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Sunday, November 5, 2004


ARLINGTON, Texas -- Grant Morrison embarks on a mega DCU adventure that begins in Februaryıs SEVEN SOLDIERS 0, with art by J.H. Williams III! This Special leads into seven 4-part miniseries and a second stand-alone special totalling 30 comics! Featuring Zatanna, Mr. Miracle, the Guardian and others, this amazing project focuses on seven people with unusual talents and powers who hold the keys to the worldıs survival!

In other highlights from the panel:

* Idenity Crisis will be collected into a hardcover in either September or October 2005, with a softcover targeted for summer 2006.

* Judd Winick and Ian Churchill are teaming on a three-issue Superman/Captain Marvel mini-series pitting the pair against Eclipso. Winick and Josh Middleton are working on a three-issue story showing the first meeting of Superman and Captain Marvel.

* Upcoming artists to be featured in Solo include Richard Corben, Howard Chaykin, Mike Allred, Darwyn Cooke and Paul Pope.

* The I Can't Believe It's Not The Justice League story, by J.M. DeMatteis, Keith Giffen, Kevin Maguire and Joe Rubenstein, will be featured in JLA Classified beginning in February.

* Hard Time will go on hiatus with #12, with plans to return in the spring.

"It'll return for a second season," DiDio said. "It's been a great story and by putting the DC Bullet on it, we hope to attract more attention."

* Adventures of Superman #636, by Greg Rucka and guest-artist Rags Morales, will tie into Identity Crisis and guest-star Batman and Wonder Woman.

* Outsiders #21 features an Identity Crisis follow-up in which Nightwing and Batman have a confrontation that could change the future of the team. This issue is written by series writer Judd Winick with guest art by Carlos D'Anda.

* Jim Lee said that the fourth artist for Batman: Europa will be a French artist, with an announcement coming soon.

*The Bizarro World hardcover is slated for February. The book features a cover by Jaime Hernandez and stories and art by Harvey Pekar, Kyle Baker, Evan Dorkin, Tony Millionaire and others.

* Alex Ross' Justice, debuting next year, will be bi-monthly.

* With Secret Files plan secure for 2005, DiDio said discussions will follow for possible Who's Who.

* Upcoming Superman comics will feature a memorial to Christopher Reeve, the movie Superman who died last month.

* DiDio said he is not a fan of crossovers with other companies, and none is currently planned.

* Asked about James Robinson writing for DC, DiDio said, "It's more about his schedule. He has an open door with us."

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