opening scene in Marvel Knights Spider-Man will make sense after events in The Pulse.

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