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Saturday, November 6, 2004


ARLINGTON, Texas -- Soulfire #4 will have four covers, it was revealed Friday at the Aspen panel at Wizard World Texas.

Two of the covers will be by Aspen's Michael Turner and Peter Steigerwald. Jim Lee and J. Scott Campbell are providing the other two.

In other news from the panel:

* Koi Turnbull is the new Fathom artist and will be joining writer J.T. Krul on a new series targeted to launch in May.

"I don't feel any pressure at all. The way I look at it, I'll just do the best I can do," Turnbull said. "I'm 10 steps away from Mike's office, and if I have any questions, he'll be there."

Jason Gorder is inking, and Christina Strain is coloring.

* Turner said that Aspen's philosphy will be "really long" mini-series. "The worlds will all continue, but you're not going to see Soulfire #65," he said. "Think of it like a television series, with Season 1, Season 2 and so on."

* More new sketchbooks are planned, with the next one targeted for next summer.

* A hardcover will be published through Wizard.

* Aspen Collected is going back to press and will be available in January.

* Aspen Seasons, an anthology book, will launch in March with a Spring Edition. Two new Aspen artists will be contributing to the issue.

* As for working with Jeph Loeb some more, Turner said, "I'm talking with Jeph about that, but his schedule is slammed with Smallville. But we'll see."

* Turner said he has been talking with Marvel about some possible cover work.

* Turner said he is still working with Geoff Johns on Ekos, and it will likely be his next project after Soulfire, although he might be doing something with DC in the interim. "It's tentatively scheduled for summer 2006," Turner said. "I'm definitely doing it."

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