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Wedneday, February 23, 2005


Devil's Due Publishing has released its solicitations for May.

For a complete rundown, with cover images, CLICK HERE.

In other Devil's Due news, the publisher will introduce a new theme to its G.I. Joe line of titles, focusing on a smaller, more streamlined team with a rotating cast of guest stars. G.I. Joe #43 will be the last issue of the current G.I. Joe ongoing series when the world is turned upside down after a new menace hits both G.I. Joe and Cobra. And the changes will last forever.

The new series will be titled G.I. Joe: America's Elite. A #0 issue will be released in June with a price of 25 cents, followed by #1 in July.

Joe Casey is the new writer and newly signed exclusive DDP artist Stefano Caselli is on pencils. Current G.I. Joe writer Brandon Jerwa will begin work on a project that ties in with this title, and Tim Seeley will be drawing an upcoming project.

"The 'new' G.I. Joe will take place about one year after issue #43," said Josh Blaylock, President of DDP. "Some of the characters will have gone through major changes and we'll be tackling the age issues with the characters and the challenges each faces. The current series will end with a bang, that much you can bank on. And, yes, not all the key players will survive the series---on both the G.I. Joe and Cobra sides."


For covers and four-page previews of DC Comics titles arriving in stores on March 2, CLICK HERE.

Titles include Deadshot #4, Lex Luthor: Man of Steel #1, Superman: Strength #3, John Constantine: Hellblazer Special -- Papa Midnite #2, Swamp Thing #13, Twilight Experiment #2 and Legend #2.


For covers and six-page previews of upcoming Marvel Comics titles, CLICK HERE.

Titles include Ultimates 2 #4, Marvel Knights 4 #15, Captain America #4 and Black Panther #2.

Look for more First Looks on Thursday here in The Continuum.

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* Here's a first look at the Elektra DVD, due in stores on April 5.

* DC Comics is reporting that Superman #213 -- by Brian Azzarello, Jim Lee and Scott Williams -- has sold out as the "For Tomorrow" storyline approaches its conclusion.

"Brian and I set up to do a challenging, redefining take on Superman, not so much in terms of continuity but in terms of rebuilding the Man of Steel thematically and conceptually," Lee said. "It's exciting to see fan reaction building and growing as the payoff nears and the themes and plotlines come into clearer and dramatic focus. I think everyone will be blown away by the ending we have in store."

* Originally published as a five-part black and white serial comic in the back of the Comic Book Digest magazine, Deal with the Devil -- by Mike S. Miller and Sherwin Schwartzrock -- will be presented in a color format by Alias Enterprises.

Deal with the Devil #1 will be released in April and will cost 75 cents.

Here's how the book is described:

"Deal with the Devil is the story of retired FBI agent Anthony Goodwin who receives an unexpected visit from 'the one that got away' -- a man known as the 'Red Letter Killer' who destroyed agent Goodwin's leg and vanished years before. But things have changed, and Goodwin's worst enemy needs his help to stop a copycat killer who has kidnapped his sister in an attempt to bring the original killer under his control."

* IDW Publshing will be releasing Metal Gear Solid: Volume 1, which collects the six-issue mini-series by Kris Oprisko and Ashley Wood. The book will be 164 pags and will cost $19.99 ($50 in hardcover).

Here's how IDW describes the book:

"When a genetically-enhanced band of terrorists overrun a secret weapons facility in Alaska, the fate of America -- and the world -- hangs in the balance. The future lies in the hands of infiltration expert Solid Snake, who must defeat the terrorists or die trying."

* Coming Thursday: Marvel news and much more!!! - More Product. More Exclusives.


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