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Monday, May 24, 2004


Expect to see several projects to tie in with the release of the upcoming Constantine movie, editor Will Dennis said Sunday at the Vertigo panel at Wizard World Philadelphia.

"With the Constantine movie, there will be a lot of Hellblazer things that will turn a lot of people's heads," Dennis said.

Dennis said he couldn't currently elaborate, but one of the items will very likely be an adaptation of the film.

Constantine, starring Keanu Reeves, is targeted to open in theaters on Feb. 11.

The casting of Reeves and the Americanization of Constantine have created controversy around the film, but the Vertigo editors at the panel said the movie can be successful.

"He's read all the comics, he's read all the stuff out there," Dennis said of Reeves. "He's taking it very seriously. He's done good work in certain parts, so it'll be interesting to see.

"People will be surprised at how much they have captured of the comic. Hopefully people will go in with open minds. And, really, it's exiciting to see a Vertigo movie."

Added editor Jonthan Vankin: "Having read the script, they've made an attempt to capture the comic and bring some new elements for the movie."

In other news from the panel, moderated by editor Shelly Bond:

* Ale Garza is drawing The Losers #15, a single-issue story featuring Aisha.

* The Losers' second trade paperback, Double Down, is due for a November release.

* Grant Morrison's We3 will ship bi-monthly, and Vimanarama will launch in January.

* Morrison's Doom Patrol will be collected. The first volume will be released in September and will feature a new cover by Brian Bolland and three pages never seen before. The second volume will be released in December and will include art from Morrison.

* Dave Gibbons' The Originals will be released in October. "It's black-and-white, with gray tones, and it's a smaller-sized book," Bond said. "It works well with the scop of the artwork and the themes."

* Massimo Carnevale, an Italian artist, is the new cover artist for Y: The Last Man.

Pia Guerra returns for the two-part "Tongues of Flame" story arc. Following that, editor Will Dennis said there will be a one-issue story dealing with Yorick's sister and then a five- or six-part story where the lab is finally reached.

* Jonathan Vankin spoke at length about The Witching, and look for a report and new art soon here in The Continuum.

* 100 Bullets is resuming monthly status, and #50 will be an extra-sized issue that introduces a "pivotal new character," Dennis said. Dennis said that 100 Bullets creators Brian Azzarello, Eduardo Riss and Dave Johnson were key contributors to the upcoming 100 Bullets video game from Acclaim. The next trade paperback is due in July.

* Bond said that two members of The Endless will be appearing in Lucifer. Mike Kaluta is the new cover artist. "He's done three covers already, and they're gorgeous," Bond said.

* Richard Corben is the artist for Swamp Thing #7-8, written by Will Pfeiffer. "It's the first time he has drawn Swamp Thing, and it is the mother of all Swamp Things," Vankin said.

A new writer for the title has not been determined. "There are a number of people we are considering," Vankin said.

* Dennis said Phil Jimenez's Otherworld is targeted for release early next year. Jeromy Cox is coloring, and three issues have been completed.

* Separate projects with Jason Hall and Warren Ellis are in the works.

* Garth Ennis' City Lights remains "a work in progress," Dennis said. Plans are to release the book in three sets of four monthly issues.

* Bond said that John Constantine and Zatanna will play key roles in the first arc of Books of Magick: Life During Wartime. "But they're alternative versions," she said.

Neil Gaiman, who is plotting the first arc with scripter Sy Spencer, will remain on the title in at least a consultant role, Bond said.

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* Vankin takes over as editor beginning with Hellblazer #201, the same issue in which Leonardo Manco become the new artist. "Mike Carey told me he really wants to start doing horror," Vankin said. "So it's going to be really horrifying."

* Bond said an announcement regarding a Fables original graphic novel should happen this summer.

* Cliff Chiang said he is drawing a Human Target story called "The Second Coming."

"Christopher Chance's assistant comes under the spell of a new-style messiah," Chiang said. "So Christopher Chance goes undercover to check it out. There's lots of intrigue and an interesting look at religion, pop culture and advertising -- and how these came meet. It's a timely story."

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