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Tuesday, September 21, 2004


Following are Moonstone Books' solicitations for January, with information coming from the publisher.


Written by Chuck Dixon, art by Enrique Villagran.

Dodge City, 1877: Wyatt Earp's the towns new lawman, and it don't take him more than five minutes to get into a tussle with a couple of cowboys used to doing things the outlaw way. Earp sets out to clean up the town, but some folks don't take too kindly to his tactics. With the odds so stacked against him why does Doc Holiday cover the spread on a mark these desperados put on his head? And what business brings the Masterson boys to Dodge City?

32 pages, black and white, $2.95.


Written by Fred Van Lente, art by Steve Ellis, colors by Dae Lim Yoo.

For decades The Silencers have been the superpowered enforcers of New York's Provenzano Crime Family, protecting them from "The Tights". When Cardinal, their fearsome leader, makes plans to retire from a life of crime, a rival syndicate makes a move against him, and the quiet life he's trying so hard to achieve may slowly trickle out of his grasp. The Sopranos meets Powers in this explosive crime saga of honor and betrayal. This volume reprints the sold-out 4-part mini-series, plus extra stuff galore, like an original never before seen Silencers short comic story!

128 pages, $14.95.

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