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Thursday, February 24, 2005


For covers and three- to eight-page previews of upcoming titles arriving, CLICK HERE.

Titles include Marvel Team-Up #6, Captain America & The Falcon #13 and Wolverine #26 from Marvel Comics; Jade Fire #1 and Barbarossa and The Lost Corsairs #2 from Kandora Publishing; Helios #3 from Dakuwaka Productions; Superman #217 from DC Comics; and Pigtale #2 and Mora #2 from Image Comics.


Top Cow Productions has released details about its City of Heroes comic book, a co-venture with NCsoft and Cryptic Studios that will be written by Mark Waid and is based on the online multiplayer world.

The ongoing series will focus on the signature heroes from the online game, The Freedom Phalanx: Statesman, Manticore, Positron, Sister Psyche and Synapse.

"Our goal is to bridge the gap between game players and comics readers with something that appeals to both and conjures the best elements of both media," said Top Cow Productions President Matt Hawkins. "I've been playing the game since it came out and met with game creator Jack Emmeret and NCsoft marketing guru Kevin Sullivan. Our discussions eventually led to this deal and announcement."

The art is by David Nakayama, who drew Proximity Effect and is a graduate of the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art.

When the City of Heroes comic book launches in May, it will be sent out to all City of Heroes game subscribers.

"The most exciting part for me," said editor-in-chief Jim McLauchlin, "is the fact that weıll be sending this out to over 200,000 City of Heroes players every month. There are a legion of fans out there who love comic books as an idea and as a genre, but may have forgotten that they love comic books in and of themselves. This is our chance to remind them. It's a great day for the comic business."

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Paul Sizer has announced the formation of his own self-publishing company, Cafe Digital Comics. His first release will be the Moped Army graphic novel in September.

Sizer, whose Little White Mouse comics have been published since 1997 (first through Caliber Comics, and most recently through Blue Line Pro/Afterburn), has spent the last year and a half working on his first full-length graphic novel. Moped Army is a futuristic tale based on the resurrection of the legend of the current day Moped Army, a real-life organization of moped riders. Sizer has been promoting this graphic novel at conventions for the past year, and fan buzz has been impressive, especially for a product still in production.

"While it may seem risky to venture into a self publishing venture in todayıs current market, Iıve also seen many self publishers who, by approaching things smartly and realistically, have been very successful in multiple markets," Sizer said. "And believe me, Iıve been hitting them all up for advice and tips to avoid the pitfalls of self-publishing! Iım excited to have this challenge on my plate, and I want readers to benefit from that excitement²

Plans for Cafe Digital Comics also include the re-release of the Little White Mouse Perfect Collections.

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Shocker Toys and Southern Island have announce licensed products form Blue Water Productions for its Shockini line-up, featuring three-inch versions from The Tenth Muse and Atlas in April.

Future lines will include The Legend of Isis and Judo Girl.

"It's an incredible feeling to have an action figure of yourself," said Tenth Muse model, Cindy Margolis. "But these Shockini's are amazing looking and definitely a collector's item. My son, Nicholas will absolutely love them!"

The first wave of Blue Water's Shockinis will consist of Tenth Muse, Grayson Bishop, Atlas and Captain Steel.

Shockinis were created in 2003 by Shocker Toys as a better block style action figure for more movement and better interchangeability. Previous versions have featured charactes from Toxic Avenger and Aracana Studios' Kade.

Shocker Toys and Southern Island will also be producing statues and mini busts of the Blue Water characters.

"When I first saw them on the market, I knew I wanted them to make toys of our characters too," said Blue Water's Darren G. Davis. "I can't wait to see the final product at the San Diego Comic Con this year."


The WB has released three more images from "Lucy," next Wednesday's episode of Smallville.

Here's how the network describes the episode:

"Lois' (Erica Durance) younger sister, Lucy (guest star Peyton List), with whom Lois doesn't get along, comes to town and charms everyone she meets. However, Clark (Tom Welling) discovers a darker side to Lucy after he catches her stealing money from a bar and forces her to reveal the truth about her sudden appearance in Smallville - a truth that puts Lois in grave danger. Meanwhile, the crystal disappears from Lana's (Kristin Kreuk) apartment and Jason (Jensen Ackles) accuses Lionel (John Glover) of stealing it."

Click on the thumbnails for larger and fuller images and look for more on Smallville soon here in The Continuum.

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* Devilıs Due Publishing and G.I. Joe will be featured in a segment on NBC's The Today Show about heroes on Friday. The segment will feature short interviews with the DDP staff.

*Michael Leonard, the reporter on the piece, covers why heroes donıt seem to have the lasting impact that they used to. As a humorous slant on this theme, he shows how he was once made into an action figure in the 1980s (as a part of the G.I. Joy toy line). The character, named Scoop, was patterned after his likeness and was a field reporter on the team.

"That part is very tongue-in-cheek,² said Josh Blaylock, President of DDP. "Poking fun at the lackluster enthusiasm for the obscure character.

"But after a mock comic convention skit, Michael interviewed us a bit more seriously, where we discussed comic book heroes, and how they are relevant today, yet seem to fade faster than ever in our Œ15-minutes-of-fame' world."

* Coming Friday: Teen Titans news and much more!!! - More Product. More Exclusives.


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