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Thursday, February 10, 2005


The Man-Thing movie, set to debut on Sci Fi Channel on April 30, brings the Marvel character to life using various creative processes.

"From the outset, Man-Thing was intended to be a prosthetic, CG-enhanced creature," Marvel's Ari Arad told The Continuum recently. "So there was a great deal of R&D.

"There's positional stuff happening on location, on the set, but at the same time the stuff you don't currently see in camera was always engineered to be enhanced by digital effects. So when you see the movie, hopefully the line is pretty blurry. It's not an all-CG creature."

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In other Man-Thing news:

* Ted Sallis and the Nexus of All Realties are both part of the film's story, although not as central elements.

* One of the victims of Man-Thing in the film is a character named Steve Gerber.

* Stan Lee is listed as an executive producer, along with Arad and Kevin Feige. Marvel's Avi Arad is producer.

* Look for more on Man-Thing soon here in The Continuum.


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Titles include New Invaders #7, X-Force #6 and Daredevil: Redemption #2.

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Moonstone Books has released its solicitations for June.

For a rundown, with cover images, CLICK HERE.


The WB has released eight images from "Sacred," the episode of Smallville airing on Wednesday, Feb. 23.

Here's how the network describes the episode:

"After learning that Jason (Jensen Ackles) and Lex (Michael Rosenbaum) are in China searching for one of the mysterious kryptonian crystals, Clark (Tom Welling) and Lana (Kristin Kreuk) follow in the hopes of finding it first. Clark finds an artifact that leads them to the crystal but he must battle Isobel, the witch, who has once again inhabited Lana's body in order to take the crystal for herself. Meanwhile, Lex has more information on the crystals than he is letting on."

Brad Turner directed the episode, which was written by Brian Peterson and Kelly Souders.

Click on the thumbnails for larger and fuller images and look for more on Smallville soon here in The Continuum. - More Product. More Exclusives.


Matt Long, who stars as Jack in The WB's Jack & Bobby, is in negotiations to join the cast of the Ghost Rider movie, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Long would play a younger version of the title character played by Nicolas Cage. His character makes the deal with the devil that transforms him into a spirit of vengeance.

Nicolas Cage stars as Johhny Blaze, and the cast also includes Eva Mendes, Wes Bentley and Sam Elliott.

Filming is expected to begin in March.

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The Topps Company announced on Thursday that it has acquired a license from Warner Bros. Consumer Products on behalf of DC Comics to publish Batman trading cards in North America and Europe.

The initial card series will be based on Warner Bros.' feature film, Batman Begins.

"It is both a privilege and a thrill to be associated with one of the world's most popular and enduring character franchises," said Ira Friedman, Topps Vice-President/Publishing & Licensing. "We couldn¹t ask for a more momentous occasion than the upcoming movie event to kick off an all-new era of Batman cards."

Batman Begins cards will appear on retail shelves simultaneously with the film's release.

Topps first produced Batman goods nearly four decades ago, when the company marketed a popular line of art cards featuring action scenes painted by prominent artists of the day.

Trading cards inspired by Warner Bros. Animation's television series, The Batman, are also in development. - More Product. More Exclusives.


* Echo 3 Worldwide and Digital Webbing announced that the one-shot, BloodRayne: Skies Afire, has sold out from the publisher. To meet demand, the issue will immediately go back to press with BloodRayne: Skies Afire Second Printing, which and features a blueline sketch version of the original cover by Romano Molenaar. This edition also includes four pages of behind-the-scenes material which was not in the first printing.

"The fan reaction to the first one-shot was simply amazing," said Echo 3 Worldwide's Steven O¹Connell. "We knew we had a fantastic property featuring a hot, butt-kicking girl, with a throng of devotees, but I¹m still surprised the book was able to sell out this quickly.

"We will overprint the next one-shot, BloodRayne: Seeds of Sin in response to the first one-shots¹ sell out," O¹Connell said. "Of course, we are also encouraging retailers to take advantage of this and increase their orders for upcoming issues accordingly."

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