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Thursday, January 20, 2005


For covers and four-page previews of Marvel Comics titles arriving in stores on Wednesday, CLICK HERE.

Titles include New X-Men #9, Amazing Spider-Man #516, Mystique #23, Uncanny X-Men #454, Arana: The Heart of The Spider #1, X-23 #2, Spectacular Spider-Man #24, Black Widow #5, Fantastic Four #522.


Olivier Coipel, one of Marvel Comics' Young Guns artists, has signed an exclusive contract with Marvel.

Coipel first gained notice on DC Comics' Legion of Super-Heroes titles but lately he's been seen on some high-profile Marvel titles, including Avengers and Uncanny X-Men. He and five other rising star artists were recently been given the spotlight as ³Young Guns² and had their art previewed in a special Marvel publication, The Young Guns Sketchbook. The event was conceived to promote a group of artists that Marvel felt were the cream of the crop and destined for greatness in the industry.

"I can't say enough about Olivier's art and I'm amazed at how much he¹' grown artistically in a relatively short time," said Joe Quesada, Marvel editor-in-chief. "He's able to give all his characters this incredible individuality and life and that's not always easy to do within the bounds of comic art. The Young Guns tag is meant to highlight young artists who have the talent and vision and deserve the exposure to the fans. Olivier¹' the epitome of that type of artist and we want him to feel as welcome as possible at Marvel."

Said Coipel: "I feel great, it shows me that Marvel put their trust in me! That helps to be more confident. I feel more and more comfortable with the Marvel Universe and I really wanted to get the opportunity to work on other characters, to explore a bit deeper this universe."

When asked about his current and future Marvel projects, Coipel responded, "For now House of M! It will take me a while before starting to think about something else!"

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Midnight Show, creator and producer of the G.R.A.V.E. Grrrls: Destroyers of the Dead comic series, has parted from publisher Moonstone Books. All titles and products formerly offered and/or previewed will now be published solely under the Midnight Show banner.

"We just never fit into the Moonstone concept of what a book should be or how it should be handled. Our ideas of production, promotion and style are more in league with publishers like Image and the former Chaos! Comics, and these differences of opinions were not beneficial to either us or Moonstone," said Scott Licina and Ken Wolak, publishers of Midnight Show.

"We both have a deep respect for Moonstone owner Joe Gentile and want people to know that this is an amicable dissolution. Both Joe and ourselves went into this with the best intentions, but unfortunately it just didn't work out. We also want Joe to know how much we appreciate all his help and friendship."

At this point, Midnight Show is considering meeting demand itself for initial orders which have already been placed for G.R.A.V.E. Grrrls: Destroyers of the Dead #1, but have not ruled out a resolicitation for June release to officially launch the company.

"I was never comfortable with the $3.50 price tag that we had to put on the cover," Licina said. Our plans are to publish 32-page, full color glossy comics priced at $2.99 in a mini-series format. I don't think you should have to spend more then $12 for a good, self-contained three issue adventure. Every publisher has their opinion, and this is mine. I respect Moonstone's position and accepted the terms while we were there, but I'm much happier being able to offer the books at a price that can save retailers and readers some hard earned cash, especially in these economically stressed times."

In terms of future publishing, Midnight Show plans releases to be limited to one issue per month with all books in either mini-series or one-shot formats.

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* Upcoming episodes of Mutant X in syndication include "No Man Left Behind" the week of Jan. 31 and "Crossroads of the Soul" the week of Feb. 7.

* Cartoon Network has announced a schedule change: the Saturday, Jan. 29 episode of Teen Titans will now be "Quest."

* In his newsletter Steve Rudes said that Nexus is returning with a trade paperback in November from Dark Horse Comics.

"This time, they will be starting from the very beginning (about time), by reprinting the very first Nexus book; the oversized, B & W Nexus magazine from Capitol Comics," Rude said. "My cover painting for this first book has long been completed, and I think you'll get a charge out of what I've done."

* Coming Friday: Marvel Comics for April -- and much more!!!

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