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Friday, January 28, 2005


Kurt Williams, visual effects supervisor for the Fantastic Four movie, said that Sue Storm's force field -- which was one of the highlights of the film's first trailer -- is one of the toughest challenges he and his team are facing.

"When you go back to the original Marvel work, the force field takes on all kinds of surface textures," Williams said. "In some cases it can look like kind of a heart shape. Almost like glass in some cases, especially in the more recent work. She can build glass boxes and enclosures with it and it can be broken.

"And in our case, it's going to be sort of a hybrid between that and a bit of a membrane or liquidy feel to it. And one of the things that's really hard is to separate her from, for instance, the Jean Grey-type stances and some of the other Marvel characters, is Sue really, not only is her invisibility driven by her emotions, so is the force field. And in this movie, it begins as a very defensive thing in her character where she generates a force field as she has to sort of defend herself or the other Fantastic Four.

"And towards the end of the movie, she gets to where she can really generate it and use it more offensively. So thatıs an important evolution of her character."

Williams said that in terms of the visual approach to the force field, initially it won't be as well refined.

"Just like all her powers," he said. "And in the latter part of the movie, itıs going to be a little more refined, a little more accurate so to speak, and itıs going to be a neat look. Weıve got some good tests with it and it interacts with flame in some cases in the movie and it looks pretty cool."


Judo Girl #1, arriving in stores in April from Blue Water Productions and Alias Enterprises, will ship will variant covers by Nadir Balan, Mark Brooks and Jimmy Taylor.

The four-issue mini-series spins off from The Tenth Muse. It is written by Terrance Griep, with pencils by Balan, inks by Nick Schley, colors by Wes Dzioba and letters by Payton Gauldin.

"Writing Judo Girl is high-impact fun at its highest, and I hope that fun comes through in the final product," Griep said. "My favorite part has been doing the retro-halves of each issue. Those pages are set in the far-out 1960s when comics celebrated heroes who embodied nobility, grandeur, and optimism ... along with a heaping steam-shovel of grooviness!"

Here's how Blue Water describes the issue:

"Judo Girl is a woman on a mission: after having spent 40-years in suspended animation, she searches for her missing brother. And Captain Steel hasn't exactly spent the last four decades collecting rust either. Indeed, his awful plans are about to solidify on a worldwide scale. On the flip side is a retro story set during the era of go-go boots and slot cars revealing the secret origin of the original Steel Ray! Martial art meets pop art; both the modern story and the retro story tie in together for one fantastic adventure!"

Judo Girl #1 will be 32 pages and will cost $2.99.


Claypool Comics has released its solicitations for May.

For a complete rundown, CLICK HERE.

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* NECA has released the first image of the Gail figure from its Sin City movie line. Click on the thumbnail for a larger image.

* Teen Titans continues to perform for Kids' WB. Last Saturday's episode delivered time period season highs among Kids 2-11 (2.8/12), Kids 6-11 (3.7/16) and Girls 6-11 (2.4/10).

* Komikwerks LLC and partner ibooks have created an alliance with America Online that will give teens on the RED service access to a host of exclusive content and features from Komikwerks' and ibooks' online and print comics publications, their exclusive online subscription service, Stan Lee's Sunday Comics and other online editorial features.

* Diamond Select Toys and Collectibles (DST) has reached a licensing agreement with Archie Comics Entertainment, enabling DST to create limited edition resin statues and busts of the Archie characters.

* Coming Saturday: News from the FX Show in Orlando, Fla. -- and much more!!!

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