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Friday, April 15, 2005


Following are Devil's Due Publishing's solicitations for July, with information coming from the company.

G.I. JOE #1

Written by Joe Casey, art by Stefano Caselli and Sunder Raj.

Beginning a New Era of Greatness! Issue Zero gave you a taste of what Joe Casey's got in store for G.I. Joe -- but now, the fun really begins! Cobra has been splintered...the Red Shadows have gone back into hiding...but the war has only just begun! Chicago has suffered a disaster of unimaginable magnitude. The question is -- was it the result of an attack, or was it a horrible accident? The President has scrambled the Joes to find out -- but what they discover will come as an even greater shock -- almost as great a shock as the identity of their new advisor!

32 pages, $2.95.


Written by Brandon Jerwa, art by Tim Seeley.

In the wake of a disaster staged by Cobra, the G.I. Joe team faces a mounting crisis as their membership is either cut to ribbons or arrested by the very government they've sworn to protect! In the midst of these events, a mysterious rash of murders hits the ranks of both G.I. Joe and Cobra... It appears an as-yet-unknown third faction in the war has emerged. Now no one is safe. Loyalties are challenged, masks removed and soldiers pay the ultimate price in this highly explosive collection of issues 36-42 of the G.I. Joe comic book series.

144 pages, $14.95.


Written by R.A. Salvatore, adapted by Andrew Dabb, art by Tim Seeley, covers by Seeley and Gez Fry.

Continuing the Adaptation of R. A. Salvatore's "Homeland" -- the first book in the famed Dark Elf Trilogy! Save for his mentor Zaknafein, Drizzt is alone amongst his people in his dedication to justice. But now he has entered Melee-Magthere -- the Academy of Menzoberranzan. Here, young drow warriors are schooled in the art of deadly combat -- and the corrupt ways of their people: Treachery. Ambition. Murder. His choice is simple: bow to the will of his evil family and become twisted by these teachings -- or retain his honor and become an outcast...

48 pages, $4.95 (Cardstock cover, $8.95).


Written by James S. Harris and Rachel Nacion, art by Cal Slayton and Scott Story.

The Harrington High gang's story continues in Volume Two of Shades of Blue! Super-heroing is usually all fun-and-games for Heidi and her friends, but it gets serious when a troubled young ice skater nick-named the Ice Princess shows up at school with powers of her own. Now electrically charged hero Heidi has to figure out how to defeat an enemy who's not evil, just confused and in need of some serious help. This Devil's Due TPB collects the following: Shades of Blue Vol. 1 #s 6-10, and 8 brand new original pages.

144 pages, $10.95.


Written by Chuck Dixon, art by Dave Ross and Jim Fern, cover by Stefano Caselli and Sunder Raj.

The hit debut story arc is collected for the first time! Jeff Carey was the first of a new breed of menčgifted with abilities that could have made him an object of fear. Instead, he became the world's first "super hero" -- loved, admired, rewarded for his heroism with wealth and fame. But then tragedy struck... In one horrific instant, it's all taken away from himčalong with the family he loves. Jeff Carey disappears...and in his place appears a figure that inspires not adulation, but terrorča revenge-driven vigilante who seeks justice at any price. But the path to vengeance only leads to greater questions -- and the terrible secret behind his powers...

144 pages, $14.95. - More Product. More Exclusives.

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