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Friday, December 17, 2004


Following are upcoming Archie Comics' solicitations for March, with information coming from the company:


Written by George Gladir, Bill Golliher and Mike Pellowski, art by Stan Goldberg.

"The Study Buddy": To combat sagging grades, Archie makes Dilton his study buddy, hoping his good habits will rub off... but will Archie's bad habits rub off on Dilton instead? "Dog Daze": Archie's gone to the dogs... literally... when Betty and Veronica ask him to wear Riverdale's mascot costume for a school spirit rally. Naturally, Archie gets stuck in the costume! "Paper Chase": No news is good news, unless it's Mr. Andrews missing out on his morning newspaper.

32 pages, $2.19, in stores on March 30.


Written by Angelo DeCesare, art by Rex Lindsey.

"Personal Disappearance": Stuck in traffic on his way to a personal appearance by teen pop star Allegra, Archie has no idea how close an encounter he'll have with her-until their car bumpers collide! Will Allegra remove her shades to reveal the driving-challenged star behind them?

32 pages, $2.19, in stores on March 9.


By various.

Reprints and new stories.

Digest format, $2.39, in stores on March 9.


By various.

Reprints and new stories.

Digest format, $3.59, in stores on March 30.


Written by Kathleen Webb, Barbara Slate and George Gladir, art by Jeff Shultz.

"Dressing Down": School Spirit week is in full swing and today it's "Mismatch Day"! Can Veronica survive a fashion clash or will she once again set the trends? "The Green-Eyed Monster": Veronica realizes she's jealous of Betty... until Betty raises her self-esteem. "Got Game": Mr. Lodge enlists Veronica and Betty to help conceive a video game about shopping. If they can pull themselves away from the real thing, they just might finish designing the game.

32 pages, $2.19, in stores on March 2.


By various.

Reprints and new stories.

Digest format, $2.39, in stores on March 2.


By various.

Reprints and new stories.

Digest format, $3.59, in stores on March 16.


Written by Craig Boldman, art by Rex Lindsey.

"Change Is Good": When Jughead decides to round up all the loose change around the house, it all adds up to more than he bargained for! "T-Trouble": Tongues start wagging when Jug is spotted wearing a T-shirt featuring a picture of his nemesis, Trula Twyst.

32 pages, $2.19, in stores on March 23.


By various.

Reprints and new stories.

Digest format, $3.59, in stores on March 2.


Written and art by Tania del Rio.

"Caught On Tape": Sabrina is going through a full-blown case of the teenage blues! First, she must quietly stand by as Shinji and Llandra get chummy at charm school; next, she learns she's moving away... from the refuge of mortal school and her human heartthrob Harvey! All this, plus the disappearance of a magical Treetachi add up to one of the most emotional and intriguing "manga" issues yet.

32 pages, $2.19, in stores on March 2.


Written by Ken Penders, Romy Chacon and Mike Gallagher, art by Steve Butler, Ken Penders, Al Bigley, Dave Manak and Rich Koslowski.

The most anticipated... and dreaded... story in Sonic history continues! "The Good, the Bad and the Unknown: Ignition" Part 2 of 4: The cover says it all: Sonic vs. Shadow vs. Metal Sonic! One of the biggest, baddest battles ever just got even bigger and badder! Can Sonic and the rest of the freedom fighters stand up to this ultimate onslaught? With the evil Dr. Robotnik and E-102 in the mix, can anyone stand up to this villainy? Don't miss the fight of Sonic's life as things go from bad to worse for the blue blur. "The Fox & the Hound": What do Tails and Sonic's dog Muttski, two of Sonic's best friends, do when Sonic leaves them behind to go save the planet again? Goof-off and play games all day, of course! Until things turn dangerously deadly, that is! "Off-panel: This Side of Parodies": Ever wonder what happens behind the scenes between artists, writers and Sonic? Well this is the scoop you've been waiting for. You'll learn of evil robot retirement homes, super powers, monkeys, and more... all of it true... maybe!

32 pages, $2.19, in stores on March 9.


Written by George Gladir, art by Fernando Ruiz.

Due to the popular demand of Archie Comics' fans everywhere, the publisher is shining the spotlight on Riverdale brighter than ever before. Tales From Riverdale Digest highlights the amazing supporting cast that have entertained generations... from Reggie and Moose to Sabrina and Josie, and every teen in between! Not to mention the hilarious group of adults in Riverdale! Of course, Archie, Betty, Veronica and Jughead still make appearances, too. "Riverdale High Yearbook": Just what the title says... a "yearbook" full of all the fun and excitement the kids at Riverdale High have experienced this year! From class photos to reminiscences about activities and clubs, homecoming, sports, class trips and more, the "gang's all here," including the faculty! Filled with poignant insights and hilarious anecdotes, there's no better jumping-on point for new readers than this... and no better addition to a long-time reader's collection.

Digest format, $2.39, in stores on March 23.


Written and art by Dan Parent.

"Multiple Mayhem": It's the oldest trick in the book... Veronica meets a hunky guy and winds up going to the movies with him... not realizing she's on a date with more than one guy! These twins are in for double trouble when Veronica learns of their antics.

32 pages, $2.19, in stores on March 16.

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