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Saturday, January 15, 2005


The Elektra movie opened at No. 4 at the box office on Friday, according to figures posted by

Elektra pulled in an estimated $4.5 million, trailing Coach Carter ($8.3 million), Meet The Fockers ($5.6 million) and In Good Company ($4.5 million).

In other Elektra news:

* According to 20th Century Fox, the Elektra Ninja Assassin Game ( has logged 30,000 hours of game play all over the world since its debut last November, with users from 163 countries.

* Above is an image NBC released from Elektra star Jennifer Garner's appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Thursday night.

* Look for more on Elektra on Monday.


The WB has released its description for "Pariah," the Wednesday, Feb. 2 episode of Smallville.

Here's how the network describes the episode:

"Lana (Kristin Kreuk) and Jason (Jensen Ackles) are attacked and almost killed by an unseen assailant and Alicia (guest star Sarah Carter) seems to be the prime suspect. Clark (Tom Welling) initially defends his new girlfriend, but when the evidence begins to pile up he is forced to take a hard truthful look at Alicia. Hurt by Clarkıs actions, Alicia forces Clark to unknowingly reveal his powers in front of Chloe (Allison Mack). Meanwhile, Jasonıs mother (guest star Jane Seymour) returns to town with an offer for Lex (Michael Rosenbaum)."

Paul Shapiro directed the episode, which was written by Holly Herold.

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For covers and five-page previews of upcoming Marvel Comics titles, CLICK HERE.

Titles include Daredevil: Redemption #1, Excalibur #9 and Uncanny X-Men #455.


Days after announcing its formation, FC9 has reveal the details of its first ongoing monthly series -- HELL, Michigan -- which is scheduled to hit shelves in June.

HELL, Michigan teams writer Dan Jolley with artist Clint Hilinski to tell a story of horror in small town America where the horror is the town.

Here's how the book is described:

"Vampires, werewolves, flesh-eating zombies... You won't find any of them in the sleepy mid-western town of Hell, Michigan. But everyday citizens of Hell face something far worse. Something they can't see, but that is all around them. Something they can't touch, but that reaches through their very souls.

"Few realize what is really happening, and fewer still can resist the infernal temptations the town offers. It is up to those few strong-willed souls to save who they can, and to seek out other strong-willed individuals, luring them to HELL in hopes that the resistance can grow.

"But to the evil town of Hell, these resistance fighters are nothing more than an 'infestation of good' -- a cancer to be cut out-and the rest of its citizens are nothing but a fuel for its fires.

"And as the population dwindles, Hell's power grows."

"This is a comic book where our main character is the town itself. Think Christine, except instead of the car giving everyone trouble, it's the city," said FC9 founder Tilman Goins. "Just take a look around your house and think of the ways that it could kill you if it wanted to."

"One or two people out there may be wondering why I'm jumping in with all four feet, as my dad would say, to a completely new, unproven, small-press publishing venture," Jolley said. "And to begin with, I wasn't going to, because I've been burned and burned badly by small-press fiascos in the past; but Tilman Goins has exhibited the kind of respect, generosity, and professionalism that I've seen far too rarely in this industry, from big companies as well as small.

"He's treated me and the rest of the people working for him like celebrities, and in return he's got my loyalty and hard work. HELL, Michigan is going to be a blast"

According to FC9, it is already in talks with a "top" movie producer to option the rights.

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