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Monday, January 17, 2005


Blue Water Productions will announce on Tuesday that actress/model Cindy Margolis will be the new model for The Tenth Muse, The Continuum has learned.

"I grew up worshiping comic book heroines! Wonder Woman was my hero," Margolis said. "So to be the persona for the Tenth Muse is fantastic! I can't wait for the comic to come out!"

Margolis signed a deal with Blue Water Productions that will allow the studio to use her image as the new face of the Tenth Muse.

"This was probably the worst kept secret in comics," said Tenth Muse creator Darren G. Davis. "We had hoped to keep this news quiet until we were ready to make the official announcement, but it's becoming harder and harder to keep things from clever fans and Internet news sites. We kind of had to sit back and watch the fans piece it together, never really being able to comment on it ourselves. But it was lots of fun to get people talking again, and I hope we can keep them talking once the book is released."

The Tenth Muse #1 will be available in April from Alias Enterprises. The issue features a new story by Davis and artwork by Alex Amezcua, as well as four variant covers, including a foil-stamped photo cover featuring Margolis as the Muse.

There will also be a forthcoming 96-page graphic novel featuring Margolis as the series heroine.

"The Tenth Muse has been a favorite of mine for a while ... ever since Darren first showed me the project before they even had an artist for it," said Alias executive producer Mike S. Miller. "I love the concept, and I love the character: strong, beautiful, and intelligent. What better person to be modeling those characteristics than Cindy Margolis?"


Screenwriter David Hayter told The Continuum that the Black Widow movie should go into production this year.

"I am handing in my script for Black Widow to Lion's Gate this month, and understand that they want to get into production right away," Hayter told The Continuum. "I am directing this one."

Two other comics films that Hayter has been working on could go into production this year.

Hayter did a rewrite on Iron Man for New Line Cinema, and since then, Nick Casavettes has been attached to direct.

Paramount Pictures is beginning pre-production on Watchmen, with Paul Greengrass set to direct from Hayter's script.

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Warner Bros. has released several images from Batman Begins, including several of Christian Bale in costume.

Bale recently told the BBC that he was confident in the direction the movie takes the character.

"I just looked at what hadn't been done with the character and saw that everybody agreed that that was the direction they wanted to take in it," Bale said.

"I had to audition for this movie and I decided that I didn't want to do it if they didn't want to do it in the way I felt it should be done."

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Sony will release Batman and Robin -- The Series Collection, a two-disc set collecting the 1949 theatrical serial, on March 22.

Here's how Sony describes the set:

"Join superheroes Batman and Robin in 15 action-packed episodes of one of the most thrilling adventure serials of yesteryear. The Dynamic Duo careens from one nail-biting cliffhanger to the next as they combat The Wizard, a villain with all of Gotham City at his mercy. This action adventure was originally shown in movie theaters in 1949, one chapter at a time in weekly installments.

"Batman (Robert Lowery) and Robin (John Duncan) help Commissioner Gordon (Lyle Talbot) battle the Wizard, a villainous madman who steals a top-secret remote device allowing him to control all the moving vehicles in Gotham. Between The Wizard trying to destroy them and Bruce Wayne's love interest Vicky Vale (Jane Adams) working to uncover their identities, The Dynamic Duo careen from one nail-biting cliffhanger to the next as they set out to save Gotham and foil The Wizard's plan for world domination."

Writers included Bob Kane, George H. Plympton, Joseph F. Poland and Royal K. Cole. The series was directed by Spencer Gordon Bennet.

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Scott Kinney is brining Kid Kosmic, his new all-ages property to Runemaster Studios, with a comics series planned for this year.

"I've had the privilege of watching Mike (Bullock) develop Lions, Tigers & Bears behind the scenes and have been impressed from day one," Kinney said. "Kid Kosmic is a series that's been rolling around in the back of my mind for many years, and when I saw how masterfully Mike and Jack (Lawrence) were handling all-ages material like Lions, Tigers & Bears, the thought of bringing Kid Kosmic to Runemaster sparked and caught flame. I believe this studio is going to carve out a respectable niche in the all-ages category and build a brand associated with creativity and quality."

Here's how the concept is described:

"What happens when a eleven-year-old boy finds an alien battle suit in his closet? Zak's first idea is to live out his fantasy of being a real-live superhero, but when a dark alien overlord comes looking for his stolen technology, he must fight for the survival of himself, his family, and every man, woman and child on Earth."

Just as various interested parties have approached Bullock and Lawrence regarding a Lions, Tigers & Bears feature film. Kinney has discussed the possibility of adapting Kid Kosmic as a CGI animated feature in the vein of The Incredibles with individuals in the entertainment industry. According to Runemaster, a writer/director who is currently finishing a multi-million dollar 3D CGI animated feature has also expressed interest in writing the screenplay and potentially directing the Kid Kosmic film.

"I'm just in the discussion stage as far as anything outside of a comic series goes," said Kinney. "After the success of The Incredibles, people can easily see the film appeal with the wonder of a kid superhero in an alien-powered 'supersuit' who gets caught up in the middle of an intergalactic war. We've also talked about it being done as a combo of CGI/live action ala Spy Kids instead of 100 percent animation, but it's all just talk right now‹the possibilities are wide open.²

"I'd heard Scott's pitch for Kid Kosmic at last year's San Diego Comic Con International, while he was shopping Killer Stunts, Inc. to prospective publishers. As much as I love Killer Stunts, Inc., Kid Kosmic is really what caught my eye and gave me such a strong admiration of Scott¹s talent," said Runemaster Studios founder and president Mike Bullock. ³When Scott voiced interest in bringing Kid Kosmic and his adventures to Runemaster Studios, we jumped all over it. The entire studio is very enthused by Scott's creativity and we¹re all very honoured he wants to toss his hat into our ring."

Adam Lawrence, Runemaster's 3-D animator, is currently developing CGI models for the Kid Kosmic characters. It's possible the comic will be computer-generated, with Lawrence as the sole artist.

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Bongo Comics has released its solicitations for April.

For a rundown, CLICK HERE.

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  • The Elektra movie placed fifth at the box office in its opening weekend with $12.5 million. The film trailed Coach Carter ($23.6 million), Meet the Fockers ($19 million), Racing Stripes ($14 million) and In Good Company ($13.9 million).

    Blade: Trinity fell out of the top 20 and stands at $51.6 million overall.

  • Clive Owen and Natalie Portman, who will be appearing in comics-based movies this year, both won Golden Globe Awards for their work in Closer on Sunday. Owen will be in Sin City, which reaches theaters on April 1. Portman is starring in V For Vendetta, which stars filming in March.

  • The Saturday, Jan. 29 episodes of Teen Titans and The Batman on Kids' WB! will be "Betrayal" and "Call of the Cobblepot," respectively. For the network's entire schedule for the week of Jan. 24, CLICK HERE.

  • Ultimate Spider-Man artist Mark Bagley has extended his exclusive contract with Marvel Comics,

    "I'm enjoying my working situation more every day I'm with Marvel," Bagley said. "I'm working with a terrific creative team and have wonderful support from both editorial and the big guys upstairs. A commitment from Marvel is a hell of a compliment. I've had an incredibly stable and fulfilling career with Marvel, and I'm as happy with the company now as I've ever been. And I think the contract means they are just as happy with me."

  • Howard Chaykin will be featured in the fourth issue of DC Comics' Solo series.

  • Dan Jolley said Firestorm #13 will be his last issue of the series.

  • Geoff Johns and Darwyn Cooke are teaming on the lead story in Green Lantern Secret Files 2005.

  • Coming Tuesday: DC Comics for April -- and much more!!!

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