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Thursday, May 26, 2004


Rich Fogel, producer of Cartoon Network's Justice League animated series, told The Continuum that he is excited that "Starcrossed" is finally airing Saturday (7:30 p.m. ET).

"This is a huge story that centers on Hawkgirl and the conflicts that arise when her fellow Thanagarians arrive here on Earth," Fogle told The Continuum. "We knew we were going to do this story from the very beginning, but we didn't want anyone to know what we were planning for Hawkgirl. In fact, when I was writing about her in the initial series bible, I had to fabricate a false cover story for her origin. This is because we knew that the bible would be used in publicity and marketing for the series, and we didnąt want the truth to get out too early. It felt like a real cloak-and-dagger spy operation!"

Fogel said that as the series developed, the producers tried to keep Hawkgirl a bit mysterious.

"We dropped clues and red herrings here and there, but we always knew where we were going," Fogel said. "Hawkgirl soon became a fan favorite, thanks in large part to Maria Canals' outstanding vocal performance. From the very first audition, Maria came in and just nailed the character. Her range made Hawkgirl so easy to write because she could be tough and yet still be sympathetic and vulnerable. And her attacking hawk cry was always a high point of the recording sessions."

Portraying the Thangarian society in "Starcrossed" was tricky, Fogel said, because of the various ways it had been depicted in the comics.

"Tim Truman's Hawkworld mini-series was probably our greatest influence, but our concept draws from many other sources as well," Fogel said. "DC was incredibly supportive during the development of 'Starcrossed,' although they understandably had reservations about using Katar Hol in a story like this.

"Beating out a story as big and complex as 'Starcrossed' took a long time, but we wanted to get it right. Unfortunately, after we got it locked down, we ran into a scheduling crunch that meant I couldn't write the entire arc by myself. Luckily, John Ridley (Third Watch, Undercover Brother, Platinum) is a big fan of Justice League. We had been wanting to work with him, so we were able to hand off Part 2 to him. He did a fantastic job and captured the war-like rhetoric of the Thanagarians perfectly. Thanks, John! Then, the ever-reliable Dwayne MacDuffie was able to step in and do the final draft of Part 3."

Fogel said that "Starcrossed" resonante isn today's times.

"Watching 'Starcrossed,' it's amazing to realize that we finished the script before the war in Iraq started," Fogel said. "A lot of the themes and moral problems feel like they could have been ripped out of today's headlines. Times change, but the hard choices that must be made during times of war don't. Under any circumstances, I hope our fans will agree that it was worth the wait. 'Starcrossed' is an epic story of heroes and heartbreak, and a fitting climax for this version of Justice League."

Look for news on Justice League Unlimited on Friday here in The Continuum.

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Desperadoes, the Western/horror series created by Jeff Mariotte and John Cassaday for Homage Comics, is moving to IDW Publishing in late 2004.

"The deal I made with Homage Comics was that all rights would revert to me automatically, when a certain period of time had passed in which Homage didn't do any new Desperadoes material," Mariotte said. "That time has passed. No comic book publisher since EC has done as much to popularize horror as IDW, so this seems like the place to bring it. IDW's commitment to quality and excellence will, I'm sure, result in new Desperadoes works that can stand shoulder to shoulder with the earlier series."

While no artist has been named yet, IDW expects to make an announcement soon.

Ted Adams, IDW's President and Publisher, said, "I've been a fan of Desperadoes from Day One and I'm thrilled that Jeff has brought it to its new home at IDW. We've got some big plans in the works that I can't wait to tell everyone about."

IDW also announced September launches for Secret Skull and CSI: Dominos.

* IDW debuts Steve Niles' Meeednight Pulps with Secret Skull, an eruption of ghouls, girls, guns and goons.

Here's how the publisher describes the book:

"A mysterious killer is on the loose in the city, but this killer only kills bad guys -- or those about to be bad. Steve Niles and talented newcomer Chuck BB deliver the new horror pulp, bringing all the fun and action of the classic pulp adventures to a modern audience."

"I've been wanting to do something really pulpy and fun," Niles said. "When I saw Chuck's art I knew I'd found the right man for the job."

"I think Steve and I find common ground with our passionate love of skulls," Chuck BB said. ".But this comic has a lot more to boast than simply skinned human craniums. It's a real story, with characters that I think Steve made easy to relate to. Personally, I'm just psyched to be making comics with Steve Niles, and drawing skulls to boot."

* CSI: Dominos is written by Kris Oprisko with art by Gabriel Rodriquez and flashback and forensic art by Steven Perkins. .

Here's how IDW describes the book:

"In CSI: Dominos, when mob warfare in Las Vegas leaves a string of bodies all over town, clues point to a ruthless murderer -- one who may prove to be the most terrifying foe that Gil Grissom and the Las Vegas CSI team has ever faced."

"I had a great time working on CSI: Miami, and now I get to turn my attention to the Las Vegas gang," Oprisko said. "Gil Grissom's a cool customer, but even he's going to be shaken up by the villain in this one."

* While writer Max Allan Collins will hand over the CSI reins for this mini-series, he will be working on CSI one-shots for IDW.


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