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Monday, November 8, 2004


Director Christopher Nolan is about three weeks away from completing his first cut on Batman Begins, screenwriter David Goyer reported last weekend at Wizard World Texas.

"I've been watching the dailies, and it's going along really well," Goyer said. "Chris is very intense and focused and very private and he's just locked away in the editing room.

"I can say that it's going to be the Batman film I'm sure any one of you always wished would have been made. For me, it's going to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience."

Goyer said he's not sure if he or Nolan would work on the next Batman movie.

"On one hand, we're really tempted not to do another one, to do the one and walk away," Goyer said. "Therešs been rumors on the Net, and there really isn't any truth to them.

"I was talking to Chuck (Roven), one of the producers, just yesterday, and they're really interested in Chris doing another one. Chris won't even talk about it until he finishes this cut, so they're going to bring it up in January. Warner Bros. has said to me, 'Don't be surprised if we come at you with the Brink's truck and say we want another one.' I wouldn't do it if Chris didn't, and I don't know if Chris would. Why does he need to?

"We definitely set it up and kind of provided Warner Bros. a rough plan of what the next three movies would be. So it's not like we'll do one and then figure on the next. There is a road map of what the next three movies would be and who the various characters would be."


Andy Orjuela, director/producer of the Lady Death animated movie, told The Continuum the film has been successful.

"The executives are quite pleased," Orjuela said of the film, which was released on DVD by ADV Films last month. The movie has also aired twice on the Anime Network.

The film was Orjuela's first, and he spent nearly four years on the project.

"I want to do another film, whether it's Lady Death or not, I don't know," Orjuela said. "I might also do an updated version of this film in a couple of years."


SSS Comics has announced that its flagship title, Eclipse & Vega, has a permanent creative team for all of 2005.

Eclipse & Vega: The Beds We Make #1 will be drawn by Bill Maus and written by James Patrick. Both have worked with the characters before; Patrick co-wrote a story for Eclipse & Vega: Super Sized Special and Maus has provided art for two previous Eclipse & Vega books.

Saul Colt, creator of Eclipse & Vega and head of SSS Comics, said "This move was in the works for a while. I decided to go this route for a few reasons. One I recently became a father and wish to spend some time with my son, and two James pitched me two great stories that I felt needed to be told.

"As for Bill Maus, he draws these characters as if they were his own and it shows."

Rounding out the creative team is Bill Jankowski and Mark Gallivan on tones, letters and design work.

SSS also announced that the bi-monthly Zen: Bounty Hunter series will begin in January. The series is written by character creator Steve Stern, with art by Maus.

"Just being able to publish Zen would be pretty cool in itself but we decided if we are going to do it, we better shake things up," Colt said. "There will be some changes to Zen. Physical and otherwise, but I can promise you all the stuff you liked about Zen in the past will still be there as well as a bunch of cool stuff for people who have never read a Zen book." - More Product. More Exclusives.


Fox has released an image from "Sleeping With The Enemy," the Sunday, Nov. 21 episode of The Simpsons.

Here's how Fox describes the episode:

"Feeling unappreciated by her own children, Marge takes in neglected son and Springfield Elementary School bully Nelson Muntz. Horrified his tormentor is now living under the same roof, Bart goes on a mission to find Nelson's parents and reunite the Muntzes."

Click on the thumbnail for a larger image.

In other The Simpsons news, Fox has released a list of upcoming guest stars, including seven-time Pro Bowl defensive tackle Warren Sapp; NBA All-stars Yao Ming and LeBron James; Olympic figure skating medalist Michelle Kwan; TV/film stars Ray Romano, Kim Catrall, James Caan and Joe Mantegna; rapper 50 Cent; famed architect Frank Gehry; and author Thomas Pynchon.

Simpsons Woo-hoo


Below is a gallery of professional who were at Wizard World Texas over the weekend.

Click on the thumbnails below for larger and fuller images.

Elisa Baughman, Giuseppe Camuncoli and Joe Casey
Barry Kitson, Jim Lee and Jason Mewes
James O'Barr, Marc Silvestri and Alex Sinclair
Koi Turnbull and Michael Turner

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  • The Incredibles opened No. 1 at the box office over the weekend with $70.7 million.

  • Coming Tuesday: Smallville news -- and much more!!!

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