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Wednesday, December 1, 2004


Justice League Unlimited producer Bruce Timm gets a writing credit and a voice credit in the upcoming "Wake the Dead" episode on Cartoon Network.

Timm shares story by credit with Dwayne McDuffie, who wrote the teleplay, and also provides the voice of Solomon Grundy in the episode.

Other voices in the episode Maria Canals as Shayera, Oded Fehr as Doctor Fate, Gina Torres as Vixen, Scott Rummell as Aquaman, Robert Picardo as Amazo and Jennifer Hale as Inza.

"Wake the Dead" is scheduled to premiere on Cartoon Network on Saturday, Dec. 18.

Look for more Justice League Unlimited news soon here in The Continuum.


IDW Publishing has announced it is collecting Sword of Dracula, the six-issue mini-series published by Image Comics, into a 156-page trade paperback in February.

Here's how IDW describes the book, which is by Jason Henderson, Greg Scott, William Belk and Tony Pallot:

"Dracula has been around for hundreds of years. You;ve seen him in just about every type of story and situation... until now.

"It's Dracula with bigger powers, bigger weapons and bigger danger. Think Black Hawk Dracula! This trade paperback collects all six issues of 'Season 1' of Sword of Dracula, in which readers first meet Ronnie Van Helsing, the commando who must use every Humvee, chopper, motorcycle, and machine gun at her command to capture Dracula, the most dangerous man on Earth. And then she has to enlist his aid in fighting an even greater horror."

"Ronnie has been the most surprising part of Sword of Dracula's success," series creator Henderson said. "We expected people to be pleased by a fresh, hard-target Dracula, but it's been our lead, Ronnie, that people write to me about and draw pinups of. This is as much her story as Dracula's."

Thie collection includes such extras as a six-page Issue 0 and a 15-page Sword of Dracula Scrapbook, featuring commentary, artist discussion, concept art and pinups. The entire collection is contained within a new wraparound cover from Tony Harris.

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The Expatriate, a monthly full-color book written by Hawaiian Dick and Battle Hymn creator B. Clay Moore and illustrated by Jason Latour, will launch in February from Image Comics.

Here's how Image describes the book:

"Moore has crafted a story initially set in the mid-sixties...a spy book without spies that will eventually cover a wide range of ground as the book's hero, Jack Dexter, takes on everything from the CIA to...the Beatles?"

"Basically, the book starts off as a chase story," Moore said. "Our hero, Jack Dexter, is being chased by CIA agents through a tiny South American country. They want to kill him and bring his body home, but he has no idea why. And they kill a lot of people to get to him."

And what makes the book unique? Moore gives a clue with his answer.

"The reason they're chasing him. Readers won't see it coming, but it will make sense once they see the result of his capture," Moore said. "If readers will give us three issues, I'm pretty sure they'll be hooked. I'm trying to break some new ground with Expat, and I hope the market is ready for it. We've got the book plotted through two years, and have no plans to stop there."

Expatriate artist Latour is currently providing one-page backup strips to Robert Kirkman's Invincible.

"Jason Latour is going to be a star," Moore said. "He's one of these guys with an unlimited imagination, and a driving devotion to improving his craft. He's like a sponge, soaking up lessons from the best the business has seen. By the time we're a year or so into The Expatriate, Jason will be in a pretty elite class, if he isn't already."


Kandora Publishing is set to enter the comics market with four new monthly titles, the first of which will be on sale in March.

This first new series is titled Barbarossa and the Lost Corsairs and is written by Brian Augustyn with art by H.S. Park, colors by Transparency Digital and letters by Dave Lanphear. Barbarossa and the Lost Corsairs is a pirate fantasy tale that begins on the high seas of Earth during the Middle Ages but winds up on a strange world in which the waterways are filled with giant, dangerous sea monsters. Barbarossa and his crew must figure out where they are, how they got there and how they can get home. But first, they'll pillage and plunder as much as they can.

Kandora's other initial releases are: Jade Fire, a mystical martial arts tale, in April; Savage World, the sage of an apoaclyptic, dark fantasy Earth, in May; and Monarch of Manhattan, a modern-day urban sword-and-sorcery comedy, in June.

Each monthly Kandora Publishing issue will feature 32 pages of full color story and art for the cover price of $3.50. Kandora Publishing has recruited Augustyn and newcomer C. Edward Sellner plus artistic talent from Asia who are combining the look of traditional American comics with Asian style drawings.

"With the unfortunate demise of CrossGen, there was an opening for a publisher to create genre stories and an audience that was looking for them," said Kandora vice-president, Tom Lee. "Kandora wants to fill that need. And in doing so, we guarantee high-quality full color art, compelling stories, more pages on a monthly basis than any other publisher and all at a reasonable cover price. I think we'll have something that everyone will want to read and I hope that the package will be attractive enough for readers to try."


For covers and four-page previews of titles arriving in stores on Wednesday, Dec. 8, CLICK HERE.

Titles include Transformers War Within Vol. 3: The Age of Wrath #3 and Transformers Generation One #10 from Dreamwave Productions and Action Comics #822 from DC Comics.

Look for more first looks on Thursday here in The Continuum.

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Marvel Comics has announced it has signed artist Aaron Lopresti and colorist Frankie D'Armata to exclusive three-year contracts.

The announcements followed Tuesday's exclusive annoucement with artist Michael Ryan.

Lopresti has worked on such Marvel projects as What The?!, Amazing Spider-Man and Captain Marvel. He is currently drawing Excalibur.

D'Armata's credits include Ultimate Nightmare, The New Avengers and Captain America.

"Comic colorists can sometimes be overlooked among all the other creators, said Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada. "But Frankie's work has so captured our imaginations and we had no doubt we wanted him on top Marvel projects. There's no way any reader could not notice his beautiful work."

Said D'Armata: "I will be starting to work on a new Bendis book that hasn't been talked about yet, but it will be something to put the Universe on its ear!"

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  • Speakeasy Comics has added Michael San Giacomo's Phantom Jack to its publishing schedule for 2005.

  • Coming Thursday: DC news -- and much more!!!

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