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Wednesday, December 15, 2004


20th Century Fox has provided The Continuum with a first look at the new one-sheet poster for Elektra, the Daredevil spin-off film starring Jennifer Garner that reaches theaters on Jan. 14.

Click on the thumbnail for a much larger image.

In other Elektra news, Garner was coy about whether Ben Affleck reprises his role of Matt Murdock/Daredevil in the film during a television interview on Tuesday night.

"I can't set that record set for you," Garner told Access Hollywood. "I'm a straight-shooter and there's nothing that I can say that would be entirely honest."

Look for more Elektra news soon here in The Continuum.



For covers and four- or five-page previews of Marvel Comics titles arriving in stores on Dec. 22, CLICK HERE.

Titles include Astonishing X-Men #7, X-Men #165, Wolverine #23, Punisher: Red Xmas and X-Force #5.

Look for more Marvel and DC Comics first looks on Thursday here in The Continuum.


Image Comics has released its solicitation information for March.

For a rundown, with cover images, CLICK HERE.

For Top Cow's titles, with cover images, CLICK HERE.


IDW Publishing has released its solicitation information for March.

For a rundown, with cover images, CLICK HERE.

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With the seventh and final issue of Identity Crisis hitting comics shops today, DC Comics has announced that four issues of the mini-series have sold out at the publisher.

The issues are #1 Third Printing, #2 Second Printing, #4 and #6.

"Needless to say, this has been one of the most amazing and humbling projects I've ever been a part of," said writer Brad Meltzer. "On behalf of the hardest working team in show business -- Rags Morales, Michael Bair, Alex Sinclair, Kenny Lopez, Michael Turner and Senior Group Editor Mike Carlin -- thank you to all the readers and retailers for believing, which, to me, is the best thing comics offers us all."

In related news, Bair, inker of the mini-series, has extended his exclusive agreement with DC Comics by one year.

"I've been working with DC for more than 20 years, and the ride just gets better and better," Bair said. "I had a blast working with Rags Morales and everyone else on Identity Crisis, and weıre just getting warmed up for 2005!²

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Image Comics has announced that The Art of Greg Horn, a 144-page hardcover collection, has sold through its initial print run in less than a week.

Image also announced plans to make a second printing available, in order to cover existing orders and to give retailers and fans another chance to pick up the book.

"I haven't gotten actual data on this yet- but it sounds like it sold out in a matter of days! I'm ecstatic to hear of this great response to my first art book," Horn said.

The book showcases Horn's diversity, covering his work in four different industries: comics, video games, magazines and advertising. He said he feels a key element to the book's success is the production work.

"Fans tell me they're really happy with the production value of this book, and I couldn't agree more," Horn said. "Without a doubt, this is the best reproduction of my artwork ever. Nothing's even close."

The artist personally designed every single page of the collection over a period of three months. Most of the art is framed by custom painted backdrops or borders, and all illustrations are personally hand-picked paintings, all printed at maximum size.

"You will not see two smaller paintings pasted down on one page in this one," Horn said. "Only the best work made the cut, and all are printed full page in what is a pretty large book. There are also some really cool features, including information on murals I've painted, some pictures of the models I use, and an in-depth tutorial on airbrush painting. A lot of people have told me that the last 15 pages of this book are almost as good as the first 130!"

Click on the thumbnails for larger images from the book.


Marvel Comics on Wednesday announced that science-fiction writer Orson Scott Card will be writing its new Ultimate Iron Man title.

Card is best known for his books, Ender's Game and Speaker of the Dead, which each received the Hugo and Nebula awards for best science fiction.

Ultimate Iron Man will mark his first comic book writing effort. The initial storyline will center on Tony Starkıs childhood and how his parentsı experiments with re-creating and rebuilding human skin/armor led to the death of his mother. This tragic event will provide the foundation for Scott Card to then delve into how Tony Stark will develop as a man and super hero.

The series will be illustrated by Andy Kubert.

"Iım an enormous fan of Orsonıs writing, and our assistant editor Nick Lowe has made it his personal mission to get Mr. Card to write Iron Man," said Joe Quesada, editor in chief of Marvel Comics. "Iron Man is a strong and much-beloved character in the Marvel Universe. I know that Orsonıs new exploration and defining of him as a super hero will delight traditional comic fans and definitely appeal to a whole new audience of fans drawn to the science fiction element in his storytelling."

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  • Platinum Studios and Relativity Management have selected The Shop Animation Studios, an innovative feature-film production company specializing in computer-animation to develop and co-produce Dylan Dog: The Fourth Kingdom. The feature film, which is based on the Italian comic book series Dylan Dog, will be the first computer-animated thriller.

    Relativity is concluding foreign sales components for the film, with discussions underway with different domestic studios for distribution. The film is scheduled to start production in March 2005 at The Shop in Vancouver.

    "The Shop knows how to push boundaries on both style and efficiency -- a very rare combination,² said Scott Mitchell Rosenberg, chairman of Platinum Studios which includes 'Dylan Dog' in its vast library of titles. "With The Shop as our theatrical animation partners, starting with Dylan, we have the resources to brand our characters worldwide by utilizing our digital assets for games, licensing and all other media."

    Ian Pearson, co-founder of The Shop, will direct, based on a script he co-wrote with long-time creative partner Gavin Blair.

  • Coming Thursday: Marvel news -- and much more!!!

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