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Monday, October 25, 2004


Following are Avatar Press' solicitations for January, with information coming from the company.



Written by Steven Grant, art by Carlos Ferreira, cover by Juan Jose Ryp.

Robocop and Office Lewis meet the threat they never expected -- Officer Lewis' sister! Robocop super-scribe Steven Grant and new artist Carlos Ferreira serve up this one shot story that puts Officer Lewis front-and-center of the action. A badass young woman, who calls herself Heaven, and her gang swing into Detroit to take advantage of the general lack of authority the cops are still on strike, city government might as well not exist, OCP is defunct to make their mark. They run recklessly over everyone and everything until Robocop crosses their path, and then Heaven dedicates herself to making him pay for getting in their way. This gets complicated for Lewis, because Heaven is her little sister, who, always spoiled and uncontrollable, ran away years ago. Things come to a head when Heaven traps Robocop and plans to take his head for a souvenir, and it falls to Lewis to save him, but it looks like the only way she can do that is to kill Heaven! This issue is available in regular, wraparound and Sibling Rivalry covers all by Juan Jose Ryp as well as a photo cover.

16 pages, $2.99.



Written by Alan Moore, art and cover by Sebastian Fiumara.

One of Alan Moore's greatest works and his most critically acclaimed novella of all time is now painstakingly adapted to comic books. Moore's frequent collaborator Antony Johnston has carefully preserved the story as it is presented in sequential form with stunning grey-painted art by new sensation Sebastian Fiumara, all under the watchful eye of Moore himself. Rawra Chin has returned to the House Without Clocks, giving up his glittering stage career for the love of his exboyfriend Foral Yatt. But it's been five years since Rawra left does Foral even want love any more? Silent observer SomSom watches the tragedy unfold, powerless to prevent it, and wonders: is there a lizard asleep inside the ball? Available in regular and wraparound covers by Fiumara.

32 pages, blackand white, $3.50.


Written by Garth Ennis, art by and covers by Jacen Burrows.

The action switches to America, and the bleak deserts of the West, where a burned-out, small-town Sheriff must come to grips with tragedy: the gruesome slaughterhouse that blights his town, and the misery that has befallen his own life. Can a broken man find the strength to face a lethal intruder in the harsh and unforgiving badlands? And what is the connection to the Russian special forces leader, as he strides ever onward on his fateful path? The answers lie in 303 issue #4. Available in regular and wraparound covers by Burrows.

32 pages, $3.99.


Cover by Ron Adrian, art by Ryp, Adrian, Shaw, Martin and others.

The classic Lady Death Swimsuit returns for 2005 with all-new artwork! The classic bad girl book that defined the genre is now a decade old and we are celebrating her and her new home at Avatar with this stunning pinup book. Featuring sexy artwork from all your favorite new Lady Death artists including Juan Jose Ryp, Ron Adrian, Romano Molenaar, Sean Shaw, Matt Martin, Clint Hilinski, Paulo Sequeira, and many, many more! As well as this regular cover, it's also available with a wraparound cover by Ron Adrian, A Battle Babes cover featuring Lady Death vs Belladonna with art from Clint Hilinski, a Red Leather cover with art by Paulo Sequeira (limited to 600 copies), and a special Premium edition with a card-stock cover by Juan Jose Ryp (limited to 2000 copies).

32 pages, $3.99.


Written by Brian Pulido, art and cover by Di Amorim.

Pulido's newest epic is right here! Penny has recently been brought back to life, enrolled as God's assassin, attacked by demonic hords, and befriended by some less-than-savory allies. And the day is not over yet! In her first major fight with the UnHoly hordes, Penny is starting to learn her new powers, as well as the weaknesses of her enemies. As well as this regular cover, also available with covers by Ron Adrian, a wraparound by Amorim, and a special Premium edition with a cardstock cover by Walter Geovani (limited to 2,000 copies).

32 pages, black and white, $3.50.


Written by Brian Pulido, art and cover by Clint Hilinski.

Brian Pulido's full-color tale of vengeance concludes in this all-battle issue! The vikings have amassed a huge army and now plain to finish off Belladonna where it all started, her family castle. But she has been preparing for this moment, and now is ready to lay waste to their hordes once and for all! As well as the regular cover, also available with covers by Ron Adrian, a wraparound by Hilinski, and a special Premium edition with a card-stock cover by Paulo Sequeira (limited to 2000 copies).

32 pages, $3.99.


By various.

The latest issue of Threshold starts off with part four of the Lookers story by Doug Miers and Jeremy Rock. The zombie invasion has gotten out of control and their only hope of stopping it is by having Pandora take out Mizery and the dreaded sword Dispair. Pandora wraps up her most recent adventure in this second part of RuneBeast by writer Robert Lugibihl and artist Moyses Damasceno. Starting in this issue is a new story featuring Argent and Bryce, the killers that were last seen in Avengelyne: Seraphicide! This new story by Robert Lugibihl has them plotting to kill all the super-powered people, one at a time with art by stunning new talent Rafa Lopez. Threshold continues to provide the finest in sexy babes in action! This issue is available in four covers, Pandora (art by Clint Hilinski), Pandora Nude (by Marat Mychaels), Lookers Wraparound (by Jeremy Rock), and Lookers Nude (by Matt Martin).

48 pages, black and white, $4.99.

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