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Friday, December 17, 2004


David Goyer -- writer of all three Blade movies and director of Blade: Trinity and writer of Batman Begins -- will write, direct and produce a Flash movie for Warner Bros., Variety is reporting.

"Flash is my favorite of the properties," Goyer told Variety. "I think the character of the Flash, who moves faster than the speed of light, opens itself up to rich cinematic and story ideas."

Goyer, who has said he wants to use the Wally West version of the character, has talked to Blade: Trinity star Ryan Reynolds about playing the title role.

"We've become good friends and I would like to work with him again," Goyer said.

Blade: Trinity has left open possibilities for another Blade film or a Nightstalkers spin-off. Goyer has said he would be interested in working on a Batman sequel only in director Christopher Nolan was involved.


ABC Family has provided The Continuum with a schedule of Smallville episodes from Jan. 3-31.

Following is a rundown, with weekday episodes at 7 p.m. and weekend episodes at 1 p.m.:

"Elite" on Monday, Jan. 3; "Phoenix" on Tuesday, Jan. 4; "Slumber" on Wednesday, Jan. 5; "Relic" on Thursday, Jan. 6; "Magnetic" on Friday, Jan.7; "Pilot" on Saturday, Jan. 8; "Metamorphosis" on Sunday, Jan. 9.

"Shattered" on Monday, Jan 10; "Asylum" on Tuesday, Jan. 11; "Whisper" on Wednesday, Jan. 12; "Delete" on Thursday, Jan. 13; "Hereafter" on Friday, Jan. 14; "Hot Head" on Saturday, Jan. 15; "X-Ray" on Sunday, Jan. 16.

"Velocity" on Monday, Jan. 17; "Resurrection" on Tuesday, Jan. 18; "Crisis" on Wednesday, Jan. 19; "Legacy" on Thursday, Jan. 20; "Truth" on Friday, Jan. 21; "Cool" on Saturday, Jan. 22; "Hourglass" on Sunday, Jan. 23.

"Memoria" on Monday, Jan. 24; "Slumber" on Tuesday, Jan. 25; "Talisman" on Wednesday, Jan. 26; "Vessel" on Thursday, Jan. 27; "Covenant" on Friday, Jan. 28; "Craving" on Saturday, Jan. 29; "Jitters" on Sunday, Jan. 30; "Pilot" on Monday, Jan.31.


Kandora Publishing and Archie Comics have released their solicitations for March.

For Kandora, CLICK HERE.

For Archie, CLICK HERE.

Spider-Man Complete Set on CDROM


Alias Enterprises, a publishing company launching in April, will focus on all-ages books, ranging from the G-rated titles The Imaginaries and Pakkin's Land to the more mature and adult-oriented Deal With the Devil and 10th Muse.

"If there's one thing we're about at Alias," said Mike S. Miller, who serves as the companyšs executive director, "it's variety. We're not looking to publish titles that are tied together by a particular look, feel, or theme; we have titles in just about every genre imaginable, with plenty more to come down the road.

"In preparing for our debut in April, wešve been very picky about which books and studios we'd pick up. Simply put, we're interested in working with established titles that have already stood the test of time or titles from up-and-coming creators and studios that are of high quality but have simply lacked the exposure and resources they needed to get on comic book shelves. When readers discover the Alias section in their local comic book store, theyšre not going to find one kind of book that only appeals to one kind of person. Theyšll find a collection of titles that are able to offer something to just about anyone."

Among the 12 titles debuting in April are:


Written by Mike S. Miller and Ben Avery, art by Mike S. Miller and Greg Titus.

A child's faith is a powerful thing. It gives life to his imagination, and that imagination can even take on a life of its own. But what happens to the imaginary friends, the childhood superheroes, the playmates and stuffed animals when the children who gave them life no longer believe in them? They go to the Imagined Nation. Join Superhero G as he explores this strange new world, full of the imaginings of billions of children around the world. Follow him as he meets strange and wonderful characters, the kind only a child could believe in, and discovers a new purpose for his existence unbound by the imaginings of his creator, and free to become more than even he has ever imagined before.


Written by Mike S. Miller, art by Sherwin Schwartzrock. The tale of a man who once had it all; family, faith, health, the respect and adoration of his peers, and the reputation as the best homicide detective in FBI history. In his last case, his prey became his hunter, and his career was ended in shame and worthlessness. Four years later, his nemesis returns to ask for... his help. Find out why in this thrilling journey through the darkness in a world where things are never what they seem...


by Monkey Pharmacy, written by Kenneth Lillie-Paetz, art by Brian Denham.

Did the Apocalypse already happen without anyone noticing? Angels scour the sky and demons stalk the streets. Meanwhile, the patients of Elsinore Mental Hospital are under the control of a secret society. Locked up without treatment, the inmates are developing supernatural powers. Humankind's only hope for survival is descending further into madness... The end begins here.

"We've got 12 titles to start with, and wešll be adding more as the months go by," said Miller. ŗWešve got some great talent signed on, including Dabel Brothers Production (Legacy, The Hedge Knight, The Imaginaries), Runemaster Studios (Lions, Tigers and Bears) and Blue Water (Tenth Muse, Judo Girl), as well as some creators and studios wešll be announcing down the road.˛ ŗWešre excited about our launch this Spring, and wešll be doing quite a bit to get the word out. But one thing wešre asking of all who visit our site is this: if you like what you see, please show your friends. Comics is a word-of-mouth business, and we know wešre not going to get very far without a community of fans supporting what we do. Fortunately, the comics industry has some of the best and most loyal fans anyone could ask for, and we hope Alias is going to become as beloved as some of the guys whošve been around a lot longer."

Look for more on Alias on Saturday here in The Continuum.



After a partnership to launch their first wave of new individual titles in January (Children of the Grave #1 and Fishnet Angel: Jane Doe #1), Shooting Star Comics follows up in February with iHero Presents #1, the first comic focusing solely on characters from the Writeršs Digest award-winning magazine Cyber Age Adventures from iHero Entertainment.

"Along with my duties at Shooting Star Comics," said Editor-in-Chief, Sean Taylor, "Išve served as a long-time staff writer at Cyber Age Adventures, so I'm particularly excited to finally be able to translate several of our popular superhero prose characters into the graphic format."

Headed by iHero Entertainment's President, Frank Fradella, Cyber Age Adventures has been considered a standard for superhero prose.

"I was introduced to Cyber Age Adventures by Sean Taylor," said Shooting Star Comics creative director Scott McCullar. "I've always been impressed with the stories they produce over there. IHero Entertainment has a loyal readership that follow their offering of text-based online and trade paperback literary short stories and novels. The iHero site receives an average of 60,000 hits per month from a few thousand individually unique web surfers and continues to grow. Many are looking for the transition of their characters into comics for the first time."

IHero Presents #1 will feature stories by Fradella, Taylor (Fishnet Angel: Jane Doe) and Tom Waltz (Children of the Grave), and artwork by Dustin Griffen (Robotech), Chris Madden, Jeziel Sánchez Martínez and Casey Maloney (Children of the Grave).

And, along with the iHero anthology, look for the finale to the Fishnet Angel: Jane Doe mini-series to conclude in March.

"I had a lot of fun setting up the events emotionally in the first issue," Taylor said. "Now in the second issue the action really heats up for our hero, kicking off with a fight for survival and culminating in a significant change in our hero, one that will literally alter the way he/she perceives himself/herself as a person."



CMX, the new DC Comics manga imprint, announced it has added four titles to the publishing schedule for 2005 and released the details for a fifth, previously announced series.

For a rundown of the titles, CLICK HERE.


  • Episodes on Kids' WB! on Saturday, Jan. 1 include "How Long is Forever?" for Teen Titans and "Bat in the Belfry" for The Batman. For the network's complete schedule for the week, CLICK HERE.

  • DC Comics' Christmas card this year feature Jim Lee's rendition of the Batmobile from Batman Begins. Click on the thumbail for a larger image.

  • Vivendi Universal Games has announced the development of The Incredible Hulk for the PlayStation2 computer entertainment system, the Xbox video game system from Microsoft and Nintendo GameCube. Developed by Radical Games, the new action/adventure game will feature the ultimate in destructible environments, an awesome Hulk-powered ability to weaponize any object and a massive free-roaming, fully interactive world.

    "Our collaboration with Marvel on The Incredible Hulk will give gamers the opportunity to play as one of the most powerful and exciting characters to ever exist," said Michael Pole, EVP, Worldwide Studios, VU Games. "The Incredible Hulk will deliver unlimited power and freedom immersed in an authentic world that will engage Hulk fans and core gamers."

    The game's storyline is by Paul Jenkins. Bryan Hitch will be providing original art.

    Superman/Batman was the top-selling book for November, according to numbers released by Diamond on Friday. For a rundown of the top 25, CLICK HERE.

  • Coming Saturday: Marvel news -- and much more!!!

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