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Tuesday, February 1, 2005


  Rapper 50 Cent guest-stars as himself in "Pranksta Rap," a new episode of Fox's The Simpsons on Sunday, Feb. 13.

 Here's how Fox describes the episode.

  "After sneaking out of the house to attend a 50 Cent concert and getting nabbed by Marge and Homer, Bart fakes his own kidnapping, hiding out in Kirk Van Houten's bachelor pad, to prevent being grounded. It's up to Springfield's finest -- bumbling Police Chief Clancy Wiggum -- to save him.

  "Inspired by an apparition of Barney Fife, Wiggum cracks the case, rescues Bart and is promoted to Police Commissioner, while wrongly imprisoned Kirk becomes a ladies' man among the felon-loving singles of Springfield."

 In other The Simpsons news:

 * Fox has released four more images from this Sunday's Super Bowl episode, "Homer and Ned's Hail Mary Pass," which guest-stars athletes Tom Brady, Michelle Kwan, Warren Sapp, Yao Ming and Lebron James.

Click on the thumbnails for larger and fuller images.

* "There's Something about Marrying" is the new episode scheduled to air on Sunday, Feb. 20.

Here's how Fox describes the episode:

"One of Springfield's own comes out of the closet. To boost tourism, the town decides to legalize same-sex marriage. Homer discovers the monetary value of gay union, becomes an ordained minister via the Internet and soon marries everyone and everything in town -- including a surprising someone he knows."

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The Continuum today continues its series of interviews from the Constantine movie press junket on Sunday in Beverly Hills, Calif., with director Francis Lawrence.

To read the interview, CLICK HERE.

In other Constantine news:

* Constantine star Keanu Reeves received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Monday.

* The film will be featured on E! News Live on Tuesday.

* Look for more on Constantine soon here in The Continuum.

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Speakeasy Comics announced on Tuesday that it has struck publishing agreements with a new round of creators.

"We've been working very, very hard since our official launch -- reading through submissions, finalizing plans, and lining up projects," said Speakeasy President Adam Fortier. "I'm thrilled beyond words at the reaction from all segments: retail, reader and creators, to the projects announced thus far, and to what we have lined up for early Summer."

The new projects are:


Created and written by George T. Singley, art by Freddie E. Williams II.

Description: As Curt Corey accepts his obligation to protect an ancient Egyptian artifact, he inadvertently begins an epic adventure that will decide his destiny and the fate of the planet. Wargod, the avenging son of Osiris, is resurrected and sent to Earth to continue his age old conflict with the nefarious god Sutekh and protect all of mankind from his impending evil. Wargod is our last hope...can he stop Sutekh and his army of soulless minions? Will the great beast Apep devour all of humanity? One thing is for sure - the Gods are coming!

48 pages, $4.99, in stores in June.


Created and written by George T. Singley, art by Ethen Beavers.

Description: If you could become anything you wanted to... what would you be? If you could do anything you wanted to... what would you do? Would you be a hero and enjoy the countless accolades? Would you be a villain and revel in destruction? Or would you just be. Trent Tyson struggles to answer these questions everyday of his life as Mutation... protector of the fabled Silver City, where Heroes and Villains aboundŠ

32 pages, $2.99, in stores in July.


Written by Andrew Foley, art by Scott Mooney and Nick Craine.

Description: Peter Orbach wants to live. It's too bad he didn't realize this earlier; it won't do him much good now that he's in Hell... Peter isn't the first person to believe he shouldn't be damned, but he may be the first that's objectively correct. Somehow, his soulless body still lives...and from all appearances, it's doing great without him...

Black and white graphic novel, $12.99, in stores in July.


Moonstone Books has released its solicitations for May.

For a rundown, with cover images, CLICK HERE.


* Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life will debut on Showtime on Saturday, Feb. 19 at 8 p.m.

* Spawn creator Todd McFarlane has partnered with AngryFilms to develop a half-hour anthology series for the Fox network called Twisted Tales. Fox TV Studios' alternative division is producing in association with Todd McFarlane Entertainment and Angry Films.

Episodes will focus on tales of horror, fantasy or sci-fi, and McFarlane will serve as host of the show, introducing each episode from a basement environment.

"There is nothing on television that is scary or creepy enough for me, week in and week out," McFarlane said. "It is my hope to be able to deliver a series that will keep the audience consistently off-balance and frightened."

* Upcoming episodes of Mutant X in syndication include "Understudy" the week of Feb. 14 and "The Grift" the week of Feb. 21. Click on the thumbnails below for larger images from the episodes.

* Catwoman and X-Men star Halle Berry will be a presenter at the Academy Awards.

* Children's Educational Network announced that it has executed a license agreement with New Line Cinema for the rights to create a Son of the Mask branded Kid Safe Browser designed to protect children on the Internet with their proprietary protection software.

* Coming Wednesday: DC news -- and much more!!!

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