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Tuesday, February 8, 2005


20the Century Fox has moved the release date of the Fantastic Four movie back a week to Friday, July 8.

The move avoids an opening-week showdown with Steven Spielberg's War of the Worlds, which stars Tom Cruise and is scheduled to open Wednesdy, June 29.

"We are not running from War of the Worlds," Fox president of distribution Bruce Snyder told the Hollywood Reporter. "This date just works better for us."

Fantastic Four will now go up against Sony Pictures' Bewitched, which stars Nicole Kidman and Will Ferrell.

In other FF news, Julian McMahon, who plays Doctor Doom, will be the sole guest for Fox's Fantastic Four presentation at Wonder Con in San Francisco.


Warner Bros. has provided The Continuum with several images from the Hong Kong appearance of Constantine star Keanu Reeves and director Francis Lawrence.

Click on the thumbnails below for fuller and larger images.

In other Constantine news:

* Comics Continuum readers will have a chance to join in on a live chat with Reeves and Lawrence on Thursday, Feb. 17 at 7 p.m. (ET). An exclusive clip from the movie will run at the end of the chat, plus wallpapers and images will also be available for the participants. The first 50 Comics Continuum readers who send an e-mail to will be given passwords to the chat.

* Rachel Weisz will be a guest on NBC's Late Night with Conan O'Brien on Tuesday, Feb. 22.

* For an interview with Weisz, CLICK HERE.

* For an interview with director Francis Lawrence, CLICK HERE.

* Look for more on Constantine this week here in The Continuum.

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Dynamic Forces on Tuesday announced a deal with Eduardo Risso concerning his Borderline property with writer Carlos Trillo. The deal is the first in a series of licensing agreements forthcoming from the company, concerning individual creators and their properties.

The deal allows for Dynamic Forces to handle a variety of worldwide licensing and merchandising, including all media rights, from film, TV, internet to video game rights for the property. Negotiations with partners are now commencing for all available categories.

"Eduardo is such an incredible talent, and we're very proud to make this announcement first," DF president Nick Barrucci said. "Eduardo is truly an artist's artist. We've been friends for years, and putting this deal together for Borderline is personally very gratifying. Readers will be amazed by this cinematic epic which spans 600 pages. For those fans who like gritty crime noir such as Sin City and 100 Bullets, this is perfect for them!"

Borderline has been described by Risso as a sci-fi. post-apocalyptic story that openly shows the miseries and kindness of Humankind.

"This work is very strong and very personal," Risso said. "I am very happy to be working with Nick and his team at DF to offer this series in the United States and the rest of the world!"

Click on the thumbnails below for larger images.


Following the launch of IDW Publishing's new Little Books of Horror line in March, Frankenstein by Steve Niles and Scott Morse, comes a re-imagining of H.G. Wellsıs The War of the Worlds. Joining writer Niles for is artist Ted McKeever, who will provide full page spreads and a painted cover to accompany Niles's prose story.

The Little Book of Horror series presents classic horror tales in a new light, as writer Niles is paired with unique illustrators to re-tell stories that follow the text of the original tales. Up next will be Niles and artist Richard Sala's take on Bram Stoker's Dracula.

"This isn't The War of the Worlds you watched on TV," said IDW Editor-in-Chief Chris Ryall, "and I guarantee you won't see Tom Cruise or Dakota Fanning on these pages. This book features all the horror that H.G. Wells brought to bear in his novel, with the bonus of seeing the story beautifully illustrated by the warped mind of Ted McKeever."

"The idea behind these books was to tell classic horror stories of books and films like you're explaining them to a friend. I call it campfire storytelling," Niles said. "Short, simple and to the point with fantastic artwork. I love the three we've assembled so far and I can't wait to watch the library grow."

Little Book of Horror: The War of the Worlds, a full-color, 48-page, hardcover, will be available in July. - More Product. More Exclusives.


* JC Chasez, from 'NSYNC, will be making an animated appearance as himself in A Scooby-Doo Valentine, which debuts on Friday at 8:30 p.m., with a repeat on Sunday at 5 p.m. Click on the thumbnail for a larger image.

* Jane Seymour, who is guest-starring in an arc of The WB's Smallville, will be a guest on CBS' The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson on Monday.

* Top Cow Productions will debut Hunter-Killer #1, by Mark Waid and Marc Silvestri, at MegaCon in Orlando, Fla., on Feb. 25-27. Waid will be at the Top Cow booth during the convention.

"As happy as I am with the first issue of Hunter/Killer, which looks GREAT, I'm even more excited about issue two because Marc is bringing so much to it," Waid said. "t's a pretty funny reversal, actually--he, the Image Comics artist, is constantly reminding ME that it's not all about breakneck action and that we need more character moments. And he draws both well. I love the way he's drawing all our characters to look interesting and emotive. I'm glad Marc's on for the long haul, as was always the plan--it's a rewarding collaboration."

* Coming Wednesday: DC news -- and much more!!!

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