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Monday, February 21, 2005


Gail Simone, the writer of Birds of Prey and Action Comics, told The Continuum she enjoyed writing an episode of Cartoon Network's Justice League Unlimited.

"It was great," she said. "It was different from writing comics in that more people have input. It was fun and a really great experience. If I was asked, I would certainly do it again."

Simone's episode is called "Double Date" and features Green Arrow, The Question, The Huntress and Black Canary. She said it really doesn't involve a romantic date.

The episode hasn't been schedule yet and Simone said she hasn't seen it.

"Bruce Timm, the producer, tells me it's awesome," Simone said.

Voices in the episode include Amy Acker as The Hunter, Kin Shriner as Green Arrow, Jeffrey Combs as The Queston and Morena Baccarin as Black Canary.

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Below is a gallery from the convention floor of last weekend's WonderCon in Francisco.

Click on the thumbnails for larger images:

Neil Adams, Brent Anderson and Sergio Aragones

Travis Charest, Amanda Conner and Dan DiDio.

Mick Gray, Pia Guerra and Adam Hughes

Margot Kidder, Jeph Loeb and Terry Moore

Bill Morrison, Jeff Parker and Arthur Suydam


Oni Press has announced the May release of a new Queen & Country Declassified series. This will be the third Q&C Declassified series, but the first written by Antony Johnston and drawn by Christopher Mitten under series creator Greg Rucka as editorial advisor.

Here's how the series is described:

"Queen & Country is unique in the comics field for being a heavily researched accurate depiction of espionage, intrigue, and the missions of the British Secret Intelligence Service (SIS), also commonly known as MI6. The first volume of this popular spin-off focused on the early career of Paul Crocker and his work as a field agent. The in-progress second volume shed the spotlight on Agent Tom Wallace and his introduction to the SIS from the Royal Marine Commandos. It follows his initial training and first assignment as a 'minder.'

"Queen & Country: Declassified, Volume 3 shifts focus away from the Intelligence Services and instead looks at a younger Nick Poole and his experience as an elite soldier in the British Special Air Service (SAS). Set in Northern Ireland, this arc examines the effects of two generations of conflict in that troubled region. Against a backdrop of explosions, abductions, and assassination attempts, Queen & Country: Declassified, Volume 3 recounts how the sins of the fathers have lasting effects on their sons and daughters."

"There are two main components to Great Britain's ability to project force. The one we have covered most is the used of the intelligence services to gather information and act upon that information covertly," Rucka said. "The second key component is the use of military assets to project that force. The SAS is in many ways the slightly more conventional opposite side of the coin to the SIS and the Minders. As we have seen with our past roster, the Minders recruit heavily from the SAS."

"Greg's work was one of my main inspirations to write comics, and I've been a huge fan of Queen & Country from the very start. So when Greg asked me to write this series, I couldn't say no," Johnston said. "And I'm very excited about working with Christopher Mitten. I've watched his growth as an artist over the last couple of years, from the restraint of Last Exit Before Toll to the action-adventure of The Tomb, and he's quickly become a favourite of mine. His work on Queen & Country Declassified is amazing, and I hope we can collaborate a lot more in the future."

"In Q&C, Greg Rucka has crafted a fully realized world of interesting characters and dangerous situations," said series editor Randal C. Jarrell. "It is interesting to see another writer's take on that world. While Q&C will always be Rucka's baby, it's nice to give the old man a break and we think fans will agree there's nobody better than Antony Johnston to take on the SAS while Greg's out."

Queen & Country: Declassified, Vol. 3, #1 will feature 24 pages of black-and-white story and art, with a full color cover and a price of $2.99.

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Dampyr, the long-running European vampire horror and action series by Mauro Boselli and Maruizio Colombo, is coming to America via IDW starting in April.

IDW will present the entire Dampyr saga one digest at a time. Each of the monthly volumes are written by series creators Boselli and Colombo and feature a brand new cover by Ashley Wood. Art is supplied by a bevy of European talent including Majo, Luca Rossi, Maurizio Dotti, Nicola Genzianella, Alessandro Baggi, Marco Toricelli and more.

Here's how IDW describes the book:

"Dampyr #1 introduces title character Harlan Draka, a half human/half vampire known as a Dampyr among the creatures of the night. With blood that is fatal to vampires, Draka sets out on a mission to wipe the Earth clean of their infernal influence. He's aided by Kurjak, a tough solider, and Tesla, a beautiful, turncoat vampire in his quest, but will they be powerful enough to prevail?"

"U.S. readers are going to love Dampyr," said IDW Publishing vice president Kris Oprisko. "Taut, suspenseful stories, unique plot twists, supernatural action, and great art... all presented with a unique European flair. What¹s there not to like?"

Each digest-sized (6" x 8.5") issue features 96 black-and-white pages and will cost $7.99.


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