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Friday, July 23, 2004


SAN DIEGO -- A new writer on Swamp Thing, a new series written by Bruce Jones and a new series drawn by John Watkiss were announced at the first of two Vertigo panels on Friday at Comic-Con International.

Here's a rundown of highlights from the panel:

* Joshua Dysart is the new writer on Swamp Thing, beginning with #9. He is joined by artist Enrique Breccia.

"Generally speaking, I like to create things for myself," Dysart said. "But with Swamp Thing, I've never been so empassioned with a character that's not mine."

* Jones will be writing a new Deadman series. Asked to describe it, he said: "Airplanes, romance and the dead in a way you're probably not familiar with."

"Deadman was most obviously a spot for Vertigo, and we finally got ahold of that," editor Will Dennis said.

* Jason Hall is teaming with Watkiss on the creator-owned Trigger.

Watkiss described the book as a mix of 1984, a Roman Polanski film and Gattaca. he displayed several pieces of art from the series and noted that he had done storyboards for Sky Captain and the World of Tommorrow.

Dennis said Trigger was set in a world where Ethicrop is the major corporation, with the "We get the bad out." The lead character is an assassin for Ethicorp by night, but he doesnąt know this and is tired and confused during the daylight.

* Seaguy artist Cameron Stewart said he would like to do more with the character and that Grant Morrison originally envisioned it as a nine-part story.

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