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Monday, October 18, 2004


Top Cow has released is trade paperback schedule for 2005, with nearly twice as many offerings.

"We've always had a strong presence with our trade paperbacks and the occasional original graphic novel," said Top Cow President/C.O.O. Matt Hawkins, "but we're literally doubling output in 2005. We've sold out recently of a number of Top Cow previously printed trades and this has afforded us the opportunity to bring old content in line with our new program. Combining old trades with additional content will slightly alter volume numbers for Witchblade and Darkness."

Combining previously published volumes with new content and soliciting completely new volumes, Top Cow is overhauling its program to feature more competitive pricing and better spine design.

Following is the 2005 slate:


* Witchblade: Revelations Vol 2: Written by David Wohl and Christina Z, art by Marc Silvestri, Michael Turner and J.D. Smith, cover by JG Jones.

245 pages, $24.99. Replacing Former Revelations Vol 2 (Witchblade #9-#17) and adds former Witchblade Vol 3 Family Ties (Witchblade #18, #19 & Darkness #9, #10)

* Darkness: Original Sins Vol 3: Written by Malachy Coney, art by Joe Benitez and Clarence Lansang.

288 pages, $24.99, collects Darkness #15-25. Replaces former Darkness Vol 3: Spear of Destiny (#15-18) trade and adds #19-25.


* Strykeforce: Written by Marc Silvestri and Jay Faerber, art by Brandon Peterson and Tyler Kirkham, cover by Kirkman.

240 pages, $19.95. Collecting Strykeforce #1-5 and Codename Strykeforce #0, #1-3 from 1994.


* Wanted Hardcover: Written by Mark Millar, art and cover by JG Jones.

192 pages, $29.95. Collecting Wanted #1-6 and Dossier.

* Rising Stars Vol 3: Written by J. Michael Straczynski, art and cover by Brent Anderson.

208 pages, $19.99. Collecting Rising Stars #17-24.


* Rising Stars Deluxe Hardcover: Written by J. Michael Straczynski, art by Brent Anderson and Keu Cha.

650 pages, price TBA. Collecing Rising Stars #1-24, #0, #1/2 and Prelude.

* Witchblade Vol 4: Written by David Wohl and Christina Z, art by Randy Green.

352 pages, $24.99. Collecting Witchblade #26-39.


* Marc Silvestri: A Tale of Art and Revolution soft cover: Art by Marc Silvestri

276 pages, $24.99.

* Battle of the Planets Digest Vol 3: Written by Alex Ross, David Wohl and Munier Sharieff, art by Wilson Tortosa.

224 pages, $9.99. Collecting Battle of the Planets: Princess #1-6 and Battle Book.


* Wanted Soft cover: Written by Mark Millar, art by JG Jones, cover by Paul Mounts.

192 pages, $19.99. Collecting Wanted #1-6 and Dossier.


* Darkness Vol 3: Written by Scott Lobdell, art by Clarence Lansang and Clayton Crain.

*448 pages, $29.99. Collecting Darkness Vol. 1 #25-39, Witchblade/Darknesss and Darkness/Witchblade.


* Witchblade Vol 5: Written by Paul Jenkins, art by Keu Cha and Francis Manapul.

368 pages, $24.99. Collecting Witchblade #40-53.


* Darkness Vol. 5: Written by Ron Marz, Paul Jenkins and Frank Tieri, art by Martin Montiel, Matt Banning and Eric Basaldua.

256 pages, price TBA. Collecing Darkness #7-16.


* Rising Stars Vol 4 -- Bright: Written by Fiona Avery, art by Dan Jurgens.

Collecing #1-3, price TBA.

* Untouchables: Written by Fiona Avery, art by Brent Anderson.

208 pages, price TBA. Collecting #1-5.


* Witchblade Vol 8: Written by David Wohl and Geoff Johns, art by Francis Manapul.

304 pages, $19.99. Collecting Witchblade #59-69 and End Game (Evo #1, Tomb Raider #25, End Game Prelude).

* Witchblade Vol 9: Written by David Wohl, Ian Edginton and Troy Hickman, art by Francis Manapul, Leonard Kirk, Michael Choi and Tony Daniel.

256 pages, $19.99. Collecting Witchblade #70-79.


* Hunter-Killer Vol 1: Written by Mark Waid, art by Marc Silvestri.

224 pages, price TBA. Collecing Hunter-Killer #1-6, #0 and Sketchbook.

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