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Tuesday, November 2, 2004


Craig T. Nelson, who provides the voice of Bob Parr, aka Mr. Incredible, said the role in The Incredibles was "one of the more difficult things" he's ever done.

"I quickly discovered that Brad (Bird, writer/director) and his team had an extremely specific idea of what they wanted because they'd lived with story so closely for such a long time," Nelson said. "They perfected the script and knew this family inside and out, and every other which way. So it was up to the actors to bring to life exactly what they had in their mind's eye.

"This isn't as early as it might seem. The delivery has to be correct tonally and the energy has to be at precisely the right place at the right time. You end up doing a lot of experimenting and concentrating on your vocal energy, but at the same time you're also trying to imagine the situation as if you were involved in it. It was a real challenge as an actor, but it was definitely a fascinating ride."

Bird said that Nelson brought the right attributes to the character.

"Craig has an authoratative voice but also a wonderful, easy-going kind of humor that really lends itself to who Mr. Incredible is," Brid said. "You can definitely see his voice fitting into this big, strong hulking body, yet there is also a real vulnerability in him -- enough so that you can really relate to him simply as a man looking for something he has temporarily lost -- and when the scene needed to be intense, he was right there."

Nelson, perhaps best known for his television roles in Coach and The District, said he empathized with his character.

"Here's a guy who is literally able to leap tall buildings and do all kind of super-heroic things, but that isn't what makes him special," Nelson said. "It's his value structure and his moral strength, not his mighty feats that I really responded to. He isone of those people I'd really like to meet and get a chance to shake his hand, because he knows what counts and he has a good sense of himself and his family."

The Incredibles opens Friday, with midnight showings on Thursday.


The Fantastic Four movie will have a little nod to the X-Men franchise, it was revealed during the recent press tour of the sets in Vancouver, British Columbia.

A photograph in the office of Victor von Doom shows him meeting with two dignitaries in the White House: President McKenna and William Stryker from X2.

Associate producer David Gorder explained that the photograph is from X2, with Doom replacing Senator Kelly via Photoshop.

Gorder said that using the X2 characters -- who, like the Fantastic Four, are licensed to 20th Century Fox -- was easier than to try to get the real president and provides a nice Easter Egg for moviegoers.

It's a bit of reciprocation. X2 had a nod to Fantastic Four, when Franklin Richards' name was shown when Mystique hacked into Stryker's data base.

Look for more Fantastic Four news soon here in The Continuum.


Top Cow Productions' release of Witchblade #80 will kick off what Top Cow calls "an exciting revitalization for the title," with the new creative team of writer Ron Marz and artist Mike Choi.

The pair will starting with the six-part "Witch Hunt" storyline that runs through Witchblade #80-#85. Witchblade #80 hits stores on Wednesday.

"I've been a fan of Ron's writing ever since I first saw it on Silver Surfer back in 1990, when I was much younger, leaner, and had more hair," said Top Cow editor-in-chief Jim McLauchlin. "In all seriousness, Ron is a top-flight writer who brings a fresh perspective, all the while remaining very respectful of that which has gone before in the series. It's a great pleasure to be working with the man, and Witchblade #80 kicks ass in pretty much every way a comic can."

Marz said, "As far as I'm concerned [Witchblade] is Top Cow's flagship book, and I want to return it to that kind of prominence. I think there's been a perception for a while that there's nothing going on here except for Sara running around in a metal bikini. That's not the kind of story I'm interested in telling. My job is to make you care about these characters, about their lives and their stories. I'm really intrigued by Sara's role as an NYPD detective; I want to get into with how she balances 'the job' and this supernatural artifact she possesses." - More Product. More Exclusives.


Amidst publishing problems, hitches and delays, the Dabel Brothers have maintained one thing: Their storybook edition of Robert Silverberg's The Seventh Shrine will hit the shelves in the very near future.

The first issue of the the two-part Seventh Shrine mini-series will reach stores on Jan. 19 from Image Comics.

Robert Silverberg, a multi-Hugo and Nebula award-winning author, has penned hundreds of short stories, novels and collaborations in his 50-year professional writing career. Dabel Brothers Production (DB Pro) will be adapting the short story "The Seventh Shrine," a follow-up to the novels Lord Valentine's Castle and Valentine Pontifex, into an illustrated storybook format featuring paintings by artist Anders Finér.

After the mini-series, The Seventh Shrine republished later on in a complete storybook volume.

"Working with a writer of the caliber of Mr. Silverberg is both an honor and a privilege," said Les Dabel, New Business Director and Vice President of DB Pro. "We're tremendous fans of his writing, and we're excited to see the world of Majipoor brought to life in such vivid detail."

"Most writers just string together action sequences and space them out with a little bit of description and exposition," said Sean Jordan, editor of the adaptation of The Seventh Shrine. "But not Mr. Silverberg. His writing style is almost overwhelming to new readers because it's so detailed and immersive. I've always relished the adventurous feeling of the Majipoor stories because the writing works very, very hard to place the reader in an alien world where violence and warfare are almost nonexistent. The conflict is psychological, political, and cerebral before it ever gets physical."

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Following last summer's 24: One Shot, IDW Publishing will return to the world of Jack Bauer and CTU in January with 24 Stories, the second one-shot based on the Fox television series.

Here's how IDW describes the book:

"24 Stories answers some of the questions that have been in the minds of fans of the popular Fox show since the start of the third season. In their second 24 tale, returning writers J. C. Vaughn and Mark Haynes tell a tale about Jack's early days undercover with the Salazar drug cartel. Chechen separatists have taken control of a high-rise in Los Angeles and Jack must find a way to take them down without blowing his hard-earned cover.

"24 Stories follows the unique format of the first 24 one-shot, presenting a different hour of Jack's day with every two-page spread in the book. This ticking-clock method only adds to the story's tension, as Vaughn and Haynes present Jack and CTU with an ever-more-desperate and tense situation."

"Jack Bauer is one of the most compelling characters on television or in comics," Haynes said. "This story highlights how the medium of comics is perfect for the continued exploration of Jack's universe, providing current fans and new readers alike with all the twists and turns they expect from 24."

Vaughn added, "The first time out, we started with Jack's first day on the job at CTU. Now we've got him hip-deep in drug addiction and caught in the middle of an unrelated and very bad hostage situation, so it's just another average day at the office for Jack Bauer and company."

Manny Clark is the artist of the one-shot, which will be 48 pages.

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