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Tuesday, March 8, 2005


Dark Horse Comics has released its solicitations for June.

For a rundown, with cover images, CLICK HERE.

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Kurt Williams, special effects supervisor of the Fantastic Four movie, said there will definitely be a Jack Kirby influence to the film.

"There's a lot of Jack Kirby in the movie and that's one the things that we have to keep looking back at," Williams said. "As I've done these types of films, the one thing that I've always realized is that you always have to have a base book that you go back to, and it's surprising how youčre constantly, even when shots are coming in from the vendors, you gotta go back to the original material. And we do have some older stuff in here, and there is some Jack Kirby design in the movie from the art department. But once again, you have to put in just enough to call back to that, but it still has to translate to a modern day movie."

Williams said not of all of Kirby's exuberance can translate to film.

"You have to be very prudent in what parts of that (comic) you use," he said. "But the ideas translate, and you can sort of get to the point where the audience believes it, but they don't have to see the whole thing, you know what I mean?

"Youčre going to feel like he's doing some of this stuff, but it's not always overtly right in front of the camera. Like I say, it's how you shoot it. I think youčll believe in their powers when we're done. Those are powers that have been generated from the Jack Kirby days, because even the more modern Fantastic Four comics still go back to Jack Kirby."

Look for more on Fantastic Four soon here in The Continuum.

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Alex Ross said that he promises that the upcoming Justice maxi-series "will be my best work in many, many years."

Ross is teaming with his Earth-X collaborators, writer Jim Krueger and penciler Doug Braithwaite, on the bi-monthly series.

"It is a project that I'm involved in doing the final art, where I work with Doug as a penciler and then I'm painting over those pencils and converting them into stuff that looks exactly like what I normally do," Ross said at the recent WonderCon in San Francisco

"We're so similar in context that it's very much based on my style of rendering the costumes and faces and life-like models. And that's the way the final book is looking."

DC's Dan DiDio has been very impressed with the early returns.

"I've seen the first pages of this book," he said. "And not to knock anything else that has come across the company offices at DC, they have to be the most studied pieces of art that I've seen to date. And it's absolutely amazing to see how beautiful this stuff is.

Ross said the plot of Justice is basically "the ultimate Superfriends payoff."

"It is Justice League vs. a Legion of Doom of sorts," he said. "It will be the most famous villains concocting whatver kind of script that will be uprooting their world.

"This is a long list of villains, including everybody from Luthor to Brainiac to Cheetah to even Joker. That's about 14 or 15 major villains in this, just about everybody I'm getting my chance to do a take on. As much as I'd love to go back to the classic origins of things and the way things used to be done for many years before current reinvention, there's still a certain amount of seeing it through my filter: which is going to be basically that these characters were horrifying at one point. They were meant to be scary opposition for our heroes."

DC Direct is releasing action figures based on Ross' art (see above for Series 2), and he said it reflects the nature of the villains.

"The figure for Parasite is absolutely horrifying looking," Ross said. "The skin is all gnarly and scarred; it's just a big burn victim from head to toe."

Before Justice begins, DC is collecting Ross' collaborations with Paul Dini in The World's Great Super-Heroes, a 396-page oversided and slipcased hardcover, with a new painted cover by Ross (click the thumbnail above for a larger image).

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Andrew Cosby and Matt Haley are teaming with BOOM! Studios to release a new mini-series, G.I. Spy, in July.

Here's how the book is described:

"G.I. Spy is a war-behind-the-war story which follows America's first counterintelligence agent as he uncovers Hitler's secret 'wonder weapons' program, which if left unchecked could give the Nazis the edgeand allow them to actually win the Second World War - and rule the world.

"It's basically 'James Bond meets Indiana Jones', with Albert Einstein as Q, and World War II as the backdrop," Cosby said "It's a genre hybrid that blends the pulp adventure of Raiders of The Lost Ark and The Mummy with the edge of modern-day spy thrillers like The Bourne Supremacy. The idea behind the series was to give the reader a glimpse of what the history books don't tell us - as seen through the eyes of this American secret agent who saved our collective bacon over and over again."

The hero of their story is American G.I. and ace fighter pilot Jack Shepherd, a bit of a rookie to the spy game, who's not the suave, perfect James Bon" type. Untested and a bit naive, his patriotism is the main motivator that drives him. And, while the story and characters are completely fictional, there is one member of the cast who's very much a real person: Albert Einstein, who serves as Jack's mentor and creates all manner of bizarre gadgets for the newly-minted superspy.

"He's right at the heart of this comic series, ultimately becoming a kind of father figure to Jack," Cosby said. "I mean, here's this pacifist who inadvertently helped to create the most destructive device known to man. That makes for great internal conflict and drama.

Jack's rival in the series is Kaitlin Hunter, a beautiful, by-the-book British agent who is Jack's opposite in every way, having the experience and training that Jack doesn't. Her background is with the Special Operations Executive, forerunner of MI-6.

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For covers and four- to five-page previews of upcoming titles, CLICK HERE.

Titles include The Grimiore #1 from Speakeasy Comics and Pakkins' Land from Alias Enterprises.


* Here's a look at the displays for the upcoming Blade: Trinity DVD. Click on the thumbnail for a larger image.

* Greg Johnson is writing the Iron Man animated movie, the third in a series of straight-to-DVD films planned by Marvel and Lions Gate.

* Coming Wednesday: DC news and much more!!!


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